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  1. Shockwave - SFGAm Deja Vu - SFGAm & SFoG King Kobra - Kings Island
  2. 1. X2 2. Tatsu 3. The Boss (SFStL) 4. Mr. Freeze 5. Goliath (SFMM)
  3. I mean the Harry Potter line moves very quickly so you don't have to "RUN" there. It's almost constantly moving and there's a lot of stuff to look at so waiting isn't that big of a deal (the first time). After that i'd jump into the Single Rider's line, for me, that was only 15min wait . Throughout the entire park, i'd say the Spiderman or the twin S&S tower line moves the slowest.
  4. 1. Grizzly (Kings Dominion) 2. Georgia Cyclone (SFOG) 3. Runaway Mine Train (SFOT)
  5. ^Haha that's awesome! Intimidator at Carowinds is great.
  6. Beer? Whisky all the way! haha (last beer was Coors)
  7. SFOG is great this year! Everything is running awesome. Glad to hear you had a good time. Can't wait for Tony Hawk's Big Spin next year (crosses fingers haha).
  8. I'm shocked about the GASM move! This might mean Viper might be on its way out in the future if Weber want's to omit the competition with coasters and CP. However, if Chang were to go anywhere i'd pick out SFGAdv. It would fit in perfectly with all the B&M's. After being to Six Flags St. Louis Chang would look kind of weird there. It wouldn't blend with the terrain like most the coasters there do. I just can't see a Stand-Up at SFStL. Chang would just pull another parking lot Scream! stunt.
  9. At SFoG I heard about 3 people say that they took Deja Vu down because someone got their legs chopped off. I heard the exact same thing from one person at SFGAm this year about Deja Vu. It's annoying
  10. I rode it the first year it opened and I thought it was the roughest ride i've ever ridden. However, this year I rode it and I didnt think it was that bad. On the otherhand, it hurts the chest more than anything for some reason. I still think its a rough SOB though haha. That says a lot because I have a high tolerance for rough rides.
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