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  1. My Bloody Valentine 3-D 7/10 I went in expecting a fun, bloody, violent, oldschool horror flick, with some cool 3-D jumps, and I got exactly what I wanted. Take it for what it's worth, and you will have a blast.
  2. Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield, is already planning an English remake of Let the Right One In set for release in 2010
  3. You all need to pay more attention to detail in the roller coaster crash. They hydraulics rupture from that big african american teenager strapping in tight. The camera just sped up the destruction of the hyrdraulics, so no plot hole there. And even though they got off, the tracks were still broken, so they would have died anyway... The only thing that movie kind of scared me of was tanning beds...
  4. I love the Final Destination movies haha. But, the fourth one is definately in 3D: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/film/1450 I Can't wait!
  5. As creepy as that is, I laughed when he kicked it lol
  6. ... Also, I find it ironic that someone who loves their flawless country so much would spell its name incorrectly. I don't recall that he ever said that he loved his "flawless country"
  7. Well the director stated that is is less of a sequel and more of a story placed during the same attack, just a different group of people. He also stated that it probably won't be handheld camera again, and I'm not objecting
  8. The link doesn't work, but it looks kind of like a praying mantis, but with tentacle things coming from his stomach. I know, bad description. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e240/bubhui/CLOVEY7.jpg Pictures speak louder than words.
  9. Nine in the Afternoon- Panic At The Disco Their new song, that, is so good.
  10. So far, a sequel is already comfirmed for next year: http://imdb.com/title/tt1179933/ God, I love imdb.com haha If you search through the message boards on the movie, someone has posted and updates all links for the sequel. From what I've read it will not be in hand-held camera, and tell a little more back story.
  11. sorry for the double post, but since i have seen cloverfield, i thought it would make an incredible ride. So I have decided that I will attempt to make one. Does anyone know of scenery packs with tentacles or large monsters. Anything similar or close to ANY part of the cloverfield monster (if you saw it) would make me extremely happy. Thanks
  12. I don't have soaked or wild . can i not download custom scenery and get it to work?
  13. CTU Agent thats a BIG mistake. This is a movie you MUST see in theaters or you won't get the same effect at all!
  14. I've seen two movies in the last two days. First Cloverfield (9/10) I absoulutely loved almost every aspect of the film. First, no one can deny the effects were amazing. The sound was also very intense and made you shake in your seat. I thought the acting was really and I felt for EVERY character. The monster was awesome in my opinion, especially the parasites. I also saw 27 Dresses. My sister wanted me to see this so I said what the heck, and it was cool I guess, just not something I enjoy tons. It was also kind of sad (7/10)
  15. I love Vista! It's weird, becuase I never get security pop-ups unless I'm installing something, but I must have turned a function off, but I don't remember... Anyway, I prefer Windows because a vast majority of programs run on Windows, but not on Macbooks, and they are better for offices. Though, Macs are very innovative, so its really up to the owner's use.
  16. If he got caught, I would feel worse for the front row riders than him and his family... If I was in the front row of the boat coming down, and it hit the kid, I would be almost scarred for life. Same goes if I saw the girl on Superman get her feet cut off.
  17. Oh Goliath, sorry. My bad. I meant RCT3. I know how to do it on RCT2, but not on the third. Im positive I read it somewhere on here, and if anyone knows please reply.
  18. I just read that Nickelodeon is expressing interest in doing a special on teenage pregnancy. Who else thinks it will most likely be a "Special Edition of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee". Gosh I miss Linda haha EDIT: 100 Post!
  19. Good Invert for a beginner. Not so much for the B&M hyper-the random effects dont work, but you have a ton of potential, just keep working at it!
  20. Not to be mean, but I wouldn't call the Jingle Bell Rocker "kick-ass". Spend a little more time and it can make a BIG difference. Good Luck everyone
  21. I just got back from NT:BoS and I enjoyed very much. I agree that the ending is very exciting and could easily be made into a ride, and the National Treasure series is not minor. I mean it even opened it up to become a trilogy.
  22. Okay i have an urgent question, well for me atleast. I remember reading on here, that you can go into the game files and add/delete a file to zero clearances so you can place track upon each other. If i remember correctly and this is true, how do i do this? also, i have windows vista, so will this work?
  23. I have a question. I have windows vista and i've tried downloading custom scenery and putting in my parks, but the game crashes when I try. I know im doing everything right, but I believe it something with vista. can someone help me with this?
  24. it sounds like you've just seen saw IV. good coaster- keep it up
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