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Aliens is a franchise about aliens so it cannot be in the same class as an Indy movie that has an alien theme. That would be like comparing Sunshine with Slumdog Millionaire. Two different animals.


I just see two movies that were dissed because they strayed from formula and went the alien route...Indy and AI.


Yes I know, my response was really meant in jest. That's the reason I added the wink. ...Though I really do love that movie.


Anyway, I really didn't have a problem with the aliens myself. Now the swinging on the vines was a little much.

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I recently saw two films, "Wag the Dog" and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."


"Wag the Dog" was pretty good and Dustin Hoffmans was great and made me laugh at many points.


"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" was a film that I wanted to like, but ended up hating. I love Star Wars, but this movie made Episodes I and II look like masterpieces.


(I did enjoy Episodes I and II though, just not as much as Episodes III, IV, V and VI.)

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I am kind of um... angry currently because Annie Awards gave Kung Fu Panda 17 nominations while WALL-E only received 8 nominations. Even Bolt beat WALL-E (9 nominations). But from what I know this is due to the fact that WALL-E is considered as 'silent film' since almost no one talks in the movie. But the most shocking thing is... WALL-E didn't even receive nomination for its original score. Instead, Kung Fu Panda got the nomination. I was like, "WHAT?!"


What do you think?

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Another award ceremony down and both Slumdog and Let the Right One In have taken top prizes in their respective categories. Slumdog was given best picture for the second straight event and similarly Let the Right One In has received best foreign film for the second straight event.


I hope to finally get my Hollywood fix this weekend and see Role Models before it leaves. I have been so busy catching up to the indies I was afraid of missing and forgetting about major releases.


I hope for a nice, laid back Christmas season. Does not look like any good horror movies for the rest of 08

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I re-watched Boyle's Sunshine yesterday and most definately enjoyed the film despite several viewings. While it is not my favorite Boyle film it still ranks as one of my favorite Sci-fi movies (it is not my genre).

I did find the tone switch mid-film to be a bit strange but since I enjoy both character studies and some horror element it satisfied me in the end.


I do recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys good atmosphere, great music and high-end acting.


8/10 -->

On the Boyle scale I rate his movies:

Millions 10/10 - just amazing from beginning to end

Slumdog Millionaire 10/10 - deserves best picture of the year (LtROi deserves Best Foreign)

Sunshine - 8/10

Shallow Grave - 7/10

Trainspotting - 7/10

The Beach - 6/10 (though I still enjoyed it I have no desire to re watch the film)



Now this could be good...the Discovery Documentary scares me to this day...


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^Just saw that last night. I'd give it more like a B+. The movie is true to what's going on in the real world right now. Everyone is so oblivious to what we as people are doing to the earth. It makes me sad to know that I was born into the world at what seems like the worst time possible.


When the year 2012 gets here everyone will see the truth.

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Well, I watched IronMan and The Dark Knight again on DVD. These two movies are so good, but I'm still not sure which one I like more.


Which leads me to ask, what were everyone's favorite movies in 2008? I'm still deciding between IronMan, The Dark Knight, and Wanted.

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I finally was able to get to the theater to see Role Models. While this movie is a formulaic comedy their is one thing that separates this from every other comedy, this one is FUNNY.

I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Despite the by the numbers story line, Paul Rudd, William-Scott, and Christopher Muniz hold this film together like gorilla glue. There are so many scenes that I just would want to re-watch over and over.


There is one scene with ambien that made my friends and I die laughing. My reaction to that medication is the same as seen in the movie to a tee. Even though I do not fight the medication to stay awake, the effects before I fall asleep are trippy. My friends have heard me this way thats to yim and the telephone. They all just pointed at me!!


If it is in the theater go see it. If it has left get the flick on DVD.


9/10 best comedy of the year.

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The Day The Earth Stood Still - I now know why they call this movie a "disaster" movie. The whole thing just seemed pointless to me. I get the message they were trying to convey about how we are destroying the Earth and don't care. The way this movie was put together just sucked. If you are looking for a movie filled with awesome special effects, just watch the trailer. That pretty much shows all of them. The whole movie is basically the 3 main characters running around the woods trying to avoid the authorites while they try to convince the alien they can change. The movie was extremely slow and then the ending just topped it off. Thank god I didn't pay for this movie.


On another note, the trailer for the new Wolverine movie was before it. That was the only highlight of my trip to the theater. This movie looks seriously bad ass. Only problem is they do have a stunt that is just way over the top in the trailer. Just watch the trailer and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

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^^ Yeah that stunt in the Wolverine trailer seemed just too over the top. I mean I get the movie takes place in a superhero universe with mutants and such, but you still have to keep it grounded somehow. Other than that though I think the movie's gonna rock. Which I was surprised at, since I've never really liked Wolverine and wasn't anticipating the film at all.

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