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SAW V- I am a huge SAW fan and this film did not disappoint. I love having just turned 17 as it is rated R for very good reason. The entire thing was great and the twist at the end kind of surprised me. The "game" in this one was great but I would say this is my third favorite saw movie.


1.Saw 1

2. Saw 4

3. Saw 5

4. Saw 3

5 Saw 2



Many people will claim saw 2 is the best though and I still hate the needle part. That is the scariest thing ever.

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I finally rented Poltergeist. But I haven't seen it yet, I'm waiting for a night where I have already done my homework.


Honestly, I've never watched a scary movie in my life. Ever. So can someone tell me about how scary this movie really is?


Actually, Poltergeist is the only movie that ever gave me nightmares. ...Granted, I was 8 years old when I saw it in the movies.

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I just saw the Happening the other day, after hearing it was the worst movie of the year I wanted to get my own opinion since I thought it looked good.


It was BAD. It made no sense, the acting was terrible and it was not scary in the least.What's sad is it could have been very good, if the general storyline stayed the same but, um. EVerything else changed.

Anyone else see it? If you have not, DONT. It's not worth your time IMO.

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^ I kinda liked it. There was a bunch of things wrong with it, though.


It was terribly mis-cast. Zooey Descahnel and Mark Wahlberg just don't seem like a very good pair to me, and neither seemed "right" for the movie. Zooey should stick to chick flicks/ awful children's movies based off of decent books, and Marky- Mark should just stay with tough city characters like in Four Brothers or The Departed. And throughout the movie I just kinda thought of John Leguizamo (or whatever his name is) wearing a Luigi suit.


The movie did not deserve an R rating. I didn't even think that a strong PG-13 would be pushing it. I didn't really find anything too gross, or too inappropriate, or scary.


I dunno. I just thought if it had been cast better, and they definitely shoul have made it alot more intense. But the plot was still kinda retarded.

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I just saw Poltergeist, finally.


Holy crap. That movie is freakin' amazing. It's not as scary as I expected, but there were definitely some scary parts, like the beast coming from the kids' room. The story was great, but moved kinda slow at times, especially when that old woman (I can't remember her name) who tracked the ghosts came in. The acting was incredible, especially Mary Anne, who pulled off her scenes in a terrifying way. I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good old-school horror flick.


SCORE: 10/10

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I just saw Hotel Rwanda for the first time the other night. Great movie, kind of reminds me of Schindler's List in some ways. 8/10


OT: A little...: Is anyone going to see Quantum of Solace on Friday? I'm excited about it, I really enjoyed Casino Royale and want to see this despite it's bad reviews.



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