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Tripsdrill Discussion Thread

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I'm surprised to see several negative comments about the ride. I was there last month with ACE, and everyone seemed to really love it. And that tends to be a pretty picky crowd, especially when it comes to looping coasters. It was easily the best Eurofighter I've been on.


Our ERT session on Karacho almost got rained out. We had a couple of hours at the park before closing, then a few more the following morning. But about an hour or two before closing, the heavens opened up, for some of the only rain we got on the entire trip. The rain stopped only a very short time before the park was closing. But they still managed to open up G'Sengte Sau for a short time, to give some people time to get a ride in before they closed. Unfortunately, I'd given up hope on the rain letting up, and had slowly dashed with friends from point to point all the way back to the front, so I had to walk all the way back to that part of the park, and just missed G'sengte Sau (though I did get to ride the following morning.)


But they quickly had Karacho open for our ERT session, and even opened up a special walkway cut through under the loading station so we wouldn't have to walk all the way around. They did have all trains running, and were loading the coaster very efficiently. And I don't remember the mid-course being on much, if at all. I honestly thought it was the best use of the Eurofighter technology I'd seen yet. Pure fun, with a lots of drops and directional changes that flowed into each other well and didn't seem awkward. If I hadn't already sent my Golden Tickets ballot in, I'd have given it the vote for best new ride. Honestly, it was one of the best surprises of the trip. I hadn't been expecting much for the coaster (or the park, to be honest), but loved it (and the park)! I even squeezed in one more ride the following morning.

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The park's new restaurant is finally open...

A huge building right next to Karacho with a restaurant, shop and toilets.


Construction started nearly 2 years ago!










































from a distance:





photos: various members at Coasterfriends.de

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Is anyone aware of any coupons, codes or other discounts for single entry to Tripsdrill?


Answering my own question, I couldn't find much, but I did find a deal at travelbird.de for €27.75 (inc 0.95 booking fee) you get (translation by Google):

1 day entrance into the Erlebnispark Tripsdrill and the Wildparadies (08.04. - 03.06.2017)

1x meal per person (red sausage with fries or baked meatballs with French fries or baked vegetable cakes with French fries and ketchup) in the vespergarten or opening in the Burgschenke

1x soft drink 0.3 l (Cola, Fanta, Spezi, Sprite or water) per person in Vespergarten or when opening in the Burgschenke

1x Vinarium glass per person in the Vinarium to take away (children receive a "Vinarium juice glass")

Free parking upon availability


The soft drink and the meal are really the only extras over the standard admission €31 for adults. So a slight discount and a bit of food & drink.

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Pardon the dust on the glasses, but this is what I picked up, bought separately,

when TPR was there in 2008. So they're old like I am, lol! And I'm dusty, too!


The wine glass was free with a single wine serving bought. The juice glass was

in the souvenir shop, so I got that there.


Just showing what the glasses could look like, although after nearly ten years,

glass designs do/could change.



TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

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