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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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I'll be at CP early next week. Not so thrilled to hear about MF, as it's my favorite coaster in the park (my first visit in 9 years). However, I recall my last visit there, the cable lift broke (I still remember the alarming-looking picture of the catch car crumpled up on the first drop). I was crestfallen, but it took them less than a week to fix it. It was back up and running days before I got to the park. If this was a Six Flags park, I'd resign myself to the ride not being open for my visit. But since it's Cedar Point, I'm hopeful that it'll be back in action in time for my visit. Fingers crossed!

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Uhhggg I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday next week for the first time in three years. Praying MF is back open!

I'll be leaving Monday morning. The old tagline was "The future is riding on it", and I'm feeling my entire trip is riding on it now.


If MF looks to be down like Volcano, how feasible is adding a detour to Kings Island (which should help me get over the crushing disappointment of my first major credit spite) when you're staying at Breakers? Looked it up - 4-hour drive. Would only consider if they announce the ride to be down for an extended period of time.

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In the unload station, they hooked up a tube from the control panel to a machine below the station. They pulled a long wire like a lawn mower and now the machine is running. No idea what they are doing but they are definitely working on things. Attached is a [crappy] pic.


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I live in San Diego and am thinking of taking my first trip to Cedar Point while I am in between jobs next week. Probably Fly Aug 8 and go as much as possible before I need to be back in SD by Saturday afternoon.


Very preliminary so I thought I would come here for suggestions.


What airport do I even fly to LOL


Should I just uber over to a hotel at/near the park? What to do for transportation?


Hotel suggestions?


What kind of passes should I buy?


I am probably going solo and really just care about riding the coasters. I have only been to So Cal theme parks before and want to expand.


Thanks for any input, hope I get some helpful replies

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^ It's a HUSS Enterprise.


It's had some downtime this year and I saw red markings in front of it early in the season... and I had a feeling it might not be long for this world. Add to that a long load/unload procedure and the fact that many Enterprises are disappearing. I'm really disappointed as I love that ride.


I hope they replace it with a Zamperla Endevour 48, though I would prefer a new Enterprise as HUSS still makes them.

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^^This is a tough one and it depends on a few factors and what kind of trip you’re looking for. There are really 3 options...


1) If you want to go all out and splurge stay at Hotel Breakers and buy your tickets when you book the room. This is the most expensive option but you’ll be on the peninsula within walking distance to the park and you’ll have Early Entry.


2) Another option is the Cedar Point Express hotel. I don’t believe there’s a shuttle to the park and you can’t walk but they do give you free parking and early entry. Price this against the third option...


3) Stay off site with a rental car. As far as admission, there are 2 options here. Either you can pay $75 for a 2 day ticket or you can pay $220 for a Platinum Pass. This sounds like an obvious choice BUT the Platinum Pass includes parking (so right away that $75 becomes $115, offers discounts on everything you buy in the park, gets you Early Entry and gives you massive discounts on Fastlane where you get Fastlane Plus for the Fastlane price. If you want Fastlane Plus for 2 days then you just about make up the price difference on that alone AND you get Early Entry (which is amazing) AND you can use it at Knott’s Berry Farm through the end of the year and it will include parking there also as well as discounts on all in-park spending.


Sorry that’s a lot to think about, but it’s a tough call. You really need to price it all out.


PS: Fly to Cleveland. I’d probably rent a car but if you stay at Breakers you can price out Uber.

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Cedar Point just announced the closure of their Schwarzkopf Enterprise, Witchs' Wheel on Labor Day


Interesting news, but I don't think that I have ridden Witches Wheel since the first time that I took Michael to CP and he almost threw up after riding it. I even got off feeling a bit queasy.


While fun to ride as a teen, they are a lot more disorienting for the older crowd, so can't say that I'm all that sad to see it go. While it would be nice to see another decent flat, Tony does mention "future expansion" which sounds better than just replacing this ride with another similar one.


Maybe more family-friendly rides to go along with Monster and Lake Erie Gliders?


PS - Sure hope they get MF fixed soon, but unless it's the curse of the Intamin cable, I wouldn't be surprised if they have it it open within the next couple of days.

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...Cedar Point just announced the closure of their Huss* Enterprise, Witches' Wheel on Labor Day


Ooo I know somebody who's going to be sad about that.


Hi Bert! 2017 CoasterMANIA! weekend.

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Interesting. Perhaps it's a cool large new flat? Shame to see more enterprises going down hopefully they relocate it but I won't be getting my hopes up.


I don't think Dorney or Michigan's Adventure have one, do they?


What about Valleyfair?

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Cedar Point is the only park in the world where Millennium Force being down wouldn't put a damper on my day.


Can't wait to see what Cedar Point does in the next two years. It's always impressive, even in the off years.

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I don’t know what is up with Intamin’s and lift hill problems, but it appears it is a cable lift problem with MF, and earlier this year, Darien’s Ride of Steel was down for over a week due to a lift problem at all. Probably unrelated as RoS is a chain lift, not a cable, but weird to see another long period of downtime to a large Intamin coaster due to a lift hill problem.

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Prediction: It'll be refurbished and relocated to MiA and named Ziz.


Canada's Wonderland fanboys heads explode.


Shame to see a classic flat ride go, interesting to see what replaces it. Fingers crossed for a Mondial Top Scan. Hopefully named Ziz...

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