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I just got into college (University of Monterrey) a year ago and it is very different from high school.

The whole atmosphere is much more relaxed, liberal and artistic. We put youtube videos and music during class to get more "creative" and we even have a Subway and Starbucks on campus (NOT cool, it started my addiction to those Vanilla Lattes haha). Classrooms and buildings are very modern, which is also a big change from my high school.

Teachers and staff in general have been very nice and helpful, so my experience has been great!




Campus Library


Students hall

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I'm loving Xavier University down in Cincinnati, Ohio.

-Young prof's

-Not too much homework

-Fun sports events

-Great people

-Great "social weekend activities"


You clearly aren't majoring in anything science-related. The science departments at XU are rough. Then again they did an admirable job of preparing me for what I'm doing now.


It is a great school though. I can't recommend it enough. Everything I hated about attending a big state school was NOT a problem there. Very user friendly in general. People actually want to help you there.

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I am STILL working on a pointless English assignment I started the minute I got home. Assuming I get it done in the next hour, which I highly doubt, I'll have four hours TOPS before I have to get ready to go to school. This is time I ought to be...oh, I don't know... SLEEPING?!?!?! Normally, I would have been to bed two hours ago.

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Ok, I'm gonna jump into the fray...but from a different angle. I'm substitute teaching while working on my masters degree in elementary education and looking for a full time job. For the last two days, I subbed for the CLASS FROM HELL!!! I have never, I mean NEVER, had a class this bad.


They were a horrendous group of 27 5th graders. I should have known when I first arrived yesterday morning to find the teacher in the class finishing up the lesson plans. She told me that I should go into the cafeteria to pick up the kids after lunch because they'll fight. I asked her, "Verbal or physical?" She responded, "Both." Yep, that sure was an omen if I've ever seen one.


Yesterday, I was dealing with endless back talk, insubordination, kids wandering around the room, talking all the time and not quieting down in the slightest when I told them to be quiet (and I can go loud and mean), creating a huge mess, and general disrespect. There was one girl who just ran around the room, screaming, laughing, and pushing kids as she went. I had to call the vice principal to take her out of class. Today, she spent the day in another class...they didn't even bother putting her in my class today. However, today began with a student throwing a right hook at another student, resulting in a nice little shiner. Yes, you heard that right. Before I had even taken attendence, he was getting sent to the principal's office! And don't forget, these are 5th graders...10 and 11 year olds.


I had teachers coming up to me and telling me how they are literally the worst class in the whole school. They were telling me that veteran teachers (even their current teacher, whom everyone was saying is excellent) are completely stumped as to how to bring this class under control. The librarian told me that their last sub released the kids for lunch and then went home...they haven't seen her since. One teacher asked me not to judge the entire school by that class.


Yep, that class sure was fun!!!!1!!! *blatantly, painfully obvious sarcasm* To be fair, they weren't ALL bad. There were some good students who quietly got their work done in the midst of profound chaos. However, most of those kids were some f%&ked up, evil little demon spawn. I'm Jewish, so I don't believe in Satan. However, these last two days really made me reconsider.


-Doug "Wishes that shock collars were within the limits of the law" Heim

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I'm going to complain about people who complain.


Basically, I have a teacher who everyone in the school can't stand. I actually have her for two classes a day. That's half the school day. 3 loooooong hours. However, I find her to be cool. Sure, she can be annoying at times, but she's still really nice.


This teacher has been so great at teaching! For the FIRST TIME EVER, I have an A in math!!! She's helped me so much to get there, and that makes me very happy. She's an awesome teacher! We found out that my schedule got changed next semester and I won't have her as a math teacher. She's mad! Lol. She's trying to get me back in her class.


I don't know what it is, but I've just never been able to learn like I have in her class. I don't know why people constantly complain about her.

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Recipe for Week of November 9th-


1 Mid term in calc based Microeconomic theory

1 Mid term in calc based Macroeconomic theory

1 quiz in music appreciation

1 essay on Hawaiian repatriation

1 essay on something for Issues in American Though class

1 program (something I have to put on for my residents, part of my job as being a resident advisor)

1 ton of reading

8 days worth of packing for IAAPA


Stir in all the ingredients and place in pre heated oven at 350 degrees. Wait 5 days and remove. Viola! One super stressed out Jordan who just wants to go to Vegas.


This week is going to suck, big time.

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If I haven't already posted this...


My normal school day.

6:15 - Wake Up

6:45 - stop pressing the snooze and get up

7:10 - Leave for school (I drive)

7:40 - Get to school

8:10 - School Starts


3:40 - School is over.

I'm normally off campus by about 4:00. Traffic can get pretty bad around my school, so I just wait for it to thin out and chat with friends.


And now a moan about AP... APLit is the worst class I've taken in high school. I hate it so much (most likely because I'm failing). In fact, I'm supposed to be re-writing an essay right now for that class. The teacher is good, and I love the people I'm in there with - I just hate the class.

On a good note, my other AP class, AP Environmental Science (APES for short), is one of the better classes I have this year. The teacher is really good at what she does, considering the fact that it's her first year teaching AP.

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I have heard that at our high school the AP Biology and AP Lit is easier than the regular classes because it is the same content but you get extra credit for taking AP.


Not necessarily. AP courses are essentially college courses - in other words, the material may be similar to the content in the regular classes, but AP goes much more in-depth. Plus, depending on the teacher, the tests and essays and stuff are much more challenging. It's all to get you ready for the AP Exam at the end of the year; most of the AP exams are pretty hard (especially, from what I've heard, the Calculus and U.S. History exams). Even if they are the same (at least at your school), I would strongly advise taking them, becuase they can get you into a good college if you do well.


Hoep that cleared a few things up.

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^At our school the AP classes are easier because of the teachers. The regular Biology teacher will give you an F on an assignment for not putting the date and/or period number. The AP teachers are generally more fun at my school and help students on a personal level. That is what makes the AP classes easier.


Wow, failing grades for no date and period? That's worse than middle school.


I guess it's all about the teachers in most cases. If the teachers really do make AP classes easier and generally better at your school, TAKE THEM. They look really good on college applications. If your school offers IB (International Bacclaureate), those courses also look good to most colleges.


(By the way, great avatar.)

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