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  1. lol. its called project strong arm, and suppossably they're going to use the robo coaster arm. get it strong arm = robotic arm i dont know.
  2. a quittich show could be done, and im sure J.K. Rowling would HEAVILY influence the look and feel
  3. I used to love the SNICK lineups. I didn't like Roundhouse, but shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? (scared the crap out of me), Rugrats (still good), Clarissa Explains It All, The Secret Adventures of Alex Mack, and All That. I remember that show The Journey of Allen Strange. That was okay. The only good show still on is Drake and Josh. Zoey 101 is okay. its kinda funny. kinda
  4. i just bought zelda. its soo addicting. I just got the tears of lights by the lake.
  5. I just beat Bully . i havent been playing much, but its so chalked full of extras and goodies to keep me enthraled for hours!
  6. A fake knife is used where the guy digs into the victims arm, and it looks like it dug in, but theres a slot for the arm. and he presses a button for the blood to come out. I know this isnt a good descrpition, but does anyone know where i can purchases this, because i am really into making movies, and i would really apreciate it. thanks
  7. I have a question, isn't Run based off Hostel, because if it is, i would love it. Even though hostel scared the crap out of me lol.
  8. I'm interested in the All Night Die In, what is the ring portion about, or like does it go through props of it, because i LOVE the ring.
  9. Im liking the ideas, and i think a river rapids ride would suit a lot better for a thrilling JAWS. Es mí dos pesos. (for spanishly challenged= It's my two cents.)
  10. Sweet! Is the quene line as long as IOA's, also i would like to see JAWS alot more than spongebob, but w/e. great park!
  11. Sorry about the lyks, but music11 tht's not what i mean the signs in the park are fine, the teaser sign you showed us with fancy text. I'm starting to like it though. Great park though! Keep up the good work!
  12. I understand I understand. But i just want a taste of this amazingness. lol
  13. i really hate to be impatient, but are we ever going to get an update?
  14. I don't lyk the teaser sign. its kinda no offense "ghetto", lyk it makes that nice family looking entrance look lyk da nyc cruck!
  15. I basically uninstalled everything on my computer, to try to get this error thing that would come to go away, and it did, and i re-installed everything, but when i install rct2 triple thrills pack, this comes up: The procedure entry point GetRawInputDeviceList could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll. how do i fix this? can someone explain/ help me with this? thanks.
  16. OMFG THAT SCARED THE SH!T OUT OF ME! the ending was rly good, and so was the mirror scene, and three ring circus thing!
  17. Well, does anyone know about one for Windows 2000 professional, I could always use Windows Movie Maker on my parents computer, but they get pissed, and my computer sucks. =(
  18. Hey everyone, I like to make movies, and my computer only has Windows 2000, and my parents get pissed when im on there computer, so does anyone know of a movie maker? thx i rly appreciate it. btw, heres a link 2 a movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaKfC6E2wVQ
  19. I want to make a park with a movie, but i hav windows 2000. anyone know of a movie maker for it?
  20. I know this would never happen, but i think it would be really sweet, if they re-did rides like ROTM for HHN. nothing major but still enough to make it a truely unforgetable experience.
  21. Great park! this is a really stupid question, but how do you get reflective water?
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