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My old high school was Dondero High School, until the merge between the two high schools in my city Royal Oak, Dondero had the smaller student popluation but was there in Royal Oak before the 2nd high school Kimball was opened.


The reason of Kimball's construction and opening was due to a high amount of students in Royal Oak in the 50's/60's with the American baby boom and with national highway system being built.


As they say with the decline of young students and families, Royal Oak called for change. With that, Dondero and Kimball merged and became Royal Oak High School with Ravens as our mascots.


I was always a Dondero Oak, but now we have to make peace with our Kimball Knights foes.


But however, I wish our school peace. The new high school at least...

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My school has around 4,000 students currently attending. It is either the largest high school on one campus in Indiana or the Midwest...nobody can ever really decide for sure which one it is. It used to be an all-white suburban school from when it opened in 1924 up until the early 70's. At that point, they started bussing in students from the inner city, which obviously diversified the school. Many people left the school at that point for private schools. Today, you can find every type of person and every style there. It is a decent place. Some teachers are good, some are awful. My school has been involved in the local news lately thanks to illegal football practices and a rape. However, you can find many unique classes there that students from other schools drive to for. The county I live in has the highest property taxes in the city, which keeps the school from burning to the ground. I am partially involved with film production at my school. I can't wait to graduate. Class of '09.

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Half of my school was built in the thirties. Its sounds sort of nice on paper, but its really pretty freaking ugly.


The other half (and the one most of my classes end up being in) is portable buildings built on an old uneven parkinglot in the 70s i believe. Yeah, you think parkinlot coasters are bad? I go to a parkinglot school.


It has around 4,000 students.


The movie Some Kind of Wonderful was filmed at my school in the 80's. We watched in in class while all of the characters sat at the same desks, chairs, lockers, blinds.... Basically, our school hasn't gotten anything new since the 80s at least.


I took this picture to sum up my school. I think i did pretty well. That bungalo is my Geometry class.

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My grade has 120 kids in it and we have alot of fights. All my teachers are either b!tchy or pedofiles. At least we don't have to wear uniforms.


Sounds like our school, except its single sex, and we have to wear uniforms. Crudding School.

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I would like so much to have uniforms in France! It's very class!

In France we can wear what we want and sometimes there are some arguments about marks (Nike, Adidas, Asics....) and I hate to see teenagers in richs cloths (Channel, and all rich's clothes), they are so proud of their clothes that they are ridiculous and stupid!


In my school there are some great teachers as there are some bad teachers:

My mathematic teacher, my spanish teacher and my english teacher (I LOVE English class I think English is very class) are good example of good teachers! Whereas my french teacher and my Sciences teacher are very bad (the french teacher has no autority and his way to teach is very bad; my sciences teacher can't bear me, she's a real b...!)

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Mine is just another boring school in the middle of a boring suburban town. Its an out door school (meaning it consists of several buildings instead of one big one). Our mascot is a scorpion, and our colors are light blue and white. Since its built on a hill/cliff kind of terrain, there's two parts. The Upper part is where the office, most classrooms, GYM, tennis courts, basketball courts, and two upper parking lots are. The lower section is in the back of the school where the stadium is built into the side of the hill, the football field, the track, the soccerfields, the baseball fields, the ag department, and the lower parking lot is. Its sorta hard to explain.


there's the track/football field.

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My Jr High school (Kenilworth JHS) was demolished last summer to make way for a shopping center.


Words cannot describe how mush I hated this school so I will let these few pics show how much I enjoyed watching it's destruction. As of today, nothing remains of the school except piles of dirt for the future construction.


Taken 7-10-06. The gym being demolished


Taken 7-4-06 from the other side of the campus. Not looking so good eh!?


Taken 6-18-06. The remains of my 8th grade english classroom.

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My school was (I think) built in the twenties. I used to think it looked like a post office. Imagine the white house, then cut each side in half, then make it red brick. That's sort of what Roosevelt looks like from the front. Our mascot is the Roughriders and our colors are navy blue and white. We have a kick @$$ girls basketball team and an even better drama department (we're doing "Les Miserables" next year o.0). Our vocal music department is okay. I'm in Freshman Show Choir and my teacher is an idiot, so I'm just going to vent for a minute here.


We'll call him "M" here, just in case he searches for his name on Google, which is something he would do.


First of all, he's one of those people who's technically (forgive the slang) black, but is totally white and acts black. Not only that, but he talks like a 20-year-old. This would be okay, except that he has two grandchildren. His grammar skills are reminiscent of those of a second grader. He thinks he is a world-class musician. In fact, pretty much all of his choirs have heard him say at least once, "I have more talent in my pinky than you all have in your entire bodies." He cannot play piano to save his life, and he refuses to have the other choir teacher accompany us for our concerts. He has no sense of rythm. In fact, the only reason he's a teacher is because he has perfect pitch, but he almost never uses it. He is one of the least bright people I've ever met. He never gets tired of yelling at us about things that none of us did. He also enjoys yelling at us for 45 minutes about wasting time. During the show choir show last week, he was running sound. We were onstage doing our song and the recorded accompiniment cut out. We kept singing of course, and for a while I thought that the recording had come back on. Later, I learned that M had pressed a button back there and the recording stopped. The other choir teacher improvised on the piano for most of the rest of our song.

Oh, and if you tell him any of this, he gets all offended and lowers your grade.


Oh yes, and my Geometry teacher smells like cigarettes, homeless people, and bad cologne.


But other than that, I like my school.

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The middle school I attended was Dunbar, which is a registered historic location for once being the major African-American high school/college in Little Rock before the Little Rock Nine integration at Central:



Therefore, the next logical step would have been to attend the uber-historical Central High:



But instead I chose little Parkview Magnet:



The End.

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This is my school! Sorry I didn't find photos, only this...:




I know the adress is too much big, I reduced it like I was able... This introduction has was done some years ago (I think in 2003 or 2004).


So, what do you think about my school? It's really different than yours, isn't it?

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