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  1. my vote was Jurassic park. but to whoever said that no one screams anymore in the theaters, have you been to a PG-13 thriller opening night. OMG, when i saw disturbia, everybody was screaming lol. but yeah, both movie and ride goes to Jurassic Park
  2. SPOILER!!! I thought when Lupin and Tonks die towards the end was horrible. How they just asked Harry to be their sons godfather, and then they die weeks later was sad. it completely mimicked harry's parents and sirius...
  3. i just finished ten minutes ago, kinda sad, but happy. its HAD!! lol that was soo lame...
  4. ahh, a nightmare on elm street scares me sooo much, and usually those type of horror movies dont! i wish i could go down for halloween!! thats really creepy!
  5. I rode it today and here is what i thought: My mom and i finally got into the complex and went straight for the ride. she had her purse so we had to pay a quarter to put it into a locker, and luckily you get it back later. anyway. we walked up and down the quene, and got stopped right before the entrance to the preshow. this took about six minutes of waiting, until we finally entered into the pre show room. i thought it was awesome with all the effects. anyway, when we got on the ride, we got front row. i thought the ride was kinda lame because of the great build up. there was no g forces and the most intense moment was when you got into space. all in all it was okay...
  6. thanks. it sounds like a lot of fun, but no mission space. i really dont care... im still excited lol.
  7. im going to KSC thursday. is it fun? it seems there are mixxed reviews about it. also, is it like a ride in the sense of quenes and long waits??
  8. hahaha! nice... good PTR. never seen Sheikra have to evacuate...
  9. nice PTR. i went yesterday, and it was alot of fun. the ride ops on acrophobia are really funny. btw did you get on dejavu?? the lien for us was amazingly 30 minutes and we were lucky enough to get front row. it looked like you guys had a lot of fun!
  10. i must be stupid... i cant find an option to make reflecting water anywhere on the main option menu...
  11. i have a question. How do you get the water to reflect in RCT3. Right now its just clear, so i can never tell whats water...
  12. yes i am quite content as to the fact that the POV will be coming soon. good work
  13. I LOVE HORROR/THRILLER MOVIES: My Favorites (not scariest, but awesome) The Ring - not scary, but just amazing Disturbia - last 20 minutes were sooo intense Final Destination - more disturbing than scary, but still awesome Scream - landmark picture just amazing I know what you did last summer - played off of Scream\ The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - greatest character development, that made you sad/angry/vengeful when they died. Scariest A Nightmare on Elm Street - just terrfying in a home theatre The Twilight Zone Movie - the most disturbing movie ever, for me IT - clowns=horrific The Hills Have Eyes II - i was most suprised that this one scared me. i know it had no plot or character development whatso ever, but that was the good part about it. this movie was just really disturbing Honorable Mention (no the greatest but rly good) Saw 1, 2, and 3 - some of my favorites ever! Final Destination 2 and 3 - great, but not AS good as the first Hostel - new level of disgusting Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - actually rlyyy good movies that are just terrible! The Ring 2 - omfg, soooo boring The Grudge - also a snoozer See No Evil - the gore didnt even look realistic That's my perspective on modern horror
  14. My favorite show was the oc (btw that thing was hilarious! i was soo angry i missed Shia on SNL) Now i love heroes, mythbusters, robot chicken... um yeah
  15. I just saw In the Land of Women. The trailers are very misleading ... But Adam Brody and Meg Ryan gave stellar performences...
  16. Any Other World - Mika then Wonderwall - Oasis
  17. I just saw Disturbia on opening night, and I was wondering other people's opinions on the movie. I thought it was awesome. Though, after the beginning (very sad), it's more of a teen romantic comedy, but i still loved it. The last 20 minutes were so intense.Ahhh I thought it was a great movie...
  18. i went to KSC today, and the building looks great from the outside =/. But yeah, i'm really excited.
  19. im sooo glad dustin and kandice did well. i want them to win soo bad!
  20. i personally like first and second season the best. third season totally sucked, but this season isnt that bad. the last episode was rllyyy good, and the finale looks awesome. atleast heroes is still rockin on (heroes=AWESOMENESS)
  21. As we all know, my favorite show, The O.C.'s final episode will be in less than a week (feb.22). This thread is to remember the shows best times/good memories. And all-around talk about The O.C.
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