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^ My prom is this Saturday. We're celebrating at SFMM the day after. When is yours?


Yeah, so school. My 2-weeks worth of makeup work now turned into three. And I have to get it done before my Algebra teacher changes his mind about all the work.


It's mostly my fault, but it's freakin' hard to do everything at once when you're trying to keep all your other classes up to par. Thank God school's almost out...

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Geometry test tomorrow.


Yesterday, she told us we had to memorize 12 formulas. Everyone in the class is pissed. See, the formulas are so different, yet so similar, making it HARD to remember.


On top of that, I have lines to memorize for a play in ONE WEEK. We JUST started blocking it. My drama teacher needs to get his crap together.


On top of THAT, I have a *HUGE* research paper I need to finish.


And even on top of that, I have two art critiques to write, and make a master drawing. I'm glad I finished the independent art and the six other drawings.


All this stuff at one time. I think I'm most pissed at my drama teacher expecting us to memorize our lines in two days. Some of us have a lot to remember. I can understand wanting to push us, but when we just started getting on stage and blocking this, memorizing them right away is hard. ONE WEEK until performance!!!


Oh, and both of our assistant principals are leaving. One of them, I don't know him at all, but the other has been such a great help to me. I've had a lot of negative actions towards me because of my sexuality, and he's been there every step of the way, and actually caring about what was happening to me. My mom is a little upset for the same reason. Wichita BoE recently added sexual orientation to the discrimination policy (THANK GOD), but I'm still worried things will happen. I still hear homophobic comments in front of teachers, and they don't give a damn. My friend had a lawsuit against a different Wichita High School school because they discriminated against him. He won too!


Anyways, I'm done with my long post

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Where are you having yours? Excited?


I see you live in Temecula, does Green River Country Club sound familiar? It's in Corona. Yeah, I'm am pretty excited hahaha. I'm a big fan of our school dances, haha so I hope Prom doesn't disappoint!


I'm pretty sure a "Band Dance" is the equivalent to our band banquets. Pretty much a dance that's limited to band geeks, haha.

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Where are you having yours? Excited?


I see you live in Temecula, does Green River Country Club sound familiar? It's in Corona.


Nah, I actually live in Lancaster, my dad's in Temecula.

I never changed that haha.

But sounds cool. I love school dances as well.


Oh, band dances sound cool

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Yeah I know Exeter, I personally get more work / revision done outside of school. Plus the school's set to reopen on May 11th so I can clear up anything I don't know with my teachers just before exams. Thing is, the girl who had it was reading to me as part of my voluntary work. That was on Monday and I still feel good so fingers crossed.

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