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  1. It's the same when I travelled to USA, obvioulsy for europeans who use Euros the cheapest way for paying is a Credit Card. Euro Vs. US$ everyday has a new conversion and for Europeans travelling to United States is getting better to buy. In Spain or Germany (and in every country) there's a commssion, (too big!) for taking cash money from ATM. (Geldautomat in german, Cajero Automático in Spanish) But, if you use your card to pay things you buy in a shop there won't be no commssion. Sometimes unknow credit cards are able to charge you a 1% of total amount of goods and ATM money (+ % from cash money remember) if you use your card outside your own country. So let's take a closer look into those little words at the back of credit cards contracts.
  2. Coastermaniac1, you're right in everything you said. Stampida is rough with new trains, and headache appears if you ride on Furius Baco at the outer seats, or rear. Sure you will change your mind if you try first row and seats near the track. But definitly this ride is rough everywhere you try them. Keep having fun, and enjoying meals buffet at Marcopolo A little tip, try to eat at "Iron Horse", it's my favourite table restaurant at PortAventura.
  3. I think this thread must go up on Random forum because iPhone is becoming popular, and I want to know how many people have bought this expensive 'gadget'. I got this beatiful device since last week, it's a Nokia N-95. I couldn't wait for iPhone because in my country it will not be available at least for next two months. I love it, GPS device integrated, 5 MegaPixel photo camera with Carl-Zeiss lenses, stereo mini-speakers, stereo bluetooth headphones available, Wi-Fi... 2 and 3 dimension barcode reader and so on And that's the rear view and the camera. It really looks like a common camera Slide screen down for multimedia use Slide screen up for calling and normal use Front view, phone closed
  4. My very first page of roller coaster addiction website was and right now is: http://www.ParKeTematiKo.com also know as www.pktk.com too. It's an association of friends who enjoy spanish and overseas theme parks. They have done some of amazing trips, most of Europe parks, US West and East coast, Florida and Great Lakes theme park zones for several times; is like TPR but in Spanish. (from Spain, Europe... obvioulsy) Now I am a new proudly member of TPR forums and i'm trying to improve my English
  5. Oh my ohhhh my ooooooohhhh myyyy... I'm from Spain and I never been to this park, It's all my fault, I thought it was a Gettho fair, but actually it worth to waste some time visiting this park driving 300 kilometres / 180 miles from home, and it's a great excuse to stop on my trips from Madrid to PortAventura. Hey thank you for last updates and have a great time visiting Port Aventura you will love this park
  6. Yeah I know, actually yesterday I wrote some posts in there. By the way, see you at Parque de Atracciones Madrid
  7. 1. Expedition Ge-Force at Holiday Park, Haßloch, Germany 2. Superman 'La atracción de acero' at Parque Warner, Madrid, Spain 3. Dueling Dragons (both) IOA Orlando FL, USA 4. Incredible Hulk at IOA Orlando FL, USA 5. Sheikra at Bush Gardens Africa, Orlando FL, USA 6. Stunt Fall at Parque Warner, Madrid, Spain 7. The Revenge of The Mummy, Universal Studios Florida, USA 8. Goliath, Walibi World, Netherlands 9. Dania Beach Hurricane Wooden Coaster at Boomers, Dania Beach FL, USA @ same level: Gwazi, Bush Gardens Africa, Orlando, FL 10. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, WDW, Orlando FL, USA I hope list change in my very next travel: Great Lakes, TTD... Here weee gooo
  8. Hi, Josemi, it's a real pleasure saying hello to you overseas I mean outside our forums in Spain, for example ParKeTematiko.com (a.k.a. PKTK) Also, welcome to 'la crème de la crème' of int'l Theme Park users forum
  9. Hi everybody! AVE it's an abbreviation from "Alta Velocidad Española" and that means in English: Spanish Hi-Speed But you can translate it as bird because three letters together means that. Keep having fun and see you on Saturday, 7/7 at Parque Warner
  10. A desktop from spain! Curious about spanish desktops? Now you know.
  11. Yeppp, It's a rough coaster if we're talking about B&M rides, if that coaster had been designed by Vekoma obviously we would not be speaking about that Let me give you some tips for visiting spanish parks nowadays: Parque de Atracciones Madrid: Take care with your own personal belongins, if someone don't ride give them to him. Actually you can call this park a 'Gettho fair' because are many undesirable visitors. There's no problems about queuing on flat rides, but it's difficult to guess how many people will have 'Tarantula' and 'Abismo'. Last month average... between 30' and 1 hour max. Isla Magica: Many undesirable visitors too, people who draw on queues, walls, seats... don't care about them and if you hear 'guiris' in here... exactly, they're talking about you! What's new at Isla Mágica? 'Capitán Balas' it's a brand new shoot 'em up with cars in shape of a barrel. Are you prepared for hot hot hot very hot Sevillian summer??? With luck with queues because this park is very unpredictible about attendance. Parque de Atracciones Zaragoza Nothing to say, enjoy the visit. Port Aventura Resort Let's see, well 2/3 days to visit, that's a great decision. I been to this resort last three weekends, and so that's why I can give you more updates: Furious Baco it's brand new and people wants to ride it. So best hours to do queu: If you are the very first visitor waiting at gate of this park. From 10 am to 1 pm around 1 - 2 hours of waiting time. And from 1 pm to 5 pm 30' - 45'. people are eating at this period for sure it's the best time to ride this coaster. I warn you: Buuuut, If you see coaster working, run too for it; because Furius Baco stops several times for maintenance problems, and sometimes makes full stops for hours. Last weekend one train had problems with brakes sensors and then worked all Saturday only with one train. One thing left about Furius Baco: try to ride on seats near the track you may experience another different feeling if you ride them on outside seats. Attendance for those days (some insider information... ) 18,000 - 20,000 people inside both parks. Last weekends averages for Rollercoaster ques: 1,30 hour. Terra Mitica Great for ride 'em all in three hours, nowadays attendance at this park is going down and they don't know why. Good luck for finding new sensations open: Inferno a brand new ball-coaster who may be opened yet. And Infinnito a Gyrotower with great views from Benidorm and Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy your visit in Spain!!! See you!
  12. In Spain there's no culture about Theme Parks, so that's why all spaniards clap their hands at the end of the track. Most of them if you ask will say "I never been outside spain, or when I was, I never been to a foreing Theme Park" A common example: Don't ask why also do same thing when stops Tizona or Jaguar both SLCs at Terra Mitica / Isla Mágica. If you enjoyed Stampida with new trains (track is one of my favourites) you must have proven last trains! One thing left, In Spain rides are going even worst, because people who works at our parks don't know how to rehab tracks and trains. "Superman La atracción de acero" is a great B&M floorless coaster, try it now and when you return to station please tell me if this thing has been builded and designed by B&M.
  13. Sorry, but definitly NOT! That wonderful experience has been changed because new trains are a piece of shit! You may understand why when you ride them. Last thing I must say about new sensation with new trains: PAIN!!!!
  14. Hi everybody!!! Wow, new here and I'm going to meet and greet great people ! On July 7, I'm going to be at Parque Warner (a.k.a. Warner Bros. Movie World Park) if you see a beatiful extremly sexy man with both hands in the air hanging a placard with "Welcome Guiris" that's me!!! Sure that's a joke, what's not is all about the sexiest man on the earth... (okay okay only thing true is I'm going to be on 7/7 at Parque Warner) see you
  15. Hi my dearest 'apes', sorry I mean 'monkeys', another mistake, 'donkeys' I'm the last one registered in here! Let me introduce myself, I'm Daniel from Madrid, the magic capital from Spanish Kingdom (sorry! I think bad jokes are not allowed here) I'm 26, and for six months I was at the dark side of the forum reading your posts here, and now it's time to see the light (best in a train riding along a on a steel track) I speak (if you can understand me... ) english, german and spanish. Al last want to thank all of you for the work at this website and forums. See ya' at those beatiful theme parks (Soon I hope, because it's scheduled a trip round here
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