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How to fill the void...

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Big tubing place close to me There is a GIANT hill to sled on! some cool floater airtime over the drop. I like to watch slide shows of my pics or usually go to the TPR park photos section! The Beach waterpark has a holiday fest and has bobsleding! Coaster like......


How bout a trip to Nasu Highland!!!!!!

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I just drive fast over the little hilly road around my way. That works. Kills the shockers though.


We have hills just outside our village that used to get traversed on various tea-trays and other home made sleds. There was a 8ft vertical drop in the middle of one of the slopes. At the bottom, there was a barbed wire fence before the gradient levelled off. We had to throw ourselves of the sleds to stop before hitting it. Then hope a bus didnt come along and crush the sled as it skittered through the fence onto the road.

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The best thing to experience something similar to airtime in winter is to go snow rafting in Valcartier, near Quebec city.

Imagine a rafting boat going down a snow mountain with hills with no restraits... airtime at it's best !

Video of :




Defintly where i would go and they have like 15 hills that are really intense and Everest is the best ride in the park and is really intense and i would recmmend goin there.

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