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Worst Coaster Ever?

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For REALLY rough for me thus far..Id have to say "Ultimate" at Lightwater Valley in England... although most of you havent been there..it WAS a Knee Basher! Killed Me! I felt the pain LONG after the UK trip was over! Thanks for "Ultimate" PAIN!




Pics from RCDB.com





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The worst I've ridden is Hurricane at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


The one time I rode it I was surprised I didn't come off with whiplash...


Source: RCDB


I didnt mind that coaster at all..as long as you sit back and such your fine...but like in my case getting a POV it did indeed hurt a little. But no worries. We all have our own opinion

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^Really? When I rode the one in my home park (Adventureland, NY) it was one of the best compact coasters I had ever been on. And I LOVE that diving drop
Yeah, the diving drop was pretty awesome... but I just hated the turns and such (except the helixes), because they felt as jerky as something you'd make in RCT3...
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