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Coolest station you've seen

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mine would be the following



it has videos to occupy you while you wait... it describes your death on this roller coaster.


Colossus at Thorpe Park (cant get an image )



Vampire at Chessington - very dark and great use of lights!



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Mine is the Blue Streak @ Conneaut It does not look as cool as most coasters but It has unique features.


A mouse the 06' crew called Streaks he is real cool and pops out of different places. It is halarious when he runs down the ramp and scares everyone in line. Of coures some kids like to try and stomp him.

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Since I care about the ride, not the art, I need to mention Knoebel's Twister for having the station in the middle of the double helix. A lot of stations don't let you get a clear view of the train running at top speed, let alone twice.

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I really like Millennium Force's. Just the whole music playing with the lights moving as the train rolls out. Its cool how the ride ops read out the stats and such. "Be sure to enjoy your 300ft drop on Millennium Force." or "Be sure to enjoy your record breaking ride on Millennium Force."


BORG Assimilator's is really cool as well, the whole space theme and the cool noises are awesome!


BORG's station


The station


Train rolling out...love the lights! (pic by me)


Train coming in (pic by me)

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clicky here

This one. The smell of grease, something burning, freshly cut wood, except I like it more at night. It is really cool leaving the station at night, going into darkness for 10 seconds or so, then up the lift hill, and plunging into the darkness up until the light on the turnaround, and darkness again until the station and brakes.

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