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  1. Well,we all know that HongKong Disneyland will get "It`s A Small World" as an major addition next year.So let`s start an discoussion thread about it. I have searched for this,and I didn`t found anything likening. Michelle Kwan unvealed "It`s A Small World" earlier this year.
  2. You should really check your spellings,click on SpellCheck to check if you have spelled rigth or not.
  3. More concept artwork... Hansa Parks current entrance from the Legoland days. Behind park entrance-Rigth Behind park entrance-Left
  4. 2007-2012,Hansa Park will have it`s entrance remodoled to a more Hansa era style.The current entrance is from the Legoland years. For those who don`t know what Hansa Park is,Hansa Park was Legoland Seirksdorf opening 1973 and closed down 1976.The park reopened 1977 as Hansa-Land,and 1987,it got it`s current name Hansa-Park.Hansa Park has one of Germanys only Swartchkopz looping-coasters themed to Nessie.New for 2007 is an junior flume and a resort as a part of the 30th Anniversary. Theme Park Review was visiting Hansa Park in 2005. The new entrance and ticket booths will be more of an old German town.The entrance will be an 54-foot tall version of the Holsten Gate in Lubeck.There will also be a few monument structures built in 2:3 scale. Concept Artwork of the new entrance!
  5. Cedar Point is missing Mack Rides,so I want to see an Water Coaster,or an Wild Mouse.
  6. That guy was just stupid that he walked in to an restricted area!Can`t he read the signs?They say KEEP OUT!
  7. Instructions for downloading at Megaupload: 1.Click on the link 2.Write in the big coulored letters in the empty box 3.Click "Download"
  8. This is just the beginning of California Beach.Any comments?
  9. Tidal Wave is pretty disturbing,and it comes pics of it all the time!Also,it`s disturbing with all the good things,every rollercoaster must have an bad thing!
  10. So a boy gut struck by a girls foot?This reminds me of an similar accident on Top Gun:The Jet Coaster
  11. California Florida Illinois New Jersey New York Hawaii Nevada 7/50 Good for an European!
  12. Rest in peace,Tony Wilson... Who was he anyway,was he some sort of an actor,musican or something else?Was he black?
  13. Yeah,the looping-rollercoaster sure needs to get fixed...
  14. Death thoughts: 1.The man got an heart-attack... 2.An flying peace of metal struck the man... 3.He was unlocked from his seat and fell from the ride...
  15. Cool TR,the park looks so much nicer now then when Dubaidave visited the park!
  16. They can`t torn down the Deja Vu`s!If this is true,it maybe will end that America is Vekoma Giant Inverted Bommerang-less! Besides,Screamscape said that it was an anymous tip,it means that maybe it not could be right! Other things that Screamscape said: 1.Six Flags Great Adventure may add Thomas Town next year! 2.Six Flags Over Georgia`s Deja Vu might be sold to an new owner! 3.X at Six Flags Magic Mountain is getting new trains! 4.The closed Metro at SFMM might have the trains remodeled to Thomas The Tank engine. 5.An wild romur says that Disney is looking for an new water flume for Animal Kingdom.
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