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I ended up getting a B in Government. I did all the work, did all the extra credit, understood everything, and aced the final. But my school has this lovely idea of having this stupid project, which has NOTHING to do with Government, be a part of my grade.

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^ Much better than me... I got a d. The worst part was my teacher gives us a notebook which is worth 10% of our grade. I have an orginizational disibility which allows me to have a 504 plan which gives me alternative ways to organize things and I can type all class notes. The plan is extremely specific and because I did not specifically ask for notebook orginizational help I don't get to use the plan. I did not ask for one because I did not realize anyone at our school used that system. My grade dropped from like a 78.5 to a 65 in one day. I got a 78 on the final, I ended with a 68. Oh well, I'm already at junior college and doing fine, so I'll transfer either way.

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^What was the project?
The project was that we had to do a minimum of 35 hours of Community Service, and then we had to write some papers about how we thought were heroes and how we relate to various so called heros in the books we read in English, even with we never had such thoughts. It's already the worst project I've had to do, but now it's included in my Government Grade and that just makes me mad.
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In Algebra II, I have an odd situation. It's been like this throughout high school.


Whenever the class epically fails at something, I understand it completely and get good grades on tests, quizzes, etc. When the class understands it perfectly, I don't get it AT ALL.


This past test we took, the majority of the class failed. The teacher said he was very disappointed. I got a 93% on it. How the hell is that? Then last semester, most of the time I was getting C-F's on the tests when most of the class was getting A-B's. UGH.

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The random group I got placed in for Mechanical Vibrations lab has not contacted me at all about the report due tomorrow. They asked for my e-mail so we could split up the work and never gave me theirs. Now I'm stuck doing the entire lab by myself since they never contacted me and I don't want a zero.


I tried contacting the prof about it, but was pretty much told "tough luck, you're all getting the same grade."


I realize team work is something important to learn since it will be in the workplace, but being put into an already made group that probably didn't want someone helping them isn't going to work. This is complete BS.

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It has snowed 42 inches so far. I haven't been in school since Friday and it doesen't look like we'll be having school until Tuesday. It's great but the bad thing is I AM STUCK IN MY HOUSE! The snow plows seem to be ignoring our street. When I step out into my yard the snow goes up to my waist. My high school is a refuge for those who have lost power. Sleeping in is nice. :

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You know, I have 0 days school left at high school although I will not graduate before end of May. Here in Finland our high school's last year is only half as long as the two other, meaning that at this time of the year all the senior students (here called as abiturients) leave from school. We are supposed to study hard the whole month before we take our "graduation tests", but who's watching? After the tests in the end of March, it's freedom! No school work left and I can focus on doing nothing. Well, I am going to work at Linnanmäki, but it doesn't open until end of April. So I get a full month of relaxation.


Also, we get to dress up goofily and toss candy at those still studying on a special day a week from now. Can't wait!

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Some of my courses have instituted a "pass the final to pass the course" rule. It wouldn't bother me as much (although it still would) if the exam was worth 51% of my grade, but it's only worth 40%. I also wouldn't mind the rule if the prof allowed some kind of aide, (some do, some don't...the exam in question doesn't) like a formula sheet, "cheat" sheet, or open notes.


I understand profs only want the best to go through, but the only thing adding this rule does is add a lot more stress to the students. I already need to pass this course so I can go into my final year of study, but if I fail the final, I have to be held back another year. If it wasn't for the rule I'd be able to pass the course by getting somewhere around 35% on the final.


For someone that gets stressed out easily on exams, and I know I'm not the only one, these kind of exams are brutal. I freak out about it so much I have trouble concentrating on studying and get stressed about every little thing.

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^Just be happy you get out of school for summer at all. I am currently on co-op interning with an architecture firm this quarter, I leave a week from tomorrow, and a week from Monday I start classes that go all the way through the summer. Oh how I miss summer vacation.

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My school, Greater Johnstown High School, is pretty cool. It's one of the only schools in PA that combines Normal academic classes with Vocational classes. The only problem is that we have the vocational classes pushed on us, even when we want to go mostly academic.

A lot of the classes have laptops, some of the English classes have nooks and I think next year we're getting iPads. Exactly why I do not know.


The area that contains GJHS today used to be a Junior High, before becoming JHS. Then, in 2003, they built what now is the A-D wings of the school. They kept the E wing because that's where all the shops are and it's better to keep all that there than try to move it, and the auditorium because it's just that awesome. They did renovate most of it though.


I'm a freshman and it sucks. My schedule was all f**ked up this year:

So, I'm a rather intelligent student, and according to some of my friends, the smartest in the grade. So I was VERY surprised when I logged on to PowerSchool in August and not seeing AP US History (Grad. requirements changed this year, Freshman can now take AP History) and French, but H/G History and FRESHMAN SEMINAR! (H/G students can take a French/Spanish instead of this class). So, I eventually got my schedule changed, and by switching out of Jazz Band (8th pd) and into Concert Band (7th pd, I could transfer my H/G History to 8th period, which opened 6th, which was the Freshman French class. It's acceptable for this year, as the Freshman Seminar class insulted my intelligence. We learned what about rules and the Code of Conduct in there before I got switched out.


Freshmen now have to get walked to lunch by their teachers because they run. People still run. Nothing changed.


And freshman didn't get their class selection sheets for next year yet. But it doesn't matter, since I know exactly what I'll be taking:


Core Classes:

English 10 H/G

Earth and Environmental Science H/G

Algebra II H/G

American History II H/G


United States History I AP (The class I was supposed to be in this year. I'm taking it and APUSH II as an elective because the teacher is that good)

French II


Jazz Band


Fingers crossed that everything works out!


So, here's a picture of my school with little descriptions of the wings. HHS is "Health and Human Services" and the Cafeteria isn't down the C Wing, it's across from it.


My School. Hardly anyone knows the auditorium is the F-wing and it really doesn't make sense. It's closer to the A than it is to the E.

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I hate being stuck in a Spanish 4 Class with 1 other freshman... It's really lonely.

Kind of like my precalculus class is mostly seniors with 1 other sophmore. The students are really friendly though, unlike al my other classes and my teacher rocks.


Halfway through my sophmore year and it is way better than my freshman year. Athletic conditioning is much better than I thought it would be, considering I am not very strong, and I actually have an A in the class. Precalc has turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be, and as much as a hate math it is one of my favorite classes.


How's everybody else doing at the halfway point in the year?

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I'm doing well in all of my classes. Algebra IB H/G and Strategic Reading H/G are semester courses, so I had to take a final in them. The Reading one was SO easy, since the class was basically a re-hash of everything I've learned ever. The Algebra one was also pretty easy, but there were a few things I couldn't recall. I don't know my exact grades for those 2 classes yet, but all of my other grades are in for the semester:


Active Physics H/G- 96.08 A

French I- 98.99 A

Band- 101 A

American History I H/G- 98.18 A



As for how I have a 101 in Band, when we did our major scales tests, we could play the scales in 2 octaves to get 5 extra credit points. For our minor scales (which are coming up) the natural form is the only one required, but we can do the other 2 forms to get 5 extra points for each.

So, on my major scales midterm, I got a 111.67%, so thus the 101.

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The Ethics teacher showed us an... interesting Oprah special about Auschwitz

And of course the IB coordinator (or dictator) wants us to write essays in EVERY FRIGGING CLASS

Then there's the Spanish teacher who wears clothes that suggest she hasn't fully adjusted to teaching, if you catch my drift.

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