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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Discussion Thread

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I highly doubt thats the actual name. It sounds like a name some n3wb would give to thier RCT coaster after taking 10 minutes to build it. Where as Universal would takes over a year to complete this, and such a crappy name is very unlikely. Then again... it is in japan, so you never know

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^ maybe the theme, but I just really can't see them actually giving the ride that name. Of course, the name might sound cool in japanese....


Anyways, I can't wait to see this ride go verticle.


I've experienced the last weeks that everything sounds much cooler in japanese

computer for example means kompyuutaa in japanese. How cool is that!

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I like the coulours, very original! The name is a bit odd, yes, but it is still Japan so thats actually very normal (even Universal has to keep the Japanese culture in consideration, lol). Its good for Japan to have another B&M, and who knows maybe one day i'll get to ride it!

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If the track's white to you, then what color are the supports ? Ultramegawhite ?



Anyways, yeah its probarly just the lighting and the angle that makes it look a little like its white, but if you look close enough you can see its actually just a really bright version of purple.

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