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Disneyland Resort (DL, DLR, DCA) Discussion Thread

P. 391: Mickey's Toontown reimagining announced for 2023!

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An official Disneyland app has been released/re-released(?). There used to be an official app, but it's been gone or not updated for a while. Well, they finally released a working official app! It includes official wait times (no more relying on guests to input the times), and you can also link your admission to the app to allow you to get into the parks. Seems like a slow intro to MyMagic+. However, you still have to use your physical tickets for fast passes.



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What surprises me most about the latest land acquisition, is the price???

That ((small)) piece of land that the Carousel Inn is on gets $32 million, and ((massive)) property behind it which appears to be 5 or perhaps 7 times larger then the Carousal goes for only $16 million more?! How is that even possible???

You would think the lawyers representing that sale would say, well its Disney and they have HUGH financial resources, they will pay what ever it takes to acquire our land. Because Disney needs the land for its future development no matter what the cost.......

Yes there was a hotel on the other property, but there is also a Costco size building on the current one as well. Anyhow, good for Disney because that land acquisition gives them many options for future development of the Disneyland resort.

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^Its not rare at all. Disney has made offers to all those properties before, and they turned it down. And it seems Disney might be trying again with a different game plan. The property owners have all the power if anything gets offered. Disney needs the land more then they do, so the land owners have the power here.

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They paid to put Carousel Inn out of business. The other properties don't have lucrative businesses attached to them.


As I recall, the Carousel Inn was a pretty popular hotel.

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It's pretty clear that Carousel was purchased to no longer be run as a hotel, and one day flattened to provide access to the east side of Harbor. It was only a question of when. I think this land was purchased a little ahead of schedule but the opportunity was jumped on when it came up. Carousel's spot provides a perfect link to the street from the larger swaths of land to the east. It would not be difficult at all to build pedestrian access across Harbor into the Disneyland area, though the access will have to jog south a bit somehow if the intention is to link up with the current transportation/shuttle hub on the east side of the Esplanade.


The question is now that Disney is taking a firm foothold on that side of Harbor, what will the smaller, more independent hoteliers do? Clearly the name brands aren't going to leave, especially the one that was just built behind Mimis, but will the others stay and keep going amidst all the construction and one day radically altered traffic pattern? It'll be interesting to see what happens there.

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I think that the transportation hub will move into the bottom floor of the new parking structure they build. And that land where the buses and such currents sit will one day be used for something else. There have been rumors of a hotel there (with a monorail stop), and DCA expansion on the Toy Story Shuttle buss side, and DL expansion on the hotel shuttle side. But with the monorail there, it be an interesting fir no matter what they build!


But I also don't think the original plan was to use the Carousel Inn as the link to the new land. Its too far north, and the new land is supposed to be used for Backstage stuff, not the structure. Not saying things didn't change but I don't think this was the original plan. The city/Disney started several times they wanted the Park View Inn/IHOP land, which lines up directly with the current walk way. I think that there are more land purchases to come, ans that the Carousel Inn was just a bonus.




Yellow is new land purchases.


Red is what they already said they want.


Blue is the transit plaza I believe will move to the new parking structure.


Green is the right of way walk way into the resort.

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I'm still of the opinion that these newly purchased areas truly will go to offices and backstage stuff, and that those things they move will open up space around the existing park to expand. If I were in charge, I'd take out Big Thunder ranch and do something that's more of a draw back there.

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Question for Disneyland veterans.


I am heading out there for some pre West Coast Bash fun on Sept 10th and 11th. I have all of my rides and shows and food mapped out pretty well since I've been there twice in the last 2 years.


Here's my question(s):


On Friday, I am hoping to see the following shows at the most optimal times:


Paint the Night at 8:50pm

Fantasmic! at 9:00pm

Disneyland Forever at 9:30pm

Paint the Night at 10:45pm

Fantasmic! at 10:45pm


Is it at ALL possible to see the 8:50pm Paint the Night and catch Fantasmic at 9? Or is that pretty much impossible?

I read that the parade route goes from Small World down Main Street which I imagine is nowhere near Fantasmic.


What would be my best option to see the parade, Fantasmic, AND the fireworks at 9:30? Would I just have to catch the parade and fireworks, then stick around for the 1045 Fantasmic?


Thanks for any input!

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Hey John!! There is no way to watch Paint the Night at 8:50 and then make the 9:00 Fantasmic. The parade itself is longer then that. So, basically you need to choose where you want to watch Fireworks, because Firewoels rule the schedule. You can do one of the following:


Option 1

Watch Fantasmic at 9, ends around 9:25. You will have to stay in your seat and watch DL Forever from the Fantasmic viewing area. Not a bad view, but not the best. Then hit the 10:45 Paint the Night.


Option 2

Watch Paint the night at 8:50 somewhere near Main St/Hub area. You'll have a bit of time after the parade passes before DL Forever so you can find a spot you're happy with. Main St is the easiest place to do this as everyone fills the street as the parade rolls by, but there's lots of room. And that area has the projections on all the buildings. Then, when fireworks are over you're close to Fantasmic to get over to the 10:45 show.


There's no possible way to do what you're asking unless you want to leave the parade before it's over and miss the start of Fantasmic. You're gonna just have to bite the bullet and stay late into the evening. So I would suggest option 2; it's the least stressful and it's what I do when I want to watch all three.

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If anything, that is the worst option!! The parade starts at Small World, and the parade won't pass the train station and end till right before fireworks, literally moments. The parade is backstage, and they hit go! That's why I suggested he stand somewhere near the hub to watch the parade, cause then there's a bit of time to get a decent spot on Main St to watch fireworks as the parade makes its way past the train station. Basically folly the end of the parade as it passes and then stand where you want on Main St.


There is literally no way to watch both shows before fireworks. You'd have to cannibalize both to do it. Seeing half of one and half of another.

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Thanks for the highlighted map!


The blue section looks perfect for DCA to expand up a bit. If they ever do decide to do the Monster's door coaster, revamp the Hollywood section. Nice little plot of land there with some real potential.


So true about the night time schedule, doing Fantasmic last.. Pretty much that is the best advice.

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Hey John!! There is no way to watch Paint the Night at 8:50 and then make the 9:00 Fantasmic.


Can he make it if he watches the parade from the Train Station platform, then rides the train over to New Orleans Square.


You're joking, right? Please tell me you're joking.

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Hey John!! There is no way to watch Paint the Night at 8:50 and then make the 9:00 Fantasmic.


Can he make it if he watches the parade from the Train Station platform, then rides the train over to New Orleans Square.


You're joking, right? Please tell me you're joking.


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Thanks for all the info. I figured that there is no way to catch everything. Guess I am used to the way WDW runs their parades right up to fireworks time.


Another quick question: the last time I saw Fantasmic in 1995, the show ended and a parade began. The crowds were awful, and I literally had to step out of the street to avoid being crushed by guests pushing. Have they got a better handle of dealing with show dumps? That is my only fear is getting caught in a mob of people.



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^They have gotten better. That's why the shows are scheduled like they are, its for crowd control. That being said, there is still a lot of people and there's only so much a Cast Member can do.


But, if you follow the plan I suggested, you'll minimize the crowd issue, I also hate stampeding crowds lol. There will be a crowd leaving fireworks and heading to Fantasmic though, but it wont be nearly as big as the group leaving the park. Also, I do not know how the new Fastpass system works for that show. But I'm sure there are signs and such for you to follow.

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I forgot to post this last weekend, but something very interesting has happened to Pirates. The long-absent scene with the woman chasing the man with the dough roller is BACK (this has been gone for quite some time). I barely noticed it as I went by so I didn't get a good look at it, but it looked like the animatronics are new. And the lady might be holding a knife now? Hopefully someone can get a good shot of it soon.

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Another quick question: the last time I saw Fantasmic in 1995, the show ended and a parade began. The crowds were awful, and I literally had to step out of the street to avoid being crushed by guests pushing. Have they got a better handle of dealing with show dumps? That is my only fear is getting caught in a mob of people.

It's no better. We experienced this exact same thing at the park last year, and I've heard horror stories already this year with the 60 Anniversary dumps from fireworks and shows. Ask Jack about his experience from last month when we see you at Heathers later this week!

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Star Wars-Themed Lands Coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts


ANAHEIM, Calif. (Aug. 15, 2015) – Today at the D23 EXPO 2015, The Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced to an audience of more than 7,500 fans that Star Wars-themed lands will be coming to Disneyland park in Anaheim, Calif., and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., allowing Star Wars fans to step into the stories from a galaxy far, far away.


Ambitious plans to bring Star Wars to life in the two parks include creating Disney’s largest single themed land expansions ever at 14 acres each, transporting guests to a never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port and one of the last stops before wild space where Star Wars characters and their stories come to life.


"I am thrilled to announce the next chapter in the long and exciting history between Disney Parks and Star Wars,” said Iger. “We are creating a jaw-dropping new world that represents our largest single themed land expansion ever. These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.”


These authentic lands will have two signature attractions. Along with the thrilling battle experience, another attraction puts guests behind the controls of one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon, as they take on a customized secret mission.


Iger also shared concept images of the Star Wars-themed lands, giving fans a glimpse at what is to come for Disney parks.


The partnership between Disney and Lucasfilm dates back to 1987, when the successful Star Tours attraction, inspired by George Lucas’s legendary Star Wars film series, opened at Disneyland. The attraction was then redesigned, emerging as “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” in 2011 and featuring more than 50 different story outcomes and the possibility to visit five different planets.


For 60 years, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has been delighting millions of people with fantastic storytelling, exceptional entertainment and extraordinary experiences, creating places where guests can make life-long memories with their friends and families. This announcement marks an unprecedented time of growth with exciting developments happening around the world – from Disneyland Resort’s Diamond Celebration to the anticipated opening of Shanghai Disney Resort in China.


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Announces New Lands, Entertainment and Experiences at D23 EXPO 2015


Star Wars, Toy Story Land, Pandora – The World of AVATAR, Soarin’ and Iron Man among new experiences coming for guests


ANAHEIM, Calif. (Aug. 15, 2015) – Today, Disney announced a line-up of new attractions and entertainment coming to its theme parks around the world during the D23 EXPO 2015 in Anaheim, Calif.


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek gave 7,500 lucky fans a behind-the-scenes look at what’s to come. He was joined by Imagineers working on these projects as well as legendary filmmakers James Cameron and Jon Landau who shared new details about Pandora – The World of AVATAR including the names of the land and E-ticket attraction – AVATAR Flight of Passage. Fans also got a chance to see Marvel legend Stan Lee in a cameo appearance where he posed as an unsuspecting fan during Iron Man’s dramatic entrance.


Among the many announcements Chapek shared were new and enhanced Star Wars experiences coming later this year to the Florida and California theme parks, plans for a new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and more details on Pandora—The World of AVATAR, which is already under construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Chapek also shared that Soarin’ Around the World will make its U.S. film debut at Epcot and Disney California Adventure taking guests to new places around the world. Additionally, fans got a preview of exclusive video of the first Marvel attraction planned for Disney parks, coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016.


“From Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration to the anticipation of Shanghai Disney Resort, we’re in the midst of unprecedented growth and expansion around the globe,” said Chapek. “With these new announcements, we continue our legacy in creating innovative attractions, worldwide entertainment, and magical lands that take our guests into the worlds of stories they love.”


In addition to these announcements, Chapek talked about the exciting news announced earlier in the day by Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger for plans to bring Star Wars-themed lands to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando and Disneyland park in Anaheim. Each 14-acre land will transport guests to a never-before-seen planet with two signature attractions, including a customized secret mission on the Millennium Falcon and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts guests in the middle of a climactic battle.


Details on each of the projects include:


Star Wars Enhancements & New Experiences

From a new Star Tours adventure to Star Wars Launch Bay, from a new Jedi Training Academy to "Season of the Force,” soon guests will be part of both new and enhanced experiences at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.


· Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – Later this year, Star Tours will include a new adventure featuring locations and characters from the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, giving guests a new adventure in the Star Wars galaxy.


· Star Wars Launch Bay – This interactive experience will take guests into the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with special exhibits and peeks behind-the-scenes, including opportunities to visit with new and favorite Star Wars characters, special merchandise and food offerings. Star Wars Launch Bay will be located in the Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park. Also atDisneyland park, Star Wars Launch Bay will share the space with the reimagined Super Hero HQ, featuring opportunities to meet and take photos with super heroes like Captain America and Thor, as well as experience the returning Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries. Both experiences will be available for guests later this year.


· Jedi Training Academy — A favorite of younger fans is reimagined with a new experience that includes new characters and a new villain to battle from the popular Disney XD series "Star Wars Rebels."


· Season of the Force – This new seasonal event, beginning early 2016, brings new experiences to both coasts. In Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, guests will explore the Star Wars galaxy with special entertainment throughout the land, themed food locations and more. Guests also will be thrilled to climb aboard Hyperspace Mountain, a reimagining of the classic Space Mountain attraction, in which guests will join an X-wing Starfighter battle. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will close out weekend nights with a new fireworks spectacular set to the iconic score of the Star Wars movies.


Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida

The reimagining of Disney’s Hollywood Studios will take guests to infinity and beyond, allowing them to step into the worlds of their favorite films, starting with Toy Story Land. This new 11-acre land will transport guests into the adventurous outdoors of Andy’s backyard. Guests will think they've been shrunk to the size of Woody and Buzz as they are surrounded by oversized toys that Andy has assembled using his vivid imagination. Using toys like building blocks, plastic buckets and shovels, and game board pieces, Andy has designed the perfect setting for this land, which will include two new attractions for any Disney park and one expanded favorite.


· Family-friendly roller coaster – All on the back of Slinky Dog, this coaster will zip and zoom, plunge and coast as it takes guests on a fun, toy-filled adventure throughout the new land.


· Alien saucers attraction – The famous little green aliens from the movie will take guests around for a spin in their very own flying saucers. The music, lighting and sound effects add to the flurry of action, while “The Claw” looms over.


· Toy Story Mania! – Guests glide into the Toy Story Midway Games Play Set and take aim at 3D objects in a variety of fast-paced games, with an expansion that adds a third track to this popular attraction.


After Dark at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Pandora – The World of AVATAR

As part of the largest expansion in the park’s history, Disney’s Animal Kingdom will immerse guests into the world of Pandora, and the entire park will transform after dark with new nighttime entertainment experiences, offering guests longer days than ever before to experience this one-of-a-kind theme park.


· “Rivers of Light” – Expected to open next spring, “Rivers of Light” will be an innovative experience unlike anything ever seen in a Disney park, combining live music, floating lanterns, water screens and swirling animal imagery. “Rivers of Light” will magically come to life on the natural stage of Discovery River, delighting guests and truly capping off a full day of adventures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


· Kilimanjaro Safaris – This popular attraction will be extended for a new nighttime adventure next spring, where guests will travel through the African savanna amid the magically extended orange glow of the setting sun and discover two species new to the attraction: African wild dogs and hyenas.


· Pandora – The World of AVATAR – Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests will journey into the magnificent world of Pandora at this new AVATAR-themed land – a world that includes floating mountains, a bioluminescent forest and the winged creatures known as Banshees, giving guests a transformational experience they will never forget.


o AVATAR Flight of Passage – This E-ticket attraction, the centerpiece of Pandora, allows guests to soar on a Banshee over a vast alien world. The spectacular flying experience will give guests a birds-eye view of the beauty and grandeur of the world of Pandora on an aerial rite of passage.


Soarin’ Around the World in Florida and California

Next year, guests at Epcot in Florida and Disney California Adventure in California will journey to far-flung lands and fly above some of the world’s most unique natural landscapes and man-made wonders when the new Soarin’ Around the World makes its U.S. debut.


Iron Man Unveiled for Hong Kong Disneyland

Iron Man landed at D23 EXPO today for a special appearance, and soon Hong Kong Disneyland guests will have the opportunity to meet and take photos with the Super Hero himself. Set to open in 2016, Iron Man Experience will be the first Marvel attraction at any Disney park, taking guests on an epic adventure over the streets and in the sky above Hong Kong. The adventure will begin at the new Stark Expo where guests board the Iron Wing to take flight and battle Hydra alongside fan-favorite Avenger, Iron Man.











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