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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Don't take credit for mentioning those things. You're not the only person on the thread. Sure we talked about a coaster a lot, but it wasn't limited to that.


no one mentioned a multi year redevelopment of Canada's Wonderland. we talked about small additions not a large redevelopment... those are very important words as it says a lot of money is about to be invested into the park.


And many people on this forum and other forums can vouch i talked about the family rides and bbq and brew and almost everyone was like nah man it's a coaster. You didn't cause I don't remember you, but most thought I was wrong.

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Small update;


upon arrival I saw small amount of Canada's Wonderland Maintenance workers around the dirt pile beside Minebuster. I thought Minebuster maybe was shut down due to a small problem but it was working. There is metal fencing laid down on the ground next to the power supply station next to Stunt coaster with a people lifter there now where the workers were around. They also had dug up the splash works path again at some point and were re laying some bricks again. There is also a small patch of grass cautioned taped off next to Black Hole in Splash Works. 2016 is looking even more like a Splash Works investment and more land prep for 2017, interesting how their working on the power supply station next to Stunt Coaster cough cough multi launch wing coaster








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I think they should put a family coaster/flats in Skyrider's spot and take out Flight Deck and Time Warp and put in a bigger coaster there.


I have been saying move Flight Deck to VF for a couple years now. Put a nice B&M invert at CW

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Reposting what KI Kidd posted in the development section;


I would highly suggest reading through the Cedar Point Analyst Day release on the CF website. It has some great info on performance so far this year as well as a very interesting five year capital expenditures matrix. The oft discussed pie chart of park-by-park revenues and EBITDA is also present.


Looks like park EBITDA broke down as follows so far this year:

1) Cedar Point

2) Knott's

3) Kings Island

4) Canada's Wonderland

5) Carowinds

6) Kings Dominion

7) Dorney

8) Worlds of Fun

9) California's Great America

10) Valleyfair

11) Michigan's Adventure


There are also some interesting notes from the five year capital expenditure matrix.

-Major coaster projects each year through 2020

-"Coaster Re-Work" projects for 2016-2018

-Mid-size thrill rides for 2016-2017 and 2019-2020

-Interactive Dark Rides for 2016-2019

-Accommodation expenditures in 2017 & 2019

-Ride Removals in 2016-2018


2016-2020 projects, oh did I forget to mention Minebuster!


sports venues and commercial hotels coming to properities across the chain


Just remember when I said BBQ and Brew was a huge success and expect to see one in 2016 ;)


revenues for the chain

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I think they should put a family coaster/flats in Skyrider's spot and take out Flight Deck and Time Warp and put in a bigger coaster there.


I have been saying move Flight Deck to VF for a couple years now. Put a nice B&M invert at CW


I agree. Flight Deck at VF would be a good fit. Time Warp could go to DP or even MIA.

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Update and predictions based of the Cedar Fair investment chart matching up with Canada's Wonderland's Redevelopment Large Multi- Year Project.


Very busy day as usual and haunt stuff under way :0


Legend of Cedar Fairs investment predictions from me :)


Hotel/ accommodations coming to more Cedar Fair parks.


Hotel site prediction if we are to get one. Massive plot of land and it is owned by Cedar Fair and it can house a hotel and parking for guests.


Hotel site prediction number 2 with hotel entrance to the park and removal of Action theater


This is new, colourful sign and it features two settings, park hours and SEE YOU SOON! no more hiring adverts or boring black and white.


New seating area around the new Food Truck near Sledge Hammer


full que for back breaker... I mean Minebuster


full que for Leviathan and ... wait what!?! A line up for the front of line game for Leviathan lol


Vortex has a very over flowing que today lol


tree removal and maintenance, nothing to see here move along!




here's an in person shot of where I think the hotel would go if we get one


Kingdom of Carnages' new home??? the park clearly needs places that guests can line up after last years over park crowding and unorganized shitt show


potential que for Kingdom of Carnage


more potential que for Kingdom of carnage


The Asylum haunt set up or it could be something else this year..


Halloween Haunt is coming!


more haunt!


Cornstalkers, gurl they can't hide you behind a planter lol


One side of the theater is shut down, this would be perfect for them as it has a massive que line and they can still do a haunt show in there and use the other side for maze!

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Wonderland specific predictions based off conference call, news articles and rumors;


2016- Food & Beverage (BBQ and Brew) & Tween/ family ride/ or Thrill Ride

2017- multi launch Wing Coaster Ziz. New hotel (if not 2017 then 2019, but I have a feeling we will have a hotel installed for the opening of Ziz in 2017)

2018- Minebuster removal, nothing added

2019- Thrill Ride or Family Ride or Splash Works addition.

2020- Infrastructure or nothing

2021- Coaster to replace Minebuster


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I'd be surprised if Wonderland got a hotel. I feel like they wrote that idea off when they sold off that massive plot of land north of the park. That would've been the perfect spot for one. Plus Wonderland isn't a destination/resort kind of park, and it doesn't need to be. The park has an enormous market within 2 hours driving time.

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^Agreed. I even know people in places like just outside of Ottawa or up in northern Ontario who make day trips to wonderland.


Personally believe we'll be seeing a Minebuster "coaster rework" (AKA RMCing) as the next big expansion/development after "Ziz". Already heard rumours of Ghostrider at Knott's being RMCed in the near future, so if that plan comes to fruition, I'm willing to bet Minebuster would also be on the list.

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