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well the PGA Grizzly constantly ranks as the worlds worst wooden coaster in the poll and I agree

Grizzly isn't even the worst woodie in California! That goes to Collosus Backwards!


Collosus backwards hurts like a bitch!

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The thing I find interesting about this thread is how different people can have completely different experiences on the exact same ride. I think this really illustrates how all coasters can really vary in the ride experience from ride to ride. I've heard so many people bash Gwazi, but when I rode both sides last month it was absolutely FINE. I even liked it a bit, and I hate rough rides.

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I can't say I've ever disliked a roller coaster. If I had to pick one it would be a fairground-type steel miniature at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, but only because it cost $7.00 per ride.


Roughness makes coasters fun, that's why I like Viper and Psyclone at Magic Mountain better than alot of the newer rides. Yeah, X is unique, but you don't actually get the adrenaline rush of being on a rollercoaster after the first drop. It's too smooth.

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Id have to say that I thought Hurler at Carowinds was pretty bad (coming down the drop off of that wheel seat just slammed your back right into the train it hurt SO bad) or Cheetah, that was running pretty horrible on both visits I had been there just felt like it was falling apart all the way through...


But I'd say the coaster that tops it off the most is Raging Wolf Bobs....



-Justin "who's brains are rattled loose from that piece of crap!"



Not this year it wont be, Its going to get its total retracking.




I cant wait for Villain and Big D to get re-tracked. Big D is going to FLY which means MORE airtime. Weeee. That and Ill be able ti enjoy Villain a bit more because it wont be beating the living daylights out of me.


Agreed, dont hate on the wolf bobs around me....


Roughest coaster i've been on? the boomerang at geauga lake, i'd rather marathon mean streak at CP than ride that thing again

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Colossus backwards is fine if you push yourself against your seat. Don't be a rag doll. Be a...uhh...stiff rag doll.


Worst coaster? Last time I extremely hated a coaster was when I was at Canada's Wonderland.




Ugh! I got a huge bruise on my leg. But I have to admit, Canada's Wonderland has the smoothest and best Boomerang EVER!

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my least favorite coaster would have to be Kingda Ka it is the LAMEST ride EVER i waited for 3.5 hours and what do i get a 30 second, boring, painful coaster. You may be thinking how is it painful? The breaks at the end are Brutal to me.


You waited for the Tallest (456 Feet Tall) , Fastest (128 MPH) and the Biggest Drop Coaster ever....


And WHY are you complaining...? Id love to go and ride that damn thing. Most coasters tend to have a hard break run...its just a normal deal...


So...i dont see an arguement here!

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