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New Ride Ideas

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I like your idea. And thanks for the pic. It helps alot with the visual! I think the straight drop would be more fun and thrilling however. Also they should make a drop tower ride where you launch up then at the top you flip so your looking straight down at the ground. Actually now that I think about it they might already have one of those.

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I've thought of quite a few flatride ideas over the years.


One was a Ring of Fire looking ride with two person cars lining the ring. I think I named it Black Hole.


As noted, the ride would look like the ring of Ring of Fire only with about 20 or so open air cars lining the whole thing. The sides of the ring would be attatched to two towers on either side. The ring starts out flat, allowing all the riders to board at once. When the ride starts, the cars begin to spin around the ring and flip down sideways as they get up to speed. Right now the ride is like an Enterprise before it lifts.


Next the ring rises up to a certain height, flips vertical and starts to flip continuously as the cars travel around the track. It would basically be a much faster version of the Larson 'Hi-Roller' ride.


Here's the Hi-Roller. My ride would have open air cars all along the track with a large circular layout instead of an oval layout like this ride.

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  • 2 months later...

Here's my idea The Inverting Bobsled...


And.... the car


The dotted line represents how the fin will help align the car with the breaks


It can flip over on high speed direction changes....


Wheel system...

Giant ball bearings allow movement in all directions




Fin catches between guide rails and the guide rails narrow in, therefore they place the car upright so they can hit the breaks correctly

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no idea but:


In the development with The Gravity Group new roller coaster trains are for wooden roller coasters. These can be also used on existing roads and will dispose of a fitted with springs storage. It should be suited they for magnetic brakes and CATAPULT SYSTEMS and allow a curve radius of only 2 metres in the train group (till present this lies with at least 6 metres).




...i hope this information is not tooo old for you xD

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I've always thought a coaster with free-turning "ferris wheel" type seats would be interesting. The idea is that no matter what the track is doing, the riders would be facing forward. So a 90-degree drop would create a "freefall" ride sensation. But then when you reached the bottom of the drop, you would still be racing "forward." (The one exception being that a loop taken with sufficient speed would still invert the rides, due to centrifugal force.)


Obviously, it would require a new kind of track that's clear above and below the riders, but I think it's do-able.

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I have always thought to myself what would happen when you cross a darkride, with a rollercoaster, and a free fall type attraction. Say for instance you are being loaded into a small coaster car much like that of the mummy. You proceed through the attraction with live effects and then a coaster section again just like the mummy. But towards the end you enter a large type catacomb or Tomb if I may. The vehicle locks into a moving platform and your ascent while experiencing live effects begins. You get to the top of a 150 plus foot show building ie. Tower of Terror and then freefall. The attraction itself i'm sure is possible but i'm sure a little out of the price for most if not all park chains. Insert your own theme, but still it would be sweet.

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It's not my idea, but it would be pretty awesome if they made the Kamikaze roller coaster from Neil Shusterman's Full Tilt.


Basically, you go through the coaster normally, and about halfway through, it looks like the structure is falling apart. For example, beams are falling down, track is crumbling to the ground, etc. You go through and get to that part, and you dive out of the way of the broken track via a hidden track that goes through a dark tunnel and back to the station. And then the "track" pops back into place for the next riders!


That's the best description I could come up with. And honestly, it would work a lot better if it was indoors, so the people in line couldn't see the track.

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What about a Floorless Standup.

The seats would sort of be like a KMG tango but comfortabler.

Riders legs would be directly above the track and able to look down and see track.

It would be a different, scarier, more thrilling sensation rather than on a regular B&M floorless.




A floorless inverted!

Same type of seating arrangements sorta, like the KMG tango seats, but underneath the track. Imagine soaring through the air feeling totally free.


If you dont know what a kmg tango is heres a pic..

And here is a pic of the design. Just drew it up on microsoft paint.

What do you guys think? Is it possible? Would you ride it for the feeling of total freedom and the feeling of flyng through the air? I think it would be great fun. What do yous think?

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