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Your first roller coaster site?


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I used to go to discovery.com, and find a thing they had about roller coasters and watch the POV of Millenium Force, this was before I even knew what it was.


That's the exact same thing for me! But then I discovered this RCDB copy called Ultimaterollercoaster.com, and years later I found TPR.

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Ah yes...definitely a trip down Memory Lane. Actually, my first coaster sim (Excluding Sim Theme Park and RCT) was Ultimate Ride to fill the void until I got NL. I registered on the Ultimate Ride website on Thanksgiving back in 2001 I believe and submitted my Mantis recreation, and got awesome feedback. Still remember my Screen Name, "KoasterGod." I then registered for the old Coastergames.net or whatever the name was until that went down, then I moved onto Weeweeslap. Finally, along came TPR's forums. (I visited TPR since 1997 shortly after my Socal trip. Ok...I'm done sharing my coaster site life story. Definitely brought back memories as I typed this up.

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Being that I'm a reborn coaster enthusiast (last year was the first year I EVER rode a woodie...now I'm love them!) I didnt get into any of the other coaster sites in the past. YouTube kinda got the me going with the different videos people post, even though technically its not a coaster-specific site. Theme Park Review has the honor of being my first REAL coaster site(besides RCDB.com). I've been following this site for a couple of years now and just recently started to become active in the forums. . .

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Mine weeweeslap.com.....back in like 2003 is when I became a memeber of that site....I usually would just visit different coaster sites for the pictures...but then decide to join wws.com...soon after I sign to TPR.com after browsing the sites coaster videos.

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I followed Thrillride daily until it shut down.


Then ended up at Rideworld which got me into traveling, and becoming an enthusiast.


I also had very brief stays at Thrillnetwork and Coastebuzz before ending up at TPR.

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Gooses Realm of Insantity/SFMM Y2K.


[jeff moment] It's kind of ridiculous to think that some of the people posting in this thread were in elementary school when that site was in its heyday. [/jeff moment]


Yup, same here. Man, those were the days. It is hard to believe that was over 7 years ago! All those rumors about Goliath before it opened. Darn ... good times. Seems like that was only yesterday.


When I opened this thread I expected to see more people answering "Gooses Realm of Insantity/SFMM Y2K." I guess most of those people are gone. And as you pointed out, most people answering here were barley out of diapers when we were on those forums.

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