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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Pan's Labyrinth-9.5/10


This movie is awesome. Rent it!


Nice someone other then me, my age has seen this film thats a first.


I LOVE that movie. I love pretty much any one I consider a true artist, and del Torro is one of the few people I still consider and artist.


I also consider Tarantino, Burton, A few of Speilberg's films, Also Eastwood, not really artistic, but a master of storytelling.


I'd recommend fight club if you like Pan's Labyrinth. It was a surprise as I thought it would be a normal action movie, however, its beautiful and complex.





The Spirit


This movie was terrible in so many ways. I did not really know what was going on half of the time. The film was terribly written and dod not really leave anyone questioning or excited at any point. There was some truly terrible acting



The 1.5 is for the artistic effect even though I did not enjoy it nearly as much as any other Frank Miller movie



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I have went to see "The Day the Earth stood Still". Was a great movie, until it got to the last minute. It was a rather lousy ending. So ending sentence, a comment, or a description. Was not as good as the first one made.


Also saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". What a phenominal movie! I must say, it definitely has a large comparison to the theming of "Forrest Gump", but with a different storyline.


"300". Quite a bloody movie, great effects. But it definitely lacked the ability to keep up with a fast-forward plot.


"Wall-E". Cute, but very effective. I found it quite a sad movie. But there was alot of humor with the fat people.


"Final Destination". Surprisingly my first time seeing the first movie. I found it far better than the 2nd or 3rd.


"10,000 B.C". I found it boring. Left to do something else after 30 minutes of it. Nuff said.


Indiana Jones Crystal Skull". Indiana Jones is, and will always be a good series, but I felt that this movie jump bumped it down the [unrealistic] list. Surviving a nuclear bombing test while in a fridge. Surviving 3 waterfalls. There was so much that I could not believe in all.


That was my hectic week of movie watching.

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Busy movie weekend....


Ghost Town 9/10 - I was so happy to see Rick Gervais did not dumb himself down to perform an American comedy. He ma play similar characters in every movie/tv show but it always seems to work.

Special mention should goto Greg Kinnear and also Tea Leoni(sp) as well. The entire cast worked perfectly together.


I cannot imagine someone not having fun with this flick.


Dirty Love 7/10


Many consider this the worst movie every made. With an all star cast it was doomed from the start but if you go in with an open mind looking for dumb comedy (it is gross and outrageous) you may just enjoy yourself. I laughed many times with my friends watching the film. Give it a shot and simply have fun.

I may be biased since I think Jenny McCarthy is a good person. Her work with Autistic children is inspiring (IMHO).


Hearts in Atlantis - 8/10


Not the best Stephen King adaptation since it only contains one of the short stories from the book and the modified the "bad" guys to make it easier to follow for those not familiar with the Gunslinger series. The performances make it remarkable and like every King movie of late, the idea of friendship is represented flawlessly.


Pet Semetary - 8/10


I have never read the book but I did buy it after viewing the movie. I rmember seeing this as a child and thinking it was the scariest movie ever made. I may back down from that claim now that I am 31 but I enjoyed it throughly and it did scare the hell out of my friend watching it with me. Gage is just creepy.

This was when King did write horror but throughout the movie there are still those human dilemmas that King has involved into his newer amazing books like Bag of Bones, Lisey's Story and Duma Key.

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I just got back from seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for my birthday and it was absolutely amazing. One of the best movies I've ever seen. The acting was amazing, the story was amazing, the movie was deep on many levels. All three people I was with cried (two of which are typical guys, so that's saying something ). Although a long movie, it didn't feel like it, which is something that's difficult for many long movies to do, such as King Kong (which I love, except for the length). I would seriously recommend going to see it, like now.



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I saw The Unborn last night, and it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be. There were some nice jumpy moments and some good horror, and the story was decent. The special effects were good for this type of movie, but there was just something missing. The people in the theater more than made up for that though. Half of the people there were preteen girls, and the amount of screaming and jumping was hilarious. I generally jump at scary movies, then laugh at the fact that I was just scared by a movie, and this made that experience all the better. The biggest complaint I had was that they never explained why the neighbor kid was the messenger for the demon that was trying to be born. But other than that, it was a decent movie.



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Grand Torino:

One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Clint Eastwood was the only deserving man of this rule. He is one of the only character that can make you hate him, laugh with him, and care for him at the same time. This is a must see movie. If you miss it then you suck.

5 STARS and 10/10



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Milk B+

An important interesting history lesson about the gay rights civil movement of the 1970's and 1980's that seems to reflect a lot of recent issues. Stand out performance by Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. All of the supporting cast did a great job. The movie did capture the look and feel of the time period.


Doubt A-

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. An Intense movie that keeps you guessing even after the movie. Great performances as usual by Meryl Streep (love her Bostonian accent), Phillip Seymour-Hoffman and Amy Adams. But a scene stealer would have to be Viola Davis, what a heart wrenching performance!


The Rose B

The debut movie for Bette Midler was a perfect one. The movie overall was ok, but I can see why Bette was nominated for an Oscar. She was amazing. The movie I believe is loosely based on the life of Jannis Joplin. I wasn't crazy about the style of music, but I have always loved the song "The Rose". If you like rock and roll bio-pics than check this one out. Bette's performance is worth it alone.


The House Bunny B-

A silly funny movie that shows and confirms that Anna Farris is a great comediene. If you want to watch a laugh out-loud movie-leave your brain at the door, this one is for you! Basically Anna's character is a former Playboy bunny that becomes a house mother to the nerdish soreierty on campus.


Lifeboat A

I am a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan. For Christmas I received a new Hitch collection titled The Premiere Collection featuring 8 movies including Lifeboat. I had never seen Lifeboat before and it was fantastic! If you want to see some great old Hollywood performances then check this one out. It is about a group of strangers that have to survive on, you guessed it: a lifeboat after 2 ships sink during a WWII attack. Filled with great suspense, it this one of Hitch's best. If you watch it, be sure to try to spot Hitch in a cameo, see if you can find him.

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Finally watched Hancock this weekend. Overall it was kind of meh for me. I figured out the twist before it happened, and then the movie was pretty much over after the twist was revealed. I think it might have benefitted from about 20 minutes more story after the twist. When the twist hit, there was hardly any chance for a character to react to the twist.

I'll give it a 6.5/10. Overall good idea for a movie, (superhero not dealing well with him being the only one of his kind,) but could have been executed better.

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Just saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for class. I haven't seen this film before, actually not keen on Westerns, but I suppose this one was okay. It was entertaining and didn't take itself too seriously, yet remaining on the line of being a historical melodrama.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: 7/10



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Blade Runner 8.5/10

One of my new favorite movies. Quite entertaining and it gave me tons of info to think over again. The graphics and visual effects are superb seeing as this is a movie made 20 years ago. I really enjoyed the storyling and the final fight between Deckard and Batty was awesome. Only problem I had was I had trouble seeing some of the stuff seeing as it was not very bright and I had massive glare on my TV. I look forward to watching it again.


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Another busy movie weekend:


I was able to finally find [REC] with subtitles. Now I have never seen Quarantine but I heard the American remake is very similar to [REC]. There were some changes I heard from other people who saw both movies (somehow they added 15 mins in Quarantine) such as a shakier camera, a more "dumbed" down newscaster and that wonderful poster which gives away the ending.

So onto [REC]. First perspective camera movies have been all the craze ever since Blair Witch (since most missed the Last Broadcast). They can either fail miserably or succeed like Cloverfield. [REC] was very effective in providing a truly effective shaky cam horror film which was believable. I do not want to give to much away but all I can say is after 18 mins the movie is non stop scares and the ending "twist" was nothing I even saw coming from a movie which at first seems like a poor man 28 Days Later. If you get a chance the movie is shown in 8 parts on youtube. It seems as if Sony will never release the film in the US.

8/10 - There were glaring plot holes keeping it from that 9


The Poughkeepsie Tapes - Another rare find since MGM has pushed the release date back so far about two years. I can see why at the mid-point. It is pretty awful. An intriguing premise is destroyed by the terrible acting and film quality. One would think a serial killer who wants to document all his kills could afford a better camera.

4/10 - I hope it gets better but all signs point to "No"


Eagle Eye - It was OK. No point it talking about plot. I can just say it was fun and harmless.



The Strangers - It was no Ills but if I came in knowing that it is not a remake and not a torture film so I actually found it to be very effective. I was digging it and the open ending (which Ills did not have) made it better.



Eden Lake - Nothing original here but extremely well done! A couple goes on a weekend romantic excursion and end up in a terrible situation. It contains scenes of torture and death, however not exploitable but necessary for the plot line and its characters, and in that way not too strong or too long. This movie was mean!



I started getting into Dr. Who (10th Dr) and found the episode Midnight to be flat out amazing. I am also spending time catching up with good old Penn and Teller's BS! Good fun!

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Upon second viewings I would probably say an 8/10 for Valkyrie and a 8/10 for Benjamin Button, though I still enjoyed them, not as much as the first time.


I did see Mr. Brooks for the first time, not exactly my kind of movie, it felt kind of mediocre. Maybe Dane Cook ruined it for me, I also felt the 'imaginative self' was out of place somehow.


Valkyrie: 8/10

Benjamin Button: 8/10

Mr. Brooks 6/10



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