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Everland Discussion Thread

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It was wishing thinking on my part only


There are some great deals out of Tokyo into Seoul next feb, return airfares and five nights at the Hilton for $850 ( Aus )


Lotte World will be open, this that will give me the credit on Atlantis Adventure. Sent an email to Everland about park hours and T-express is always a worthy second prize.


Was looking forward to Eagle Fortress, since the last time I rode a coaster of this type was at World Expo 88 in Brisbane

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From what I've heard Arrow Suspended Coasters have a rough time with maintenance because of their swinging capabilities. They literally tear the tracks apart at high stress points, and its pretty often that maintenance can be found welding crossties and track hours before park operation to get the ride up and running for the day. It seems the Arrow track is just not heavy duty enough to withstand the forces it creates on a daily basis.


Iron Dragon at CP undregoes welding on the crossties and track because of cracks (mind you the ride is not nearly as extreme as EF). Ninja at MM also tends to have welding done to the track every so often (and mind you again, Ninja does not provide nearly the type of gravitational forces that EF did).

While Arrow Suspended Coasters are a hell of fun, I'd imagine as years go by the remaining ones will start to go away.When watching POV's of Eagles Fortress in the past, I kind of always wondered how long the track would be able to take the excessive forces of the circuit. I imagine it got to a point where they were welding track together every single day, and, well, after a while you just start to wonder "when is the track going to give while a train is riding the circuit?" Apparently inspection stepped in, and until some serious design refurbishment investment was in place, will not be able to open.


As long as some of the bigger parks that own Arrow Suspended coasters don't mind the maintenance costs, I'd guess they'll be among the last remaining Arrow Suspended Coasters. Its too bad, I always wanted to get a ride on Eagles Fortress.

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  • 9 months later...

This hasn't been officially announce on the Everland website but in official everland fan club of Korea, one of the member of cast has posted a shocking news

but firstly, id like to tell you that Eagle fortress,Everland,South Korea has been out of operation since last summer and had no official updates. However, as I said above, the cast posted this




I guess 99% of you can't read Korean

so if I translate it, it says

"Demolition Confirmed

Date of demoliton not confirmed yet

Reason : Economic Crisis



OMG this is sooo shocking. I do not want to believe this but this is one of the most activate member of the fan club so

best arrow suspended is retiring now.. arrggghh

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I am really sorry to tell you guys a bad news....

Everland has 'Officially' announce the closure of EF

couldn't bring the image (well anyway no one will be able to read Korean)

it says//

☆Daily Attraction Info

⊙Gale Force, Blizzard, Temperature, Heavy rain may affect the opening/closure of attractions without notice

⊙"Eagle Fortress" has now stopped operation in order to bring you a more thrilling new attraction


R.I.P. EF we will miss you

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This is really sad and terrible, it was just such an amazing ride. Trying to think positive though, there are two good things that come out of this:


1. It's better to know it's really gone, instead of it sitting there taunting us all!

2. This is the park that just put in the most amazing Intamin Woodie, so perhaps we will see a VERY kickass replacement!


Just trying to stay positive about a really sucky removal.

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Expedition GeForce meets I305?



Tatsu meets Manta?

Meh..nice but no thank you.


I'd make a trip out to S. Korea again for a GeForce i305 love child but not sure I'd do the same for a Tastu/Manta combo.

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No No the I305/Ge Force love child was my dream for somewhere closer to me...like SFMM but if it did infact get built over in Everland then I think I'd have to hock everything I own to make it on that TRP trip.


Sad to hear another amazing Arrow Suspened is bitting the dust, I love these rides especially BBW(rip) and Votex

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^ Big Bad Wolf's demise was mentioned at WCB, and a question about Ninja's future. We can take some comfort in the fact that Jay Thomas, Neal Thurman, and Tim Burkhart said at WCB that Ninja is here to stay.



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Add me to the listed of "gutted". It was probably my favourite coaster out of the many that I've been on.


As sad as it is to see Eagle Fortress pass into history, rides do have a lifespan often dictated by financial constraints, and they won't all last forever. Arrow Suspended coasters have a chequered history, and were built at a time when manfacturers didn't have the level of techonology and experience that we find ourselves surrounded by today.


I feel very privileged to have been on what will go down as a "cult" ride. Here's to the memories.



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