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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Discussion Thread

p. 45: Donkey Kong Country announced for 2024!

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  • 3 weeks later...
Been awhile since the last post here, so I want to ask anyone who might know....


Behind where the Nintendo World is being built in USJ, there are two towers, not even on the USJ property, from what I can make out. But they appear to be both themed to what I can only assume is a "distant compliment" to the land now being built in USJ. They just look so "Nintendo World"-like.


Any idea what these two towers are? They stick out so much in

overhead shots of the new area being built. Just curious.


It's a garbage incinerator plant by Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.



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  • 4 weeks later...

First leaks for Mario Kart.


I was getting all excited until...


The queue for the ride will include a tutorial segment for the augmented reality glasses that are rumored to be part of the ride. These glasses will allow the guests to see different effects during the race and they are believed to be a major part of the Super Nintendo World experience.



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From my understanding, it seems like it has physical, practical sets and the glasses makes it possible to see things overlayed over things. Augmented reality basically adds digital elements on top of live, real environments. Here is a video that shows it off.


I'm curious to see 1, what the glasses will look like and 2, what elements of the ride will be augmented.

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This reminds me of those articles that talk about how zoos should be replaced with AR/VR animals in the exhibits. I'm sure this ride will still be highly themed but anytime you start seeing things with glasses it just takes your focus away from that you know the real thing is not there.


Trackless technology has come a long way, I'd rather a highly themed dark ride with only a few power-ups or other riders in cars traveling the same time. e.g a trackless shell or two appears throughout the ride zipping nearby the cars or bananas that drop into the floor making you think you hit them than wearing glasses that overlay the sets with 1000 things happening at once. Same with mushrooms, it'd be easy to make the car speed-up.


I'll reserve full judgment until I've seen and ridden it myself but if the glasses are just to show off effects that maybe can't be done physically like stars taking out other racers, the lightning bolt effect or many other racers then just don't include them.

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^ What she said, plus I'm fairly certain we can all agree that Universal is going to go balls-out with the AR crap where it'll essentially be sitting in a box watching a video screen in the end. Even though it's an actual ride (for once, Uni) it won't feel like it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nintendo and Universal Studios have released new details about Super Nintendo World, which will open first at Universal Studios Japan and later at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Singapore!






Imagine an immersive and innovative universe of Nintendo brought to life.


Get ready to enjoy SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ featuring the Nintendo experiences you know and love in a way you never thought possible.


The land’s interactive environments will seamlessly connect using state-of-the-art technology to create an innovative and immersive theme park experience for countless opportunities to discover the excitement of your favorite games.


SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™’s ultra-immersive Mario Kart puts you in the driver’s seat.


Explore the area on the back of a Yoshi on this family-friendly adventure.


Take it to the next level with a Power Up Band* where you can keep score and stay connected while discovering a multi-level game area filled with one-of-a-kind challenges!


As you explore, you’ll discover punchable ? Blocks and many other iconic elements from your favorite Nintendo games.


Explore, Discover and Play.


Stay tuned for more details!


*Power Up Band will be available for purchase





















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*Power Up Band will be available for purchase


Like I want to be excited, and it was obvious the rides were going to be mostly/all Mario based for a while, but my enthusiasm has faded a little. I kind of hoped we'd see some of the other franchises represented in a restaurant or interactive area but now I can't see any other big Nintendo properties making an appearance here for a while (Pokemon/Zelda etc) and now we have paid add-on wristbands (What are the odds you can't even keep them for future visits) to 'get the full experience.'

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How many years did Universal actively make fun of Disney for the Magic Bands?! Like every Bill and Ted show ever!?


I remember sitting through one of those shows and thinking about how I had to spend more on HHN Express Passes than I did on admission. My conclusion: Maybe you clowns should quit making fun of Magic Bands.

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This thing is going to be practically bursting with screens so everyone should just prepare for that now, but it looks like it has the potential to be a lot of fun. Since they're reading bands now they should have some fun and hurl red shells at everyone riding the attraction with a magic band instead of whatever-the-f*ck this thing is. If the ride sucks can we call them tragic bands?

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