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  1. Great pictures as always & awesome trip report! Thanks Hanno
  2. Excellent pictures, really enjoyed them all. Thanks for posting!
  3. Great TR, thanks for posting. I'll be visiting this park for the first time next month.
  4. I remember this slide and have been on it at Riverside Park back in the early 90's, I am almost 100% sure it was called RipTide. I don't recall being on your knees but remember the hard plastic raft which I beleive you sat on with your knees up holding onto the side handles. I remember if you didn't skim across the bottom you wiped out & got soaked. Somewhere I have old video footage of this slide, if I can ever find it I'll post to this thread Cool ride to bring up, I had forgot about that section of slides!
  5. The hopkins looper Red Devil at Ghost Town in the Sky had been SBNO for about 6 years I believe. Then in 2009 they renamed it Cliffhanger and it may have operated briefly but is now again SBNO, and I think has been since 2009 or 2010.
  6. Very cool to see pictures of Dorney's old "Laser" at this fair as "Teststrecke". Great TR, thanks for sharing!
  7. 63. ^ I was unsure about Hades 360 as well since I've only riden as Hades back in 2009, decided not to count. Definitely looking forward to conquering more in the years to come
  8. Question for S&S; I've been very intrigued by the 2 S&S launched coasters that opened in China (Extreme Rusher & Bullet Coaster), is there any plan or demand to build more of these? We are happy to have Powder Keg here in the USA & would like to see more, the next generation of S&S launched coasters seem very exciting and unique. Edit: I submitted too late, sorry for the repeat question
  9. Question for GCI; Would you ever consider the idea of a GCI inverting or launched wooden coaster?
  10. Great pictures you guys, this coaster is really shaping up! I can't wait to see the keyhole element added to the inline twist I am planning a trip back to SFGAm to ride this at some point during the season, can't wait! Would be very exciting if there were any plans for a possible bash at SFGAm this season!
  11. I will most definately be there! Brian I hope you're going too, I saw Ryan will there so this could be a TAT PACK reunion again Very excited for Leviathan Bash!!
  12. ^^^Looks great Brian, since it's been used prior I'm sure many aggree it's an awesome picture w/ great color... and of course an AWESOME coaster I'm happy to say I've ridden Lots of great ideas out there!!
  13. Great TR Larry! I live about 25 min from Wild Bill's & have been going there since I was a teenager. I have got some excellent vintage concert tees, videos, & random nostalgic stuff there & everytime I drive by it seems like more has been added. I learned so much I never knew from your report so thanks so much for that! Looks like like many more great things are planned for the future there. Very exciting!!
  14. Awesome TP Davon, what an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing all of your pics, can't wait to see more
  15. Was the Starliner ever officially removed after Cypruss closed? I wonder if Legoland would ever consider continuing it's operation as it's such a nice piece of Florida's history. That would be great
  16. Great update! How was the 1st element on HRRR? It seems as though it'd be simular to the Norweigan loops on Speed Monster & Fahrenheit...seems like a fun coaster. As always thanks for the great pics
  17. I am so excited, definately 100% in for the Europe trip I have a random question, if time permits any chance of hitting 1 or 2 smaller parks while in Holland like possibly Duinrell for new Euro-Fighter? Not a big deal, I was just wondering. Thanks so much.
  18. I'd anticipate moderate crowds, certainly not like Frightfest though. I'd plan on getting there for open. If the crowds seem overwelming as it's a weekend you may want to consider a gold Q-Bot, that's usually what I do if I want to get multiple rides in. Good luck & have fun! I believe Big Mike will be making an appearance there on Saturday!
  19. Thanks for the insight on Hotel Rome, it was VERY nice & super convenient when doing Mt. Olympus. The hotel was very busy as it was Labor Day weekend & w/ all the people around once we got into our room you couldn't hear anything. Very impressed & really enjoyed the park
  20. Thanks everyone, great advice. I got all of my credits & definately agree w/ the order to ride all coasters. However, I had to ride Excalibur last as it didn't open until 11a. Renegade was Excellent Over all a very nice, clean park & fun coasters.
  21. thanks for the feedback, that's extremely helpful! So would you say Steel Venom is OK to save for last, maybe on the way out?
  22. So in a few weeks I'll be taking a trip to Minneapolis driving to Chicago making several park stops. My one concern was Valleyfair, I am planning to do this park Friday 9/4 in the afternoon or Saturday 9/5 at open...My first question is which of the 2 days/time would be most suggested, also I have not been to this park before so need all 7 credits (8th Credit is Mild Thing...don't believe I can get on that one ) I guessed Steel Venom & Renegade would pose as the 2 longest lines, but unsure about general ops & anyone who has a good suggested plan I would greatly appriciate your input. I do realize Renegade is way in the back so I don't know if I hike back there first or if it's OK to make my way back there grabbing all credits on the way. Thanks in advance.
  23. It's a real shame, I personally will miss the BBW. Too bad they couldn't just replace the trains as they did on Vampire at Chessington w/ SLC trains...I would rather the original arrow trains, but if it meant saving the coaster this is a legitimant idea.
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