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Boardwalk Bullet - Photos & POV Video!

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Hey everyone!


Most of you know we had a film shoot out at Kemah Boardwalk last weekend and now I've got the photos & video to share with you all!


First, let me get a little announcement about a new DVD series we are bringing out.


It's called "Roller Coasters in the RAW!" and Volume 1 will feature coaster built within the last 5 years. It's called "in the RAW!" because that's exactly what it is, RAW coaster footage, just how you like it! No annoying music, no pointless commentary just RAW coaster footage!


Volume 1 will include coasters such as Boardwalk Bullet (duh!), Maverick, Renegade, Tatsu, Troy, Furius Baco, The Voyage, SheiKra, Kentucky Rumbler, El Toro, Phaeton, Hades, Zaturn, Thunderbird, and much more! 30 coaster POVs in total!


Roller Coasters in the RAW will be available on November 15th, 2007.


Anyway, onto Boardwalk Bullet!


We arrived at 9:00 in the morning and met with about 25 TPR members for a filming session that would take them through 17 rides on Texas' most aggressive, most INSANE wooden roller coaster!


Let me warn you now, Boardwalk Bullet is NOT for the weak! This ride will tear you a new soul!!! If you're looking for an intense roller coaster, Boardwalk Bullet is THE place in Texas to be.


The ride covers a serious amount of track in a very small, compact space. The design of the ride is fantastic, although I do have to say that some of the trackwork leaves a bit to be desired. It sort of feels like a "GCI woodie that doesn't track very well." I am told though, that a lot of the track work will get attention over the off season. That's a good thing!


It was nice to see Houston get a wooden coaster so quickly after Texas Cyclone was destroyed. At least this is a tradition that will live on in Southern Texas.


Anyway, onto some photos and of course, a brand new TPR video!!!


Boardwalk Bullet POV Video!

From the upcoming DVD "Roller Coasters in the RAW! Volume 1" available on November 15th, 2007

(Zip Version for download is located at the bottom of this update)


And just in case you have forgotten what coaster this update is about...


Thanks again to all the TPR members who helped out with the film shoot!


Boardwalk Bullet should be the first coaster with a boat dock.


Extra train just hanging out, waiting for his friends to come over with the beer.


From here you can see how insanely dense the structure is.


Here's one for the lift hill enthusiats.


Yes Captain Obvious, that would be a wheel....


After 15 or 16 rides, everyone was getting a little loopy! They thought they are at a rodeo....hmm.....maybe you guys should take a break! ;)


Saturday Night Fever impression on a wooden coaster - never seen that before!


Hold onto all loose articles...especially your kids!


KidTums wants to ride SO BAD...maybe next year? =)


Once again...the track disappears out from under you.


They are still looking pretty happy!


The "Bullet Boys" wear their swag with pride.


First drop...THROUGH THE WOOD!!!


Everything is such a blur.


There isn't much straight track on this coaster!


It's like some kind of twisted ritual. Hand out in front..hands up...hands down. Texans are a strange breed! =)


Oh, wait, there it is! I see it now.


Geesus, you can't even SEE the track!


I really hope they have hurricane insurance!


Bullet does a lot of diving back into the structure.


Hair explosion!


Just look at what it does to that perfect hair-do....let's take a closer look...


Do NOT let that first drop fool you! This is some insane s**t!!!!


You guys ready to lose one of your nine lives?


The train exits out of the station, and if you can see behind that turn, you're RIGHT on the water!


The TPR gang showed up and was ready to ride. They look happy now...I wonder if they will still look this way in 2 hours! =)


There sits Boardwalk Bullet. So innocent looking. It's about to make me scream like a little girl!


Zip version of the video.

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AWESOME job Robb!!!! That was well worth the wait! We finally have some great POV of the Bullet!




Oh, and if you want to see what REALLY happens in the back car on the first drop. Go frame-by-frame between 36-37 seconds and watch Jim and I... Right around 37 seconds we go "PLUMP" back into the seats just in time for that intense right turn. Watch how far down the back of our shirts are at 37 seconds compared to 36 AWESOME!!!


EDIT: Here is what I'm talking about. Hope Robb doesn't mind me editing this piece!




Jim and I (aka Bullet Boys) getting ejected on the first drop of the Bullet.

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WOW! I think I have a new favorite coaster, and I've never even ridden it! OK, that's crazy... but anyways. This ride looks so awesome! So many suprise drops, head choppers, and insane turns. I love that it's all nicely packaged inside it's own structure.


The layout is so confusing. Can someone tell me, at 2:45 in the video, there's a clip of the train dropping off into seemingly nowhere, but it doens't look like the first drop. What part of the ride is that?


Robb, I love the "Coasters in the raw" concept. That is EXACTLY what the market needs, if you ask me. I don't need to hear some studio voice talk about the ride while the POV is going by. Just show me the ride, from all angles, on-ride, off-ride, backwards, wash, rinse, repeat. Awesome. Very good idea! More, more, more!


P.S. I hope that doesn't mean we won't be seeing anymore of your "zany antics" videos, though.

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The layout is so confusing. Can someone tell me, at 2:45 in the video, there's a clip of the train dropping off into seemingly nowhere, but it doens't look like the first drop. What part of the ride is that?


That's the second big drop. There are a few still shots of it in Robb's post, particularly the one that says "Geezus, you can't even see the track" and the one that follows it.


In the layout, it's the big turn that sits right above the first drop.

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Wow! Looks like a great coaster. Diving in and out of its own structure so many times there must have been great head & hand choppers. Does this one stand out among the other 2 Gravity Group coasters since it is compact as opposed to out and back like Hades & Voyage? Can't wait to see what RF II brings next year! Thanks for the great pics & video.

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Yeah...we should note here that Robb is awesome with his filming, rigging, and equipment. The ride is not smooth like that at all. If you're planning to ride it this Winter be sure to call or post here as I have a feeling it will be down a lot.

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I'm really impressed with the reverse POV; looks like the train is dancing all over the track by the looks of the wheel marks on the track, yet the video makes it look fairly smooth.


I think the reverse POV is an awesome idea; loved it in the Renegade video as well which really gives you an idea how fast the ride is. Also gives you a good look at the quality of the trackwork and how well the chassis negotiate the course.

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Yeah...we should note here that Robb is awesome with his filming, rigging, and equipment. The ride is not smooth like that at all.


Robb is awesome with his filming. He does a great job with these coaster videos, its truly appreciated.


If you're planning to ride it this Winter be sure to call or post here as I have a feeling it will be down a lot.


I was gonna ask about that...not only because its on the water like that, but because it looks similar to Ghostrider's structure-like it'll be worn down after a couple years and will require a lot of maintenence. That and the rapid wild ride as the train goes through the circuit I'm sure does damage on a daily basis.


But the ride looks like A LOT of fun. I'm sure the video doesn't do it justice.

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Awsome video! Looks like a great ride, too!

I personally preffer the music versions though. Non-music versions are good for short vids but if you make an entire DVD of them the rattling of the track could turn into white noise that could make a person sleepy.


Also, what's Phaeton? It's not on RCDB.

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