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  1. fanatix

    Hotel Help

    Thanks, I will look into that hotel.
  2. Hey everyone, Check this out it is a fun little simulator. "In the game you are presented with an overhead map of the attraction and the goal is to get as many people through the ride as possible. It's not quite as easy as it sounds however, as you must maintain control over opening and closing doors, operating elevators and starting and stopping the ride." sims.themagical.nl/
  3. fanatix

    Hotel Help

    Hey, My wife and I are planning a trip down to southern California for sometime in the end of June. The trip will consist of 2 days at Disneyland and 2 days of checking out the sights of LA, hitting the beach, and visiting a movie studio. We already know what hotel we are going to stay at for the 2 days at Disneyland. But could you recommend a hotel for the other 2 days preferably near the beach?
  4. Last time I went there there were big capes and small capes. The small capes you can buy in the store, the big capes you have to win at some game.
  5. I miss the old PGA. It seems that back then, there was so much more to do. I could stay at the park for a whole day. Now, I go and I am done within a half of a day.
  6. I have the game and played it a couple of times. I never fully got into it. In fact I was thinking of putting my copy up on ebay soon.
  7. Great pics. I thought it was funny that I saw this today because in my International Business class, the teacher was talking about the differences of all the Disney parks and why. Tokyo Disney is vastly different because Disney does not own that park. It is a licensing agreement with a company in Japan (I forgot the name). So, Tokyo Disney did not have to follow the image of any of the other parks and is held to the standards that the Japanese company creates. When the Disney Company wanted to build in Japan, they thought that it would not be a great success so they licensed it. When it turned out to be a success, they decided that they would own a part of their next international park that they would open, which is Disneyland Paris.
  8. no, two emails went out today. I got the one you are talking about this morning and about an two hours ago I got the second email saying I was selected.
  9. Umm I just realized that looking at how I wrote it might look like a spam thread. But it is not. I just thought people might want to know how to become a Halo 3 tester.
  10. I did not see a topic of this up. But today I was selected to be a beta tester for Halo 3. There are 3 ways to be a halo tester 1. You had to sign up on their list to be a beta tester and people were randomly selected to be a tester. (This is how I was selected) The other two ways: 2. Qualifying over Xbox LiveĀ® via the "Rule of Three" program in early February 3. Purchasing marked packages of the upcoming game CrackdownTM, which hits store shelves in North America on Feb. 20 So if anyone wants to be a tester can try the other 2 ways if they did not get selected in the first round. I wonder how good crackdown is if the sales are going to be boosted because of the halo 3 beta. If you are selected you will have to get: -An Xbox 360TM Pro console or Xbox 360 Core console with hard drive -A valid Xbox LiveĀ® Gold subscription So, soon I will have to get xbox live.
  11. Its late and I just saw this post, I also did not get to read everything. I know there is a lot of Pixar in the parks now, but wasn't Pixar bought out by Disney recently....I thought I remember that happening. Oh well, here is what I think everything will go into: Carland = Next DCA E Ticket and surrounding development retheme and "Placemaking". Hopefully in the Route 66 area. New Urban Development = Could be any big city in America, like to host any stage shows or concerts. Toy Story Live = Traveling show for civic arenas and auditoriums, kind of like current Disney On Ice. Pirate Themed Adventure = The new Pirates of the Caribbean miniland at Hong Kong Disneyland. Or maybe Tom Sawyer Island after they get done with that Pirates Lair thing this winter/spring. Concept for new Disney theme park = This doesn't look like Shanghai. I would think this is a new concept in Disney parks meant for mid-sized markets like Australia, Singapore, Brazil, etc. I had heard Shanghai was to be a Disneyland style park. New Nighttime Water Spectacular = "Wonderful World of Color" and is based off a TV program. This looks pretty colorful to me, and is probably headed to DCA. Toy Story Midway Mania = This is clearly DCA and MGM Studios. Monsters Inc. Dark Ride = This is clearly Tokyo Disneyland. Al Lutz has mentioned the Tokyo version of Monsters Inc. currently being built in their Tomorrowland uses the same technology as Midway Mania.
  12. I am looking forward to the changes. It looks like I have to go see the park when it opens. The news mentioned how the park will now offer events during the Christmas season too. Which surprised me because SFMW or PGA never do that.
  13. Because of the situation that my wife and I are in now. My only goal is to get down to Disneyland/USH in June or July. But we will probably also go to all of the local parks over here as in SFMW and PGA.
  14. Great Movie....Funny thing is that I saw the movie for the first time today and I just recieved my Hoodie today too.
  15. National Treasure:The Book of Secrets, Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Simpsons, and 32
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