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I could only take two years of French; our teacher retired after last year.

But we did absolutely nothing in French II. I had it last period and every other day we spend at least half the class period doing our homework or having a discussion. Be it about her French I classes or current events. I was a great way to end my day.


My school's guidance department is horrible. One of my friends is trying to get into AP Psych, which he chose to, and has a way to fix his schedule that would involve having 5 classes with me (1,2,3,4, and 8) but no one in guidance will answer his phone calls!


I got my first school supply in today! My Moleskine binder arrived at my doorstep. Instead of having 7 different binders as I did last year-one for every class-I'm having one for everything. I also ordered binder pockets so I'll have one of those for every class (except band) to put homework and other study guides to take home. Although, I'll probably scan the study guides and put them on StudyBlue so I can view them on my phone anywhere without lugging anything along.


School starts two Mondays from today and I've gotten to the point where I want it to start. I'm not sure if I'm going to like waking up at 6 every morning again, but I'll get used to it.

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Last year my French teacher left the last 2 months of the school year because she had a baby and then she announced around the start of the second semester that she was pregnant again due for this upcoming fall. The teacher who would take her spot teaches better but has no patience, and talks about herself a lot, which is another reason why I dropped French.


My friend wants to take an elective, Photography but on her schedule she has Photography 2 instead of 1. She kept telling her guidance counselor that she never took Photography 1 and would have to do that first but they still have her in Photography 2 as of now.


I always start with separate binders for each class until I start combining binders to carry less around.

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I basically just got too lazy to hole punch everything so stuff just ended up sitting in the binder but not secured to anything, so there were a few times, especially in English and Earth and Environmental Science, where stuff would fall out and be in the bottom of my locker. I always seemed to lose Chemistry stuff too; I almost got a C in there for one quarter had it not been for some bonus points I earned; I ended the quarter with an 83. (I think 81 or 82 is highest C.) That was the marking period where every one got a 0 on a 5 point quiz because we were all done and talking. (Well except the really quiet girl who doesn't talk to anyone. At all.)

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I start my senior year next week and I am really upset. Summer vacation just gets shorter and shorter each year. I'm taking:


English 12 CM

AP Stats

Contemporary Issues

Physics 1 CM (I know it's a 9th grade class but I have all my science credits so it's just a filler.)

Athletic Conditioning

Team Sports



At the end of 11th grade I had planned on playing football, but that's not happening so I might switch out of team sports.

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May I just complain about how my Law teacher is a complete psychopath? One kid answered back to him and he grabbed their pencil case and threw it against a wall before picking it up and throwing it back at the kid. Once a smallish kid wasn't listening so the teacher picked him up and dropped him back on his chair and left him with a huge bruise on his thigh.

How does this man still have a job, teaching law of all subjects?

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In four days, I'm going back to college a week early for band camp (I'm actually looking forward to that though.) But starting August 27th, I have vector calculus, statics, thermodynamics, electromagnetic physics, and marching band again. I'm also going to try to look for a job on campus... This is going to be a lot of work cut out for me.

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Well, I just got my schedule today and I thought that I would share it. I'll be heading into my Junior year...so I think that I picked some pretty good classes.


A Day

1: AP Physics B

2: English 3 (I hate english)

3: AP Environmental Science

4: AP Statistics


B Day

1: AP Calculus AB

2: Health

3: US History (I also hate history)

4: TV Broadcast 3


Well that pretty much sums that up...and yes we do have block scheduling

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I'm heading back to school this coming Monday (August 20th) for my junior year in high school. Here is my schedule/classes:


1st. Advanced Math

2nd. AP US History

3rd. AP Composition

4th. Physics


6th. Spanish 3

7th. Physical Education (Yes my school district makes you take PE all four years, it's awful)


Anyway, My schedule is going to be pretty busy all around I think!

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^ Which AP English course is that, Language & Comp. or Literature & Comp.?

Some schools only offer one, but (somewhat surprisingly) ours offers both.


And that sucks you have to take Gym all four years...we just need one gym credit to graduate.


For junior year you take AP Language & Comp and for senior year you take AP Literature & Comp. And about the gym thing, you need 8 gym credits to graduate, one credit per semester/two per year. For me, I would much rather take another academic class then waste my time with gym which is a waste of time, especially after 3 years of doing the same thing.

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^ Same here for the AP English courses. And I am so glad we only need one year of gym. Normally they just give it to freshmen so they just get it over with, but since I took Concert Band my freshman year, I have to take it later. (Going to be my senior year...)


And I found out this week that there are 33 people in my AP Psychology class.


Not only is it too many for an AP Class, it's too many for any class! His room is actually one of the smaller ones in the school (or so it seems). I had 27 people in my Algebra II class last year and it felt cramped despite the fact it was in one of the larger "lab" rooms...

I wonder if they ordered enough textbooks last year...

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I just started High School recently so I might as well share my schedule:


Honors Bio


Honors English

Honors Geometry


Cross Country

Swim Team


So far I've been liking my classes. My Geometry teacher AND Bio teacher hate grading homework (No homework!) so I should be fine with those 2 classes for the semester!

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Now that I'm going into my junior year, the full International Baccalaureate experience is nigh. Here's my schedule:


1. IB Euro History HL

2. IB Physics SL

3. Theory of Knowledge

4. Yearbook Adv.

5. IB Language B: Spanish SL

6. IB Design Tech HL

7. IB Math SL 2

8. IB Language 11 HL

9. Varsity Boys' Swim Team


Having no off block(s) is really going to suck, and there are going to be nights without sleep, but I'm ready to take on whatever this year has in store for me.

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My schedule changed two days before school starts. But, I have the same classes in a different order:


1. AP Psych

2. AP World History

3. AP English Language and Composition

4. AP US History II

5. AP Chemistry

6. Trigonometry

7. Biology

8. Band


And I think French III exists now, and it's 5th period. I assume the reason I don't have it yet is because AP Chem 5th period was a special request of mine and they don't want to upset me by pulling me out of it. (But the only reason I needed it in the first place was because French didn't exist at the end of last year.) I will make an appointment with guidance on Monday to change it though!

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^ Honors Chem was my worst grade last year, a 92. The only reason I even took AP Chem was because I needed a class to take instead of French III. I just wish they'd pull me out of Chem and put me in French so I don't have to go down to guidance, make an appointment, and wait for a very simple period switch, as oppose to the people who need their whole schedule changed. :/

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First day of my junior year was a little better than I thought it was going to be. My schedule changed AGAIN, but for the better this time.


1. Biology

2. AP World History

3. AP English Language and Composition

4. AP US History II

5. French III

6. Trigonometry

7. AP Psychology

8. Band


Some problems though:


My 2nd period WHAP class has some people in it that, honestly, I don't think they realize the work that goes into an AP Class. Especially without CourseNotes. We'll see once we actually start doing things...


The new French teacher seems really nice and I feel like I will enjoy these next two years of it. Level 3 is still labeled as an Honors/Gifted class; I wonder if it still has the 10% weighting towards your GPA? 3 and 4 are in the same period; there are like 8 or 9 kids in 3 and 1 kid in 4.


My Trig class is mostly the upper level juniors, but there are some people in there that are repeating it for some reason or another and I have a feeling they're gonna slow us down and I will be doing headdesks quite often. Oh, and we need to get our own calculators. Well, better make the investment now...I only know how to use a TI-84, so I guess that's what I'll get...


Not a problem, but we got our first novel assignment today: read The Great Gatsby by September 28th. Not bad.

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I started my first day of college today. 32 y/o and just started college, lol.


Anyway... the first thing my Geography teacher said when he walked in the room was "Ok, you're either in this class cause you desperately need it to graduate, or you didn't read ratemyprofessor.com". He seems like a.... not so nice guy.

Also, the last time I had math was in high school like 16 years ago. The crap we covered in my math class today was WAY over my head!

I'm excited for my drawing class tomorrow, though. At least I care about that!

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A moan? Not yet! First day of senior year and I love my schedule and I'm next to or close to a really good friend in all of my classes. Plus.. how can you go wrong with 3 arts, and 2 periods worth of CADD all year long??

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