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Once you get into college, school becomes a little less of a hassle I believe. High school sucked because you have a block schedule and team practice after or before school. In college you pick your own schedule to your liking and the homework load becomes a little less, mind you still have to study and all. College has been an awesome experience for me, way better than my drama homework filled high school years.

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Honor's English is killing me. Our teacher expects us to finish these huge packets on short stories in one weekend, expects us to type them, and type them with her specific format. The typed pages for the packets end up being longer than the story itself. She seems to get more meaning out the story than the author.


And I didn't make it into Honor's CP Chemistry for next year, but I'll still be regular CP Chem, which is still an honor's credit.

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The Guidance department at my high school is not all too great.

I'm already having difficulties with my schedule for next year. I found this out about a week or so ago.

Here's the classes I requested for next year: (With a break between Core Classes and electives)

English 10 (H/G)

Earth and Environmental Science (H/G)

Algebra II (H/G)

US History I AP


French II

Chemistry AP


Jazz Band


The problem lies in Algebra II. They couldn't fit it in! Band and Jazz Band are 7th and 8th period, and Alg. is offered 1st and 8th, and I have French II first! What may end up happening is that I'll take Algebra II as an independent study. Math is my best subject, I really don't need too much instruction in it. I ended this year with a 98.66 in H/G Geometry, with a 100 on the final exam (Yes, I'm a complete and utter nerd.)


But whatever. It'll get worked out.

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Just got my TAKS scores back. I failed the English test. Why? I got 1's on ALL of my free response questions. Why? Because I wrote too complex of an answer for the grader to understand. I SOOO did not take my AP English teacher seriously when she warned us that AP Students frequently do this.

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Well, after an exceptionally great sophomore year of high school, I've got a lot coming for next year.


I'm taking Pre-Calculus, Physics, Spanish III, US History, AP English 11, Psychology and Advanced Theatre Tech (building the set, working lights/sound, and doing other tech work for the Advanced Theatre class I acted in this past year). Sure, I won't have all of those at the same time, but it's still gonna be a HELL of a lot of work.

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^ APUSH was definitely my favorite AP class. I barely passed the exam, but the class itself was so much fun!


Anyways, I'll be taking two classes this summer: Math 2200 ( intro to statistics, at this particular college) and English 1102. Not particularly thrilled about taking classes during summer, but hopefully these will boost my GPA a little bit.

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Freshmen year for me was amazing, finishing with a weighted GPA of 4.7

However, that said, my Spanish teacher was the stereotypical old-crotchety crabby guy who hates his students

Next year I get to take APUSH , IB Math SL, IB English, IB Physics, IB Spanish 2, and Yearbook (We Just won 1st in the Scholastic Competition )

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^ I think my school is one of the few schools that uses Percentages to determine GPA. For example, my weighted GPA for my freshman year was 105.8138%

(H/G courses are weighted 10% extra and AP 20%).


And I'm still hoping for my sophmore year schedule to be fixed. I hope if I can't get into Jazz Band, I can at least get into Intro to Theatre.


I'm really excited for APUSH, since the teacher is probably my favorite in the school. Not as excited for AP Chem though...that shall be fun!

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I start on the 24th. People there are annoying, and there's this Biology Teacher who scares me. I'm taking French 3, Geometry, Biology, Theatre Tech, Thartre Arts 3, World History, and English 10. (I'm not smart.) Not popular.


Evan "got a 3.14 GPA last year." Jaffe

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School starts in 8 days... the good news is that Friday of D23 is an awesome way to end the summer. The scary news is that my first "transfer" session is in October because I go to a community college... but I am(almost) ready to transfer to a Cal State school. The good news, however, is that if it doesn't happen this semester it is not a HUGE deal... because it can happen at a later time... I just want it to happen this semester.

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My school starts on the 29th and ends May 30, but with snow days it'll probably go into June.


Sophomore Year Schedule:

1. Algebra II (H/G)

2. English 10 (H/G)

3. Earth and Environmental Science (H/G)

4. Chemistry (H/G)

5. US History I - AP

6. Agile Robotics (Still not sure about this, got put in it because Jazz Band wouldn't work)

7. Band

8. French II


Pretty pumped. I'm about 99.9% sure I'm gonna eat second lunch (After 5th period).

Same teacher for Algebra and Chem which might be kinda strange.

What's gonna suck though is, your locke r is by your 8th period class at my school, and I have French, in the A Wing. I don't have a class there until 7th period. We do have 5 minutes between periods though. Guess I'm gonna be getting a workout this year...

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