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New shuttle coaster for Conny Land for 2007

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  • 3 weeks later...

The wild train thingy looks like the most promising roller-coaster-concept EVER. I think Cedar Point needs one very urgent...otherwise it won`t be able to keep up with all those little russian parks with those awesome airtime-machines...


Now seriously...I think those little and "cheap" wild trains would be a GREAT addition to so many Intamin, B&M and Vekoma-filled parks.

(Sorry, a little off-topic..)



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However I think the ride should be great! After all, it is made by the russians, the same people who brought you the technology of things like Chernobyl!


Speaking of Chernobyl, I thought this was pretty interesting.



Anyway, back on topic, lol. It looks like Pax is using the "yeah, that looks about right" approach instead of doing actual force calculations.


I don't really understand RCDB's method for counting inversions. You are basically upside-down 3 times throughout the ride. To me, that means 3 inversions. If Hydra's inclined dive loop counts as an inversion, then this inverted spike should definitely count.

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  • 3 months later...

The ride looks like it could be pretty intense. Possibly some nice airtime going forwards over those humps and what looks to be some nice positive G's going through the loop and into the spike. I'm looking forward to some firsthand accounts of how this ride is. Certainly an interesting concept.

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Wow, that ride looks a lot better than I thought. I was expecting a launched coaster, so the reverse vertical lift was a surprise, but that vertical lift still looks really scary. The ride also looks really intense, with some great airtime moments on the hills. Also, that coaster goes really close to the end of the spike, so it should be a god scare for those in the front row.

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Wow. It's awesome after waiting so long to actually get to see this oddity in action. A few comments/concerns..... Can anyone tell what kind of brakes those are being used on the inverted spike over the loop? PAX does not have the best history of brakes... Just look at the accident on Formule 1 in France a few years back (different than the accident involving th ejection of a woman this year). The brakes look like wheels..


Another concern comes with the parking lot with VERY minimal supports through that section. The track and supports seem 3 sizes too small (to borrow a line from the Grinch). It looks like a mega sized erector set assembled by a 3 year old. I just hope a car does not even tap a support in the lot...I feel it could cause way more damage to the ride than should occur. Not all of this aspect is the rides' fault. Connyland should place guard rails around the parking lot supports to decrease these odds.


Does anyone else notice the very odd 'shape' or 'bumpy' nature to the bunny hills? I feel there should not be mini bumps along the track in this section, although it may help to JOLT you from your seat. It's almost like a ride defect.


The way the ride runs by the way it looks in the video, it seems this ride is set up to be a fail, or turn out to be an amazing ride. It is personally on top of my 'to do' ride list. Especially because I want to ride it before a car takes out the ride by hitting a support!


If anyone finds more video on the ride, please post it here, or the link to it. And... A trip report would be amazing in the spring to whoever may find themselves there!

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^ Oh trust me, it's no complaint Elissa! I LOVE airtime, I just don't want to die getting it, though I appreciate PAX trying to give everyone that option to end it all!

It just doesn't look like the bunny hills were built the way they were meant to be! Does anyone else see the 'speedbumps' during the bunny hills on the POV?

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^Just before 1:14 there's a really odd section of track in the first bunny hop. It levels out then abruptly angles back down and definitely doesn't look intentional. In fact, none of the trackwork appears very smooth. It seems like the ride has some defects. Hey, just a little something more to add to the wackiness of this ride

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I can't help but to think that the very small loop and that weird tight turn into the upside down reverse point look to be neck strain inducing terror. Other than that it looks pretty cool, except for a front seat ride going into the reverse point, it comes very close to that end bumper!!

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Maybe it's just me being paranoid, but that video game from an official source, right?

There are other videos of the ride and every one of these POV's is edited extremely, with obvious camera cuts which are a significant distance apart


Here's the original video (I think from official Connyland)


Obvious Points:

* In the off ride pov, they never show the breaks at either end? Why not? If the breaks are working fine then why have they bothered not showing them?

* 1:15 theres a sudden camera cut

* At 1:21 look at the clouds. They suddenly jolt, it looks more like they edited it together 5minutes later and the clouds moved.

* 1:25 obvious camera change. I don't think they suddenly decelerated and accelerated in the opposite direction that fast, there's clearly some editing going on. I really have to wonder how they got such un-natural motions to happen without some camera magic there.

* at 1:30 Theres another camera cut where it seems to skip a second of the ride in the loop.

* The most obvious and important one of them all. Probably some problems with the breaks? At 1:44 look at the clouds again. They skip forwards about 20minutes, why?


Maybe i'm gonna get shot down here and feel stupid, and I'm sure there must be some other explanations, but am I really the first to notice this? I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but why are all these official POV's so blatantly edited? Why is all the footage of the breaks so sudden, or have such obvious cuts? Are they trying to hide something here o.O?


I'd like to an ultra intense shuttle Pax airtime monster as anybody else, but until I see an unedited POV I'm not gonna get my hopes up I'm afraid.

Can someone debunk what I've just said for me, please lol?


EDIT!: Practically none of this is worth taking very seriously. There's better explanations and there's no reason to suspect any conspiracy at-all. While I'm at it but some very sincere LOL's at my third paragraph! I honestly feel incredibly stupid right now, but at least I was able to clear up any misconceptions I had

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^^It could also possibly just be problems with the camera. Maybe getting the entire ride on video within one ride was proving impossible, so they just edited together what they had? I wouldn't worry about it that much until we have first hand accounts of how the ride runs.


Also, about the brakes, I think the front spike uses those tires to lift the train further up the spike then pushes it backwards once it reaches the end. That could be why it's so sudden, or again, could just be camera problems and the result of editing together multiple segments of video.

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