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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Discussion Thread

p. 45: Donkey Kong Country announced for 2024!

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I really underestimated this ride, it looks awesome! There is only one thing I can say about that tiny drop right before the Over banked Turn at the far end of the course: a very large amount of airtime! Hollywood Dream: The Ride definitely shows that size does not always matter.

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this forum now has some new pictures of the tunnel (is it really a tunnel?) stretching to the top of the lift. and a couple of new angles of other parts of the ride


Edit: one or 2 blogs have posted the opening date as march the 9th.

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Just an update on this coaster. It will officially open on March 9th, 2007 and your truly plans to be there to capture the excitement on photos and hopefully take a spin on it. You can read all about it here and preview a short musical clip of Dreams Come True's (a Japanese pop-duo) specially written song for the ride called "Osaka Lover", so be sure to click on the pink "ON" button.



I was able to manage a quick visit to Universal Studios Japan to check out the progress of the new coaster. The track soars above the main entrance of the park and above buildings in the Hollywood Blvd. area, then dips into banked turns by the park's lagoon before returning to the boarding platform. The coaster does not seem too intense... as there are no inversions or super scary drops. Some hills are there and should allow for some fun airtime, similar to DCA's Hollywood Express' track over the midway area. Kiddy stuff with an edge.


One complaint though... while I welcome a decent coaster ride anywhere... the placement of this coaster ruins some of USJ's best themed facades around Hollywood Blvd. What were they thinking??? Oh well.. at least we should be in for a fun little coaster ride when it debuts in two weeks. I took these photos with my cellphone (so apologies if the quality is bad), but just wanted to show you what the ride looks like. Enjoy...



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One more update...


After the music, this time what makes it different is the train. The website says that the train will be filled with hundreds of LED lights so that if you see the trains at night, it will look like a shooting star passing the Hollywood area of the park.

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