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A launched B&M Flying coaster!



Yes! Themed to Suicide Squad.


"Suicide Squad - Mission BREAKOUT!"


Enter into Blackgate Penitentiary and help Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, and that Lizard Dude escape from the clutches of Amanda Waller! Board the Joker's Escape-O-Plane and fly high over Gotham with the power of a supervillain.


The queue could have Character Bios like the queue for Superman : Ultimate Flight and Batwing. They can play the movie soundtrack over the speakers, and have a Harley meet and greet nearby.

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Y'all know and love the Togo stand-up coaster. Y'all will love this new contraption japaneses invented! A stand-up seat... that can rotates on its axis, yay!



"Did that bird just pooped on me?"



"Wow, the manufacturing of this chassis is excellent."



Wow, what a death trap

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Ok once again im sorry i opened another thread like this one. I tried looking it up but didnt see anything so thats why i made a new one...Anyways ill just post my crazy coaster ideas here instead then.

-Pinfari made a hyper coaster or even giga coaster! Including its signature dinky track!

-RMC do there own take on the launched Strata coaster but of course it was wooden and instead of a air time hill like KK has it had RMC inversions.

-combination of the Ferris wheel with the coaster.....it would be a normal steel coaster track but instead of traditional coaster carts,it will be a big rolling wheel with gondolas like a normal Ferris wheel but be also secured to the track.

-stand up wing coaster! and the cars flip as well


I also thought of a futuristic one where the track is magnetic and they strap a magnetic plate to your back and it will follow the track but some how not be to strong so instead of clinging to the track you are hovering over and under the track. In a way you'd be like Superman!

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