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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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Soooooooooo.....Stratosoar is just...a tease? Hmmm....kind of a let down since they already announced Knott's and CW's version hours earlier.


The ride: very cool

The announcement: not so much.

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Or [stratosaur] was not for this year...


Perhaps...How long till the 2012 season?


I think all these Windseekers are great additions...sure it's not what all of us coaster enthusiasts might have wanted, but for the GP I am sure they will eat it up.

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^^ Ocean Motion is getting removed.


Wow, CP's best kept secret EVER. I don't really mind the new ride, I'm sure it'll be fun and hopefully make some lines shorter. The only disappointing thing was that I knew what they were getting for at least a month before they announced it.

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^^You're saying there's probably ANOTHER ride in the works?


Not saying that...who knows what the whole Stratasoar stuff was about...but I am sure with a 4 park/5million dollar investment each that 2012 might be the year for a new coaster at the Point or somewhere else...but let's all just enjoy this for now as we've got plenty of time till 2012

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