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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Wouldn't it be funny if this whole FunTime-outs-Cedar-Point thing is just a scam put on by Cedar Point, and the new ride isn't any sort of StarFlyer or Wing-Whatever at all?


I was thinking that too. It would be so funny if it ends up being located near Maverick and is a type of ride that is totally different from a StarFlyer.

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Hmm... interesting.




Cedar Point faces lawsuit over planned 2011 StratoSoar attraction


Cedar Point's planned new attraction for the 2011 season has been revealed as a Mondial Wind Seeker swing ride - by a rival manufacturer that plans to sue the park.


According to the Sandusky Register, Funtime says that Mondial's ride infringes upon a patent it has filed for its own StarFlyer attraction. Both models see riders swinging around a central tower, though Mondial's version uses hinged steel arms to hold the ride seats rather than the chains employed by the Funtime ride. Cedar Point's Wind Seeker is set to be called StratoSoar when it opens next year.


Funtime, based in Australia, alleges that Cedar Point was close to a deal to purchase a StarFlyer before opting for the ride from its Dutch rival instead. Director Brian Mirfin says that executives from the park visited Orlando's Magical Midway to view an existing StarFlyer attraction in action several months ago, and Funtime now plans to sue the park over the alleged patent infringement.


The StarFlyer is an established attraction, with 22 installed at amusement parks worldwide. These include a towering 384-feet-tall version at Prater Park in Vienna, which is shown in the video below. Mirfin claims that Funtime was in talks to provide an even taller version for Cedar Point - standing at some 400 feet.


Mondial's Wind Seeker, meanwhile, is a more recent model that was only announced in February. At the time, the company said it had been designed to meet the needs of parks that were demanding a "tall swing ride" that could be operated in normal wind conditions - something which it claims is achieved by using the steel arms in place of more flexible chains.


Funtime claims on its website that it has filed a patent on the design of the StarFlyer, although it is yet to be granted. For its part, Mondial also claims to have applied for a patent on the Wind Seeker design. However, the attorney who filed FunTime's patent, Tony Handal, says that he believes that Mondial's design clearly infringes on Funtime's, saying "I think Cedar Point will not go forward without a license."


In May, Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel confirmed that the company had already ordered a new thrill ride for Cedar Point for the 2011 season. However, the park has so far refused to be drawn on the type of ride that is to be installed. It now faces the unusual situation of having a major addition revealed by an agitated would-be supplier instead of its own public relations department.


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Source: Sandusky Register


Mondial unveils Wind Seeker


Mondial has revealed plans for a new tower attraction.


Designed following requests from clients who wanted a tall swing ride they could still operate within normal wind conditions, the Wind Seeker is the result.


Built to the Dutch manufacturer’s usual sturdy standards, the park ride stands 65-metres-tall and features hinged steel arms, rather than chains, allowing it to operate at higher wind speeds (equivalent to most other amusement rides). It also features a high 50-passenger capacity (25 twin seats).


When in flight, the arms turn around the centre at up to 70km/h, creating a diameter of 30-metres. Required ground space is 15.8-metres. The unit moves up the tower at 2.5-metres a second, reaching a maximum height of 61-metres.


The Wind Seeker is TÜV certified and a patent has been applied for. Negotiations are currently under way to find the first client.


Another article


Ride wars at Cedar Point?

The fate of Cedar Point’s new ride could already be up in the air as a patent war brews between two ride manufacturers.


Brian Mirfin, of Australian ride manufacturer Funtime Group, said the new ride will be the Wind Seeker, made by Dutch-based manufacturer Mondial.


The Wind Seeker, however, is a patent-infringing copy of the StarFlyer — a tower ride the Funtime Group made and owns a patent on, Mirfin said.


Both rides are tower rides that spin riders around as they extend high in the air.


The StarFlyer pulls seats attached to a chain. The Mondial design is similar but uses arms instead of chains.


In its news announcement in early February, Mondial said it came up with the new ride “following requests from clients who wanted a StarFlyer-style ride they could still operate within normal wind conditions.”


“It’s almost like Mondial’s plagiarizing our idea,” said Mirfin, director of the Funtime Group and owner of Cottingham Agencies, which holds the patent for StarFlyer. “It makes us very, very angry.”


Executives at Mondial did not return an e-mail from a reporter seeking comment.


Dick Kinzel, president, chairman and CEO for Cedar Fair, said Wednesday night he had no comment. He repeated that the company plans to make an announcement at 2 p.m. Tuesday about the new ride for 2011.


Mirfin said his company, which has built 22 StarFlyers so far, thought it had a deal to build one for Cedar Point after amusement park executives flew to Orlando, Fla., several months ago to look at a StarFlyer at the Magical Midway.


Mirfin said his company planned to build a StarFlyer for Cedar Point that would be 400 feet tall — even bigger than the StarFlyer at Prater Park in Vienna, which stands 384 feet tall.


Instead, Funtime learned Cedar Point was buying a similar ride from Mondial, Mirfin said


“Now, not only do we not get the contract, now we’ve got to get into litigation,” Mirfin said. “The ones that we’ll be suing will be Cedar Point and not Mondial.”


Funtime’s U.S. patent for StarFlyer — patent No. 7666103 — was granted Feb. 23.


Tony Handal, the Connecticut attorney who filed the patent, said he believes the Mondial ride would be a patent infringement on the StarFlyer.


“It looks pretty much like the same thing to me,” Handal said, adding that he doubts litigation will be necessary.


“I think Cedar Point will not go forward without a license,” Handal said. “They can either do that or they can have the ride built by a licensed company.”



So there you go. The last article was posted on the 18th, so it looks like this Tuesday is the announcement.


I love the internet!

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Funtime... Jealous much


If this is the case every company that produces a swinging frisbee type ride should sue each other. (Which is practically every flat ride company....)


I think that Mondial's ride is a totally different concept. It may look similar but it's a totally different ride. And no wonder Cedar Point chose this over a star flyer. It has a sturdier design, higher capacity, and it's Mondial. Glad to see more Mondial flat rides get built.


Funtime should be sued for making outrageously large low capacity thrill rides that usually become extra charge rides in parks.

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Funtime should be sued for making outrageously large low capacity thrill rides that usually become extra charge rides in parks.

Not only that, but for being a bunch of 6 year old cry babies. I wonder if that will hold up in court?


I have a message for Funtime: Welcome to the world of business. Get used to it.

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I am going to guess that CP had contacted Funtime about a 400 feet tall Star Flyer however did not fully contract the deal. Instead CP chose Mondial and that's probably what triggered Funtime's lawsuit.


Ah... I love America.


Reminds me of the problem HP had with the frequent faller coaster that they planned to build but cancelled a few years back due in part to steel costs increasing.Cp & CF have the right to change their minds at the last minute if someone can provide a similar product to what they're looking for with better performance,kinda like what paramount did with the vekoma flyers about a decade ago.

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Where the Star Flyer (with chains) looks to be a super-scary ride, I feel that the main reason for going with the Wind Seeker and its steel beams is just that... the high winds up there. That Star Flyer would be grounded half the time.


Or maybe they just got a better deal.


I'm really looking forward to this, though I hope Ocean Motion stays somehow and doesn't get sold.

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^^Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick were four years apart.


I'm really interested in these Star Flyers/Wind Seekers. I'm just not sure if I'd ever ride them. Heights on anything but coasters gets to me. I feel like spinning in circles hundreds of feet up would kill me But if this is indeed what is built it will definitely be an awesome ride to watch (from nice, solid ground) and a nice addition to Cedar Point.

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The way Intamin has been innovating I think the first 500 foot tall anything will be a coaster from them. But seriously, how insane would it be spinning around in swings almost 500 feet off the ground? I am going to CP next year and I can't wait to go on this ride!

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^ I did the swings on top of the Stratosphere tower in Vegas and it was extremely difficult for me to take my hands off the restraints, although those chairs face inwards to the circle, so when it starts to spin, you're looking down at the ground, well over 700 feet below you... I don't think height really matters beyond say 300 feet or so. It just is high...

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Hi guys


I figured I'd ask this here since we're in the CP thread


I'm heading out to the Point for my yearly visit on Labour Day weekend and I have a couple of questions for the vets and those who've been recently or are "in the know":


1] I assume the crowds will be heavy - visiting Saturday September 4, holiday weekend - but for those who've experienced it in the past, am I going to show up to 4hr waits for everything, or should I hope to be pleasantly surprised?

2] Has there been anything not running much this year/experiencing a lot of downtime that I should probably not bank on riding while visiting?


Any help is muchos appreciated.



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