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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Great photos as always, thanks for sharing!


If SDC doesn't win best Christmas Event this year, I'm going to start some serious shit or something with the Golden Ticket people, lol. You just know that half the people there are going to vote for DW without thinking, and they don't even have the tree this year apparently?


SDC really tried to step it up this year, and it is paying off. The park has been packed at night, even with so much new competition. It's not just other parks that are doing Christmas events, but also other light displays in the area. The barriers to entry are coming down with cheaper LED's and such, but no one can replace all the other stuff that SDC provides.

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^ That's also what I figured. That is really a lot of lights for just a few days' assembly. But then, you'll see the strings of lights there, but you disregard them (in your head) in the day time. And of course, they won't be turned on at night....until it's "The Season".


And again, it really is awesome how immersive all the lights are, in those great photos!

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Most of the lights are actually there year round. The Christmas in Midtown stuff started back in the spring, with the facades that go above some of the shops. The park does close for a week between Cowboy and Harvest Festival and Old Time Christmas to put up the last things like the Christmas tree in the square. There are actually no shows during the last couple of weeks of Cowboy and Hervest Festival in either the Opera House or Red Gold Heritage Hall just to build the sets for It's a Wonderful Life and A Dickens' Christmas Carol.


This event is not an afterthought. It's not thrown together, and it's not just there to extend the season and make a couple bucks. They plan this stuff, and in many ways, this is the main event of the year.

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We have to pass going this year due to finances so thanks for rubbing salt in the wound! It's such an incredible time to visit the park. No exaggeration in that some of our best family memories are at SDC in November; the first time my daughter rode Outlaw Run was at night during the festival and it just doesn't get any better than that.

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