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Junior year





AP US history

Chinese III

Public Policy

Historical Studies/Internship

Literature of War

Modern Literature

AP Ceramics


And I'm planning on taking 3 additional AP tests at the end of the year that my school doesn't offer

English Language

English Lit

World History



Should be a challenge.

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Today was the second day of my junior year. I don't think it will be too horrible but the homework will be crazy. I have had 3 homework assignments the first two days.


My schedule:


AP Environmental Science

Calculus CM


AP World History

Principles of Business Administration Management(thinking about dropping this class for study hall)

English 11

Athletic Conditioning


Based on first impressions AC will probably be my favorite class, mostly because it was my favorite last year.

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Let's see, started my Sophomore year back on August 1st, and like most have done already posted, here's a list my classes:


Introduction to Physical Education

English 10 (aka English Year 2)

Honors Chemistry

Technology II/Yearbook

Drawing Studio

Geometry (aka Math Year 2)

Art I


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So as it turns out AP us history and Algebra 3/4 actually aren't that hard, and I'm not alone in my Spanish 5/6 H class, as a few other sophomores are in it too Plus I know some of the juniors/seniors. And the teacher is really fun, so sophomore year is looking to be really good year! Plus forensics is starting soon, I'm going to do extemp and CX debate

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Started my Senior year of High School Last week-


Civil Engineering and Architecture

AP Environmental Science

German 3 Honor

English 4 Honors

EDD-Engineering Design and Development

Probability and Statistics Honors



Then I got to Work (Since its at an Engineering firm its almost like my 8th period and fits in great with my schedule)

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Started again on Monday, been a piece of cake so far. I'm literally only having to do about two hours a day (thank you online school!) Taking this semester:

Honors American Government

Honors English 12




World History A (Took this at AP level in tenth grade and got flattened by the workload, but at least I'm only retaking this semester)


Next semester comes Speech and Debate, which should be fun.

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My Agile Robotics class is full of idiots. We have been programming virtual robots for the past few weeks. It's copying and pasting code. Simple. Very few in my class get it. And to top it off I have it 6th period; the last Agile Robotics class of the day. People somehow manage to screw up the sample programs and overwrite them, so I have to go in and clean them up.

I didn't even pick this class....

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The AP Physics Tower Challenge....


-Build a tower of note cards thats >=11"

-Must support a 5lbs brick for 5 seconds

-Can use only staples and folds (no rounds or cylinders)

-tower must be 1 unit (no seperate parts)


Heres the catch, the simulated money system...

-each card, fold and staple costs a hypothetical $1

-to get an A, you must spend less than $50 hypothetically, $45 to get an A+


WTF?! I spent 3 hours last night and couldnt get anything more than 10" to hold, and when I did couldnt make it 1 unit. So, I know we have smart people here, anyone have any tips/ideas/suggestions for this? Or better yet, anyone do this before?

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Physics help please...?...


1. The equation of a particle in motion is x=6t^2 + 4t^3, where x is in feet and t in seconds. What is the objects initial acceleration and what is its acceleration when position = 100 feet?


2. Two projectiles are shot upwards. The first at 30ft/s. The second is shot 1 second after the first and at a velocity of 100ft/s. When and where do they pass?


Im trying to figure out these two on the study guide we were given for Tuesday's test but I cant seem to figure them out. Can anyone help?

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  • 10 months later...

Got my schedule for my junior year and *gasp* I actually like it!


1. AP Psychology

2. AP World History

3. AP English Language and Composition

4. Biology

5. AP Chemistry

6. AP US History II

7. Band

8. Trigonometry


Lots of good things here. The Psych teacher is crazy and probably do very well at waking me up every morning. I love having English in the morning, but this is the first time I can ever remember having a history class that early in the day, going back to 5th grade. Bio I have a few friends so I don't have to associate with, um, people of lesser understanding of science than myself. (WHY DID MY SCHOOL GET RID OF HONORS CLASSES?!)

AP Chem scares me. I got a high B in H/G Chem and it's the same teacher. I think it's basically going to be an independent study...so I'll basically be teaching myself.

In APUSH II I'm probably going to be Mr Anti-Social as it's going to be full of stupid sophomores I hate.

Band is band, and I literally have the best Trig teacher in the school. I had her my freshman year for Algebra IB and Geometry, so she knows me.

The only thing that sucks is where my locker is going to be. Since my Trig class is in the Freshman Wing (as she's mainly a freshman teacher), my locker will be outside the hallway down another. Good as it is closer to all my other classes, but bad as to leave at the end of the day, I am going to have to wade through all of the freshmen...God I don't want to relive that year ever again...

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Apparently my school doesn't offer honors science classes and I quote "do not offer AP classes to freshmen". What f*cking a lie, I think that I should be able to take an AP class if I want to and screw whatever bullsh*t rules and regulations prevent it. I personally think that if I can finish a 9 month math class in 9 weeks then I should be able to take whatever f*cking class I want and not have to be stuck in a class full of idiots who couldn't get an A in a class if it was handed to them on a platter.




Also on the same note why the hell did those bureaucrats have to just go and completely screw the GATE program and dump all of the kids from it into normal honors classes (basically you don't have to be smart to get into honors you just have to show up to class and turn in half of the homework assignments).

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Our school does offer an AP Class to freshman: US History I AP.


And that was the problem our school had with Honors Classes: too many people in them that didn't always deserve to. Not saying they're not smart, it was more they were just well behaved. Now that our school got rid of ALL honors classes, they don't want to be in regular classes with misbehaving people, so they take AP. Not saying they all can't handle it; I know some can. It's just that AP Class sizes are now rediculous. I believe most of the time the class size for an AP English Language Class was like 10 kids. Now there are two periods of it, probably with 20 each. The head of the Social Studies department (my APUSH teacher) and I were talking about ordering books for next year and said there were 40 kids registered for World History AP. I feel that is a tad too many and I'd be willing to bet that a few will drop after the first exam comes back and they failed it. (I could be wrong, but it happened with APUSH, so why wouldn't it happen in WHAP?)

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I'm getting my schedule for my senior year on Tuesday, with the first day of class being Thursday.. I pretty much already know exactly what classes I'll have, just not the order they'll be in. This is what I know for sure, in the most likely order:


1st Semester

Spanish 3

Theatre 1 (intern)

Advanced Theatre (tech)

AP English 12/Economics (9 weeks apiece)


2nd Semester

AP Calculus

AP Physics

Advanced Theatre (tech)

AP English 12/US Government (9 weeks apiece)


...yeah, my final semester of high school is going to be f***ing ridiculous, especially with the musical going on at that time. But if I want to go into engineering, those advanced classes are most definitely going to be useful.

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Im going into Junior year this September. They showed the schedule with our teachers for a few days in July but then took them down until August 24th when we can see it again.


In my school you are required to take at least 2 years of one language. Freshman and Sophomore year I took French as I had taken it in Middle school. Going into High School I was terrible with french because in Middle school french class consisted of eating candy, watching movies, and learning for about 5 minutes everyday. I had the same french teacher both frosh and Soph year and I along with my friends had major problems with her. She was a terrible teacher and a horrible way of grading, picked favorites, got mad easily and etc...


So we decided we took two years of French already so lets switch to Spanish the last two years... It is about me and 12 other friends who I knew switched into Spanish. When they released the schedule they all had Spanish a different period than me and I am by myself. I am just hoping that one of their schedules got changed and I have one of them in my class. I can't stand being in another class without friends because it always happens to me.

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