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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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2) The trims coming out of the tunnel after the launch. This was disappointing because the launch is surprisingly forceful. But, the launch giveth, while the trims taketh away. It seems like they wouldn't have needed the trims if they had correctly banked that turn out over the water. Oh well. Long story short is that the first half of Maverick is the meat of the ride, while the second half doesn't quite measure up to the excellence of the opening.


I feel the trims really didn't effect the ride at ALL


And it would have almost nothing to do with the banking over the water, but in fact the stengel dives and such.

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And now, for my review.


So, even though I'd been on it last month in the front, I still needed a little time to form a good opinion. So, here it is...


Maverick is freaking awesome.


I got three rides yesterday, and would have had tons more were it not for those pesky summer crowds. The entire queue was filled, and the sign said 1.5 hours all three times.


...And also all three times, it was only an hour's wait from the entrance! MAJOR props to the crew for motoring so fast, and still keeping up the enthusiasm all day long.


Heck, the queue is a thing in and of itself. Great selection of music and great setting. They really used the White Water Landing turntable area to their advantage. (When "Rawhide" came on, I couldn't help but think of Jake and Elroy getting beer bottles thrown at them. )


Now for the ride itself. Like I said, I'd already ridden this month in the front, so I went to the back next... Holy crap! Everyone's been saying it, and now I believe it: this thing really rocks in the back seat! Going over the first hill makes it feel like you're flung outward with the steep curve, instead of just up like most other back seat rides.


Canyon transitions are really fun, as is the "first" airtime hill (again, especially in the back!). I'm still amazed that even the twisted horseshoe roll (?) had airtime.


The tunnel launch is a lot more fun when you just keep going, rather than rolling into the blocks and waiting for a train to clear. The acceleration is really amplified when you notice the very small opening coming up on you at the end of the tunnel. Also, as I've said before, I couldn't think of taking the heartline roll at that speed. It was a good decision to remove it.


The fly-bys are really well executed when you time them right (obviously). On 2/3 of the rides I really noticed how close the other trains seemed to come. Since they load/dispatch two trains at once, it's a pretty good chance you'll get a run at each other.


Stengel dives! The quick little transitions were probably the most surprising part of the circuit. They really pitch you over far.


Overall, I can't stress enough how much pure fun this ride really is. (Though I've probably gone over my limit.) The Midwest Trip members are gonna have one hell of an ERT.


P.S. Reality15, I totally forgot your name. If it was John, then I saw you dispatching last night around 8:00. If not... well, John seemed nice, anyway. Hope to see you some other time this season!

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I rode it like a month ago, but never got around to reviewing it, so here goes:


Maverick is sort of like a buffet. You get nearly EVERYTHING on the ride. The two best parts of the ride are speed and airtime. The coaster feels quite fast, from the lift hill (I actually consider this coaster's lift to be an element) all the way to last banked turn. The airtime is excellent, and the first drop gives you a lot of it. The canyon transitions and stengels are good and bad at the same time. They're fun, but your head will get knocked around in the restraints a little bit. My main problem with this was ear discomfort, though some people will probably have neck trouble. The tunnel launch is strange. The acceleration isn't forceful like TTD, but you feel very exposed. There are two Elements full of heavy positive G's, and although it might not be enough for some people, it was enough for me. Overall, a great ride, with lots of airtime, speed, and general fun. (Not withstanding the earbanging, however)

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Guess I'll chime in.

Put simply, maverick is my new favorite coaster!

From the "lift hill" to the final brake run, it doesn't let you rest.

The airtime is crazy (the first launch is the best part ) and the speed is just fun.

The inversions are crazy while the second launch was unexpected (people thought it was done

Overall, a 9.5 out of 10.

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Four words that I use to describe Maverick:STORM RUNNER'S BIG BROTHER!!! The ride was ok,but the first time I rode it,I got banged up a little,but as rode it more,it didn't hurt as much through the transitions and the launch tunnel was nice.


Yeah, my first ride on Storm Runner was after having ridden Maverick. I thought, "that's it? this is the great ride everyone is raving about?" Maverick is so much better than Storm Runner. But yeah, I do see the similarity. Maverick is sorta like Storm Runner on steroids.


Dang it. Now I want to plan another trip to CP, just to ride Maverick some more.


Had they been able to preserve the heartline roll on Maverick. OMG! I mean it's my #1 steel now (ahead of 4 B&M hypers, 2 Intamin hypers, Montu, DD, etc.), but I think it would have been a real contender for #1 on Mitch's poll with that heartline.


Maverick is sort of like a buffet.


Can we please come up with a better simile for such an awesome coaster? Perhaps one that doesn't scream obese ACEr.

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Maverick is an amazing ride from start to finish. I thought that other coasters were insane, but this truely gives you that feeling that you are at the mercy of the machine, and if you try to escape it, you will get hurt. I know that I won't get hurt, but you get the point. To tell you the truth, I can't single out a best part of the ride. If only they could keep the heartline roll. I think that if they stretched it out, they could have saved it easily.


Did anybody who has ridden it recently notice that there is a vibration when the train moves at high speeds? My last three rides had this and I concluded it has to do with the road wheels because every time we got negative g's, the vibration went away.

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This is my new favorite coaster! My very first ride was in the very back and man that drop was insane! My mom said she saw stars on that drop! The low to the ground turns were awesome, as was the ejector airtime hill that whipped you over. The 2 inversions were surprisingly fun with some airtime on them, especially the second one. Then comes the insane launch in the tunnel. Man that was sensory overload! The lights made me dizzy, and you shoot out into daylight again. The turn over the lake was fun, S-Bend was ok. but the 2 Stengel Dives were sweet, they literally pushed you to the side! Over another airtime hill and end brakes. Pure sex.

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So, I have to admit. My last day working on Maverick was two weeks ago, and already I miss the ride. I racked up 52 rides on it while working at the Point this summer, and I've realized it really is an amazing ride.


And to those of you that said hi to me this summer, I love you. Fill all the empty seats.

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Did anybody who has ridden it recently notice that there is a vibration when the train moves at high speeds?


The patented Intamin Rattle. I find its not really high speed areas only, but high speed areas combined with some twisting of the wheel assembly. I dont notice it much in a straight line but when banking and taking it at higher speeds its just typical.


Much like MF's Super Intamin Rattle which makes it oh not so much fun.

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