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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Ha ha!^ that is a good question actually. First of all, it isn't unusual for Space spiral or the Sky Ride to close for wind. It's not however as big an issue as you might think out on the lake. I laugh at your Space Spiral question though because I do literally wonder how the ride is still physically standing. On days when it is closed for wind, you should venture over to it and check out the crazy scary swaying of the tower with the cables slamming into it. I would guess you have at least 5 feet of movement at the top in each direction. It's intense!

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So a couple of things.

Cedar Point has finally reached 500,000 fans of Facebook!

So because of this they have decided to start releasing clues as to what next years ride will be

The first clue I believe was just posted moments ago on their Facebook page


The 1st clue to Cedar Points new ride?

[EDIT] FeelTheForce beat me to it! but I have to agree with him it looks like "AIRtImE" but do the caps mean something?[EDIT]

Second of all

After taking a recent trip on August 13-14 I finally got to ride Shoot The Rapids TWICE . I absolutely loved the ride. The concept is great and when working properly the ride can be really fun. However I have to say it is probably Cedar Point's worst investment.

First off my boyfriend and I didn't even get to ride the ride until 9:00 at night. Which stinks cause unlike Florida when it gets dark in Ohio the temperature usually drops a significant amount making the ride a little less than enjoyable cause 70 degree weather and water rides don't mix well.

Anyways moving on our 1st day at Cedar Point STR opened around 9:00 and they had us all loaded up and ready to go. But then when the ride broke down on us and they had to evacuate all the boats in the station using a generator to open up the restraints as the ride completely shut down on them. I was fairly pissed being that I had been hanging around that area of the park all day just to ride STR and because I just spent $2 on a locker moments ago because no bags were allowed past the railroad tracks. Fortunately they gave me my money back an apologized for what had happened.

The 2nd night the ride opened up again around 9:00 but only after like 30 minutes of testing using some Cedar Point employees as a test boat for a couple of runs. Now here is where I run into a major problem. A family of about 5 or 6 people were in front of us and were about to fill up the boat, but since me and my boyfriend combined are a total weight of about 375+ pounds we had to sit in the very front of the boat, this upset the family because the father and son of about 8 years old really wanted to ride in the front. The ride op was nicely trying to explain why they couldn't sit in the front to the family but they weren't really buying it. Eventually it all got worked out but the family was fairly bitter the entire ride. My boyfriend and I ended up riding STR twice and had a very nice rest of the evening. I hope to God they figure out what the F**K is wrong with this ride and why it is messed up as much as it is. This ride is really fun and when operating when its 85+ Degrees would be a lot more enjoyable than operating when its 70 outside and almost closing time.


God Luck Cedar Point


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I think we all know what they are getting next year.



Have you guys seen what they are saying on that other cedarpoint fan site? They think that Rob is a "troller" and a "spammer" that is making silly post's on that site...lol


They also said this..."Well we can agree on one thing, Robb Alvey is a friggin slob."


My god, I am glad I don't post on there anymore. It's nice to have a site to come to where everyone gets along and you don't have all the silliness.


I am not posting this to start any problems. Just thought I would show how great this site is compared to other sites. Thank you Rob.

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I just read a bunch of posts from that "other" site and could not understand any of it. Its like those "kids" have nothing better to do than just quote after each other and make absolutely no sense in what they are trying to say. To be honest with you all, I just read it to get a laugh every once in awhile. All of that nonsense cracks me up. I prefer this site any time.

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They also said this..."Well we can agree on one thing, Robb Alvey is a friggin slob."

When I saw that, unless I was missing something, it looked like that comment just came out of nowhere . That doesn't make it anymore right to bash people for no reason.


I just read it to get a laugh every once in awhile.

That's all Pointbuzz is good for!


Not to kill anyone's coasterboner here, but starflyers also spend lots of time in the air. Although, at this point, it could still be anything!

The new clue completely proves your point that the ride could be anything. This year's "hype" is really starting to annoy me. It's not going anywhere and its being revealed very sporadically. At least in past years, each clue would slowly narrow things down. Not this year (so far).

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That ride has the worst reliability. I was there this entire weekend and saw it open twice, for about a half hour each. I did get stuck on it though so us and four other boats behind us splashed the operators 'til they fixed it , but other than that it was pretty good.

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Agreed. I was there this past Saturday with friends from Michigan and both times we got in line, paid the $2 each time for a l-o-c-k-e-r, and each time it broke down. I'm SOOO glad they are going to be revamping the drive system and station this offseason because this is beyond ridiculous.

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^did they give you your money back for the fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo?

And I'm happy they are revamping this ride too. Its really fun it just never works!


I'm sure if I went to park op and complained they would've, however I didn't bother. I've been on STR before, but my out of town friends hadn't. Oh well they'll try again next year I guess.

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I apologize for my naivete on the subject - but what seems to be the reasoning for leaving a row empty? Does it somehow improve reliability, or was it linked to the "boats being too long" issue? Shoot the Rapids seems awfully complicated and having far more problems than an average "boat" ride with two drops should.


Preparing for Intamin and CP Fanboys flak to fly in 3...2...1...


On the Star Flyer *rumor* discussion - while they might stay up in the air for long periods of time, couldn't the park simply change the program to be shorter to accommodate higher capacities?

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