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Your first roller coaster site?


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My very first page of roller coaster addiction website was and right now is:

http://www.ParKeTematiKo.com also know as www.pktk.com too.


It's an association of friends who enjoy spanish and overseas theme parks. They have done some of amazing trips, most of Europe parks, US West and East coast, Florida and Great Lakes theme park zones for several times; is like TPR but in Spanish. (from Spain, Europe... obvioulsy)



Now I am a new proudly member of TPR forums and i'm trying to improve my English

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www.rcdb.com. I remember my mom was introducing me to the computer (you gotta remember that I was like 7) and she showed me how to search on yahoo. rcdb was the first one. She explained how the captions below tell you about the site. I went to rcdb and stayed there. For a long time. For three hours. For the next couple of days. No kidding.
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^ Yep. I remember when all web pages looked like that. Don't forget the amazing tag too!


Wow. this site is amazing, especially that fat ACEr guy.


WoC - How can Corkscrew beat both Kumba and Raptor in a top 5 ranking?


Gravy buffet


Joyrides didn't look much different back then


This site hasn't changed that much over the years. Music on every page was cool back in 1997, but not so much now

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Anyways, lately I have not been posting there because the atmosphere has just changed drastically and I feel like I'm not recognized there because I don't post every living breathing moment of my life there unlike some members...

Yeah, I totally agree and understand that (I am "thx") that's also one of the reasons I post more here.


Anyways, my first coaster-site was Roller Coaster Headquarters, www.rchq.net , I don't really know why.

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Wow, not a single person from the former Coasters2K. I remember finding that site in, I think, late 2000 or early 2001. I actually posted quite often on that site as well as uploaded several No Limits coasters over the years until the site was shut down. I remember talking with JonBKChill about how he was hoping to save the Flyer Comet, but that obviously didn't end well.

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I discovered my first theme park site directly before i found TPR! I was looking for stuff on The Nickelodeon Area at Kings Dominion (I loved the rugrats back then) and there was stuff about it on Screamscape. I finished looking through screamscape, looked through the links and Found TPR. To think i was only 8 years old when i found TPR!

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