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What Are Your "Coaster Goals" For 2007?

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-Hit my 100th coaster (should be done on the Spain trip)

-finally get to Gröna Lund

-finally get to ride an inverting coaster at Linnanmäki (they hade a Katapult 1992-93).



- ride Estonia's only coaster, lol

- do some smaller parks in Sweden and/or Denmark

- Tusenfryd

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Hitting my #200 Coaster, through the upcoming September TPR Japan Tour!



Oh yeah - AND finally being able to visit the Disney Parks! Never thought I'd be able to do it, solo what with the buying of tix, hotel rooms, transport etc. etc. that has to be done.


Once again, the TPR "Japan Adventure Tour" will help me attain this goal in 2007.



And Bright Blessings to KidTums and her coaster-crazed folks!


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This will be my first season with a car, so I'm hoping to hit the Illinois/Missouri/Kentucky/Indiana parks with friends.


My family is also heading down to the Tampa area so I'm hoping to hit Busch, SeaWorld, and Universal while we're there.


On a side note, Cedar Point is a possibility.




Worlds of Fun

Beech Bend

Indiana Beach





Islands of Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando

Busch Gardens Africa


Hopefully about 30 new coasters to be ridden. Tis' going to be a big year!

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I'm heading for the below Parks this year, 2008 will be my coaster hols to the US, I'm aming to to save £4,000 :


Thorpe Park

Chessington ( introduce my 4 year old Niece to the Vampire)

Drayton Manor


Alton Towers (Not eat their food as they failed health inspections)


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SFOG- Deja Vu (like that will ever happen )

Kentucky Kingdom- Hellevator, Greezed Lightnin', T2, and the blue side of Twisted Twins (Lola I think)

Cedar Point- Maverick, TTD, Power Tower, Mean Streak, MaXair, Skyhawk, and Chaos (if it's even still there)

Dollywood- Mystery Mine

and possibly Beech Bend (for the Looping Star)

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in 06 my goal, was to increase mycoaster count x2. That was an easy goal to acomplissh so in 2007 imlooking for quality i.e. eltoro, hades, superman(sfne), and griffon. Also since ive lived in GA for 4years now, i figure that i should finnaly take a pilgrimage to Dollywood, and possibly, Lake Winnie, on my way there or back.

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2007 is a busy year for me as far as coasters are concerned


Going to Orlando in Feb so hoping to visit Universal Studios, IOA, BGT, Seaworld and some of the Disney parks over 2 weeks.


Really looking forward to the mid-west trip in August and going to Cedar Point!


Also will be going to most of the UK parks on my own little trips throughout the year

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I'm going to visit the parks in Madrid and hopefully a short visit to Barcellona for Dragon Kahn and Furious Baco. I have in plan another visit to Europa Park and Holiday Park and I'm really hoping to do a couple of days in Alton Towers.


With the midwest trip I'll get my coaster count easily over 100.


Another goal I have is to get the season pass for Gardaland so I can enjoy this park without running around to ride everything in one day.

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My goal is to add 15-20 credits to my count this season. Were looking in a couple of different directions right now.


1) Wisconsin Dells / Great America


2) Hersheypark / Great Adventure


3) Kennywood / Hersheypark


...we haven't decided as of yet what were going to do. Any suggestions to these ideas?


I'll be at CP for sure to ride Maverick, and I'd love to get down to Beech Bend to ride Kentucky Rumbler.

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