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Your first roller coaster site?


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I was just sitting here thinking (and I didnt see a topic on this) but what was the first, if you can remember, roller coaster site you visited. For me it has to be www.thrillride.com . I dont know how I stumbled across it but I was always on the discovery.com site on the make a roller coaster thingy in the 9th grade and I discoverd that site. To me it looked way cooler than it does now but oh well...

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I used to go to discovery.com, and find a thing they had about roller coasters and watch the POV of Millenium Force, this was before I even knew what it was. Then I started going to coasterphotos.com, and a couple of years ago I found this!

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Gooses Realm of Insantity/SFMM Y2K.


[jeff moment] It's kind of ridiculous to think that some of the people posting in this thread were in elementary school when that site was in its heyday. [/jeff moment]

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My first theme park site was Coasterforce (coasterforce.com), October marks my four year anniversary on that site.


Anyways, lately I have not been posting there because the atmosphere has just changed drastically and I feel like I'm not recognized there because I don't post every living breathing moment of my life there unlike some members...

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JoyRides (I first visited in 1997 or so, back when it was updated regularly)

The Roller Coast (defunct)

World of Coasters

RRC (not really a site)


Other sites I visited over the years:

Danimation (the site was good for a while, until it went downhill and I discovered TPR. When I left, it was overrun by immature people posting spam topics)

Alex's Place

Thrillride (back when it did almost daily updates and the "Wild Rumors")

And oh yeah, a small site on GeoCities with a little game called "Guess The Neon Coaster"

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