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  1. Thanks for the info GurGuy! How are you? I am still in corpus with my sister's family waiting for power to come back on at my apartment. Friend is going to let me know. Just glad everyone is ok. Sorry to hear about your car. Luckly I think my apartment didn't flood or anything. Just bad roof damage. I am on the second floor so hopefully I don't have to worry about that since there is a floor above me. Don't know about windows yet. Take care!
  2. Kemah is a very popular and known place in the Houston area. I would be surprise if it didn't get rebuilt it. How soon? Can't guess. I believe it might be a while. Probably restaurants first...then the rides. That's just my guess. This place brings in tons of money and guess from the greater houston area and galveston.
  3. http://www.statesman.com/news/mediahub/media/slideshow/index.jsp?tId=119336 Here's some close up of the damage on Kemah. Some of the rides are gone. Starts around 22 thr 30
  4. Hey Guys! Here in corpus but from SE Houston area. Things don't look good. My area is still out of power and downtown looks like it will not be open for work Monday. Looks like I will be here for a few days till power comes on in my area. Could be weeks I heard. Been told from friends it looks like a disaster zone everywhere you drive. I am too curious of the Bullet's status. Here is what one person posted on a Houston site. If I hear more I will update. Pray that the death count is low and Houston/Galveston will be up and running soon. "I don't know the status but they looked really bad on TV. Some looked like they are under water. I bet it is going to be a long time before Kemah boardwalk is rebuilt. It looks totally messed up. Tillman Fertita was on the news last night and he said he is definitely going to rebuild the Boardwalk. I hope he does. Once it is rebuilt we have to go out and support it. This was such a bad day for the Houston/Galveston area. I still can't believe how bad this hurricane was, it seems so surreal."
  5. I was actually there the day before and on thanksgiving. Unfortunately most of the rides were closed due to the cold. I was in line literally for power keg when they had to shut it down cause the temp dropped to 39. That sucked. Considering I will probably not be able to come back anytime soon. I was really looking foward to the rides. I did ride thundernation. It was nice but wasn't that impressed. I was weird how you don't go up the lift hill till the very end and then the ride ends right after that. I was impressed by the park and how family originated it was. It was educational but still amusing. The big skillets were tasty too.
  6. Yeah the backrow is insane but definately rougher than the rest. During construction we had TONS of rain during the whole construction so they have alot of rework areas due to it. It's not even running as fast as it is design to do. The second half it slows down alot. Supposely there are a couple problem areas that is causing this that is suppose to be reworked after Jan. I can only imagine how insane it will be after the rework. It shouldn't be as rough after they fix some of the guages. (guruguy...feel to correct me if I am wrong in my facts).
  7. Insane is definately a good way to describe this coaster! I wish I could of came out to met all ya'll! I was home sick all weekend. I hope to one day make a TPR trip.
  8. For those would have been following this...here is an update in the houston chronicle I though was interesting. More inside. It looks like themepark is in the works as of now. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/humble/news/5235848.html
  9. I only got to get one ride in since my sister had to get back to pick up the kids from YMCA thingy. I was talking to Guruguy and he stated you were out there earlier. Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet you yet. I will be out there most likely tonight but will be lucky if I get one ride in since the person I am going with is absolute terrified of coasters and refuses to ride it.
  10. It that case...I really don't recall. I think it was in 2002 ish when I rode it for the first time and and year or two after. If I took a guess I would say I don't think they did have them.
  11. Before, or after OTSR? Ok. I don't know what OTSR is. Can someone explain this to a person who has very little experience with rollercoaster lingo. I am trying my hardest to catch on. Anyone going out there tonight? I am going to be in kemah for a murder mystry diner for my moms birthday. Afterwards me and my sister are going to try to catch a few rides on the bullet before heading back. I hope it is open. Anyone know?
  12. Ok...I have not ridden nearly as many coasters as alot of you guys...is it me or does this coaster act like no other wooden coaster? I haven't ridden may wooden coasters but it seems totally different than the ones I have ridden. Maybe its just a lack of counts on my behalf. I just thought it was an insane feeling that you normally would get on steel coasters. It reminds me alot of politergist @ SFSA but on wood.
  13. So those who rode it for the first time what did ya'll think besides the roughness?
  14. Wow! I agree that superman & poltergist being the best in the park (haven't ridden tony hawk spin yet). I am kindof disappointed at how the park is looking since I last went (around 2002). It looks like it is in need of fresh paint. The park looked brand new condition (almost) last time I visited.
  15. Can ya'll educate me in graphite? Does it do the same thing as oil does?
  16. I think Jason has a good point. Yes it does slow down some (like all coasters), but not a WHOLE WHOLE lot. Atlease when I rode it, it was still hauling butt until the last few seconds before hitting the brakes. I didn't notice a big change in speed till then. Your comment actually took me by surprise. Maybe it had to do with whether the train was full or partially empty. That or you have a better sense of speed than me
  17. Also I thought it should be noted to people who are not familar with Kemah...it's not a permament carnival exibihit (which normally comes with little maintenance). It's actually a really classy entertainment/dinning experience. I believe that kemah will keep this ride running well. This place is kept very tidy. I know alot of large businesses in houston take their clients here. It's very beautiful (minus the ugly color of the bay). It's a tourist attraction. So I do think this ride will be maintaned well...I could be wrong though.
  18. Yes I agree Mike. Yes I do feel sorry for them and it's a shame it happen to them but again...you can't fight a lost cause. Atlease at this point.... I think most people feel sorry for them but kindof feel like they now have to deal with reality. They need to cut their losses if they choose to get out. Unfortunately some people do not like change...but life is full of changes.
  19. Well it looks like the coaster made news around the US...but I wished it had been more about the coaster than its neighbor:(
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