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  1. Hey Robb, did you check out the Saw 3 booth. I cannot wait for it. the preview comes out Friday! YayBloodyGoodness!
  2. Even tough it's not a major thrill park, you should still do USH. The mummy, jurassic park, fear factor live (actually rly cool), and the studio tour rly make it worth it, not 2 mention all the other shows etc.
  3. Ok thanks, I'll try to find tht on the internet somewhere.
  4. I have this problem with the 8 Cars Per Trainer. When I try to hack and connect to different types of track, i do everything i have learned, and then i press apply and the trainer shuts down, and says there has been a problem with 8cars.exe or something is there a patch or something 2 solve this? Will sum1 plz help me with this?
  5. Ew, no they're sick! Have you seen Superman Returns in 3-D yet?
  6. Here's Mine. My photoshop trial went bye-bye, so i made it with paint: yeah part seven.bmp CRAZY SHORT BUS
  7. Yeah! The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man at IOA! lol. But, yeah the site is very confusing, i've tried, believe me.
  8. I can't wait to go next week. I hope De Ja Vu will be open. =/
  9. Very nicely done. I like how Tempest has a plaza rather than here's the quene right in your face. The park has a traquil feel, like a state of Nirvana. Hey, that could be a cool ride name, I guess.
  10. Sounds like a cool park. I have an idea, but be warned it's kinda lam. Storm
  11. If anyone lives in Georgia, last summer a hugeass storm hit SFOG. It was so clear, and i was happy -i got on de ja vu- then it started barely sprinkling, then suddenly BOOM! tons of lightening, thunder and rain. It took 2 hours to get out. The place flooded, and when we went under bridges there was atlest 3 feet of water. It was insane, and even in the parking lot there was 3 feet. Anyway, on the news the next day it showed GASM flooded over the track.
  12. There was a link that someone posted to help with hacks, and gave you step by step directions on how to do each hack. Could someone please post that link again?
  13. Will someone please post a picture, because I can't go for a couple of weeks =/
  14. Sorry to double post, but can someone but the POV up again, because when i clicked on it, a notification said that it was expired
  15. Is it really? I thought it was the giant man from the bible story David and Goliath... Oh
  16. How is it themed? I mean it's Goliath, but what is there. Is there a story told or do they just show cartoons, like in alot of other rides, because the only extreme themeing is Batman, Superman, and kinda mindbender
  17. There you go
  18. Robb, did you register for ioacentral.com? I was there a couple of days ago, and I entered into the GOOD NEWS/Bead expirience forum, and I noticed that the creator, who was a new adventurer, said that Jurassic Park broke down, and in your new update, you said that Jurassic Park broke down. Also, the pictures are the same. Please reply.
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