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Head Choppers

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I was always a fan of the Whirlwind at Knoebels, when you were on your way back to the station, there's that support that looked like it was probably4 inches away from the side of the train.


You couldn't actually reach it, though - thanks to the restrictive nature of the OTSRs on those older Arrow trains, but it was damn close.



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although not the greatest coaster in the world i am gonna have to throw my vote in for Superman Ultimate Flight. On the final turn just before the zero g roll when you come right by one of the supports by the lift hill. Gets me everytime cause you don't see the huge pole coming. About as good a headchopper can get on steel.

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The ones that immediately come to mind for me -


- Ninja (SFOG) - Too many to count.

- Ninja (SFSTL) - After the sidewinder and during the last turn before the brake run.

- The Beast - The helix finale.

- The Voyage - The tunnels.

- The Boss - The first half of the coaster has a few decent headchoppers.

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