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What's the strangest, weirdest or most messed up ride...

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that you have experienced?


For me, it would probably be Valhalla Borgen (Valhalla Castle) at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. I wasn't even planning to do it, but when I saw a young girl crying after exiting the ride, I knew I had to check it out.


The ride itself is a Vekoma Madhouse model. www.vekoma.com/rides_fam_attractions/madhouse.htm

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There used to be a ride at BGE (actually it was still BGW at the time ) that ran on arms similar to the Tornado/Tomb Raider type rides except they ran at different speeds- you faced in towards each other and because they alternated you slide towards and away from each other and it twisted as well. I remember it being really fun, but really twisted and I have never seen it since then (1990).


As far as unique- my favrotite "circular ride" of all time is the Tree Top Tumbler at MOA- which is currently the only one of its kind in the US.

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Son of Beast


With or without the loop?


My answer for the original poster's question would probably be Geo Panic. I was so confused as to what was going on with the ride and with my head banging around in those cage-like restraints. Still a fun ride though.

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Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, for the win! Best quote of the ride, "Why in the *bleep* does the bear have beads!?!?!"




Also I think Beechbend's darkride and the ending of Adventure Express are up there.

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The Houdini Ride (or whatever it's called) at Six Flags New England. It's in the Crack Axle Canyon area where they have Tomahawk (Huss Frisbee) and Rodeo (Huss Break Dance) Yes, that one is a Vekoma Mad House, and that thing confused the crap out of me. It was actually pretty well themed, and it even has a bit of a pre show, like ToT. But the ride op who came in and gave us the spiel kept laughing for some reason. I'm not going to ruin the surprise for the people who don't know about the ride, (it seemed to be the "forgotten section" of the park, and very few people were there) as to why it was so confusing.


In terms of coasters, I would probably say Bobsleds at Seabreeze. It is probably the closest thing to a "Family Japanese Coaster" anyone can get in North America other than Titan at Sevla Magica in Mexico, the only Sansei Yusoki Coaster in North America. Although Bobsleds is actually a Kiddie Coaster that was modified to have an extra layer of track and with steel rails after the park owner visited Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland in California, it has some pretty weird elements, like two bunny hops about a foot high each, right out of the station, and they even provide some floater airtime, and it uses a heavy duty chain lift as a braking system. It works, but it's weird nonetheless.


Bobsleds - Seabreeze pictures:




Titan - Sevla Magica pictures:




I have not been on Titan at Sevla Magica, heck I never even went to Mexico, but that ride still is worth mentioning.

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Windjammer at KBF was pretty strange


Haha don't insult Windjammer. I remember it was a pretty good ride. The most messed up ride I've been on is probably Zonga at SFDK. They just took it too far with those modifications after it's life at SFAW. Im just glad it's gone now.

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Have to agree it's LoCoSuMo, but it so tripped me out, that I loved it.


I remember my first reaction to the bear, I thought I was hallucinating. (stuffed bear with Mardi Gras beads, WTF!), I asked Mark if he saw it and he said no. Luckily our second ride proved it was no hallucination.


Sorry to say to all you Cornball Express Lovers, but LoCoSuMo was my favorite ride at Indiana Beach!

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LoCoSuMo and Disaster Transport are the two big "WTF" rides in America.


Lost Coaster has the "Bear w/Mardi Gras Beads" and the funny talking skeleton.


Disaster Transport is just neon paint splattered randomly, a "dark ride" with no real special effects, and of course, the grand finale with the sign saying "Welcome to Alaska."

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