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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Discussion Thread

P. 45: No Limit! Parade announced featuring Mario, Pokémon & more

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Thanks guys! Bought my tickets and Express Pass and I'm ready for Flying Dinosaur, Space Fantasy, and Hollywood Dream. I tried doing it through the japanese website (took 2 1/2 hours lol) and it didn't go through thanks to my card being declined, but did it through Klook and it worked.


On a sidenote, it looks like they temporarily re-themed Space Fantasy to a J-pop band or something?


Looking at that site, it seems it charges more for 7 flying dinosaur than others instead of official prices and isn't a site listed on the USJ site for fast pass. The backdrop 7 jumped from like 90 dollars to 200 dollars when I clicked for August 17th as an example. I've never tried one but i'm curious if this policy applies to sites like that, but how do they tell if it's been booked by an agency for you through the QR codes exactly? http://www.usj.co.jp/e/news/resale.html


I'm curious because my Japanese friend who would help me book them and guide me through the site left Korea and it is a lot harder for foreigners when there isn't an option on the English site to do it and they sell out in advance.

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This was posted at the bottom at the FAQ section:

I saw a warning on the USJ official website that indicates tickets sold by resellers are not valid and will not be accepted. Are the tickets I bought on Klook genuine? Will I have any problems when trying to use them at the park?


Klook is offical partner of Universal Studios Japan. Please visit the USJ official website to see our credentials. (http://www.usj.co.jp/hk/travel/) All USJ tickets sold by Klook are genuine and will be accepted for entry into the park.

The link on USJ's website takes me right to the tickets that can be purchased and Universal Studios Theme Parks seems to listed as a partner, so it sounds good to me.

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^ Yeah, I've never heard of anyone stopped and my co-teachers use that site too. I saw that site listed but they only didn't have the universal express symbol on the official site as a licensed distributor which I was told to look out for. Before HP I could always buy by being at the park an hour before opening.


After HP they've always been sold out and a lot of companies buy them and raise the price by demand, so USJ updated the policies. When I looked at Klook it raised the price to $200 dollars on a backdrop ticket for August as well. I mean official price is $170 for a fast pass but seems strange that they can charge a $40 premium on top when that seemed to the be the thing USJ wanted to stop.


I hope one day they can put an advance booking for queue passes on the official site on the English website as well, I'm just the kind of person who would rather pay on an official site and be safe than go through agencies when possible. Please let me know how it goes, I'm potentially going to go back for my next trip if this RMC White Cyclone rumors comes true, then I may go early 2019 when my school closes for a few days.

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In the yearly tradition of adding VR to Space Fantasy for the cool Japan event, it seems they've gone for final Fantasy this year: http://www.usj.co.jp/universal-cool-japan2018/ff/


Looks like Sailor Moon will take over the 4D cinema for this years movie as well.



ugh, I hope they just have regular Space Fantasy when I go back in 2019. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XD Ride (and its queue line) was more than enough VR for me last time.

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^I think they only do it during the Cool Japan events, although granted that event runs for a seriously long time, at this point half the year with a short eventless time between this and Horror Nights.

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Universal Studios Japan’s popular “Minions Park”, the largest Minion Park in the world, continues to be the star attraction for fans every day since its opening in April 2017. The mischievous lovable characters have won over everyone’s heart, with the latest installment of the franchise “Despicable Me 3” bringing in a total of six million two hundred thousand people to theaters making it the number 1 animated film of 2017. With the Despicable Me franchise getting stronger in Japan, Universal Studios Japan is proud to announce a new project teaming up with Illumination, who delivered hits including the Minions, for an All NEW SUPER REAL MUSICAL SHOW ATTRACTION featuring songs and characters from the hit animation film, SING, “SING ON TOUR” beginning spring 2019. The stars of the film break through the two dimensional world to sing the hit songs from the movie in a dramatic live show sure to make musical history, promising to become one of the most entertaining shows in Japan. The musical show attraction will be held in the world’s first ever Illumination Theater, a brand new theater jointly designed with Illumination equipped with leading edge production quality.


Universal Studios Japan and Illumination team up for a brand new type of immersive entertainment featuring high production quality with great music, singing, dancing, not to forget your favorite Characters and bring to fans a “SUPER REAL MUSICAL SHOW ATTRACTION”. Sing your heart out at “SING On Tour”!!

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^ Just a suggestion, but http://www.tdrexplorer.com does a lot of good reporting, on the major parks in Asia. Mostly the Disney ones and Universal Japan, but others as well. (Bless you Fuji-Q) You could post your question there, and find out what happens.


Good luck in finding out!

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I'm not sure what you mean by just listing the attraction page here. The ride is definitely not the original right now, its VR like most years for the Cool Japan part of the year. They're running Lupin III XR on it right now until June 23. I think last year the Final Fantasy XR went longer than usual due to popularity but it's always a VR coaster for early spring to summer. As things stand the event will be over by September so you should be fine.


The attractions closed page is more helpful: https://www.usj.co.jp/parkguide/schedule/attclose-more/201907.html Lupin shuts June 23 and the ride is closed until July 7 presumably to remove the VR and decorations.

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Been awhile since the last post here, so I want to ask anyone who might know....


Behind where the Nintendo World is being built in USJ, there are two towers, not even on the USJ property, from what I can make out. But they appear to be both themed to what I can only assume is a "distant compliment" to the land now being built in USJ. They just look so "Nintendo World"-like.


Any idea what these two towers are? They stick out so much in

overhead shots of the new area being built. Just curious.


The right one, closer up. Both photos from the net. Thank you to whoever took them.


There they both are, in the back, there.

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I apologize for the Google Translate, but it looks like Universal Studios Japan is celebrating the 6th annual Cool Japan event in 2020. There will be 4 themed attractions.


If I'm reading the translated page correctly, it looks like VR is being placed on Hollywood Dream and replacing the Backdrop train. I imagine one of the attractions is also the annual overlay of Space Fantasy.


Universal Cool Japan will be excited by new experiences!


Universal Cool Japan will be held in 2020!


A big season to realize the world of Japanese entertainment brands with the overwhelming quality of the park, powering up with new experiences and excitement!


"Detective Conan" became the largest in history with the introduction of a new character and "Story Coaster" in the "Attack on Titan" that excites the first super-experience XR ride that rushes through the world of despair The real action by real cast, the exciting new street live entertainment “Lupin the 3rd”, and the park's first interactive battle experience, the next generation attraction “Monster Hunter” using VR technology!


A new dimension of experience and excitement that no one has ever seen before in the history of each work!

Now, to the 6th year of “Universal Cool Japan”, the ultimate evolution!


XR ride is born for the first time in the history of "Attack on Titan"!


"Attack on Titan" that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the original series is the first XR ride!


The world of advancing 360 degrees with XR technology x the one-of-a-kind “Attack on Titan” attraction, which unleashes the world of despair realized by the gravity and speed of coasters.


The ultimate evolution with a record-high number of 4 attractions, including the new experience “Story Coaster”!


Solve the mystery of Conan and overcome the pinch with “that person”, in addition to “Detective Conan the Escape”, ride experience and voice that resonates into the world of the story, a new story coaster experience “Detective Conan × “Hollywood Dream The Ride”, Real Detective Experience “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge”, “Food x Mystery” Experience “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant”. Enjoy the world of “Detective Conan”, the park's only, highly acclaimed by the original author Gosho Aoyama!


* April 8-22, 2020 will be suspended for maintenance. Note that the suspension schedule is subject to change without notice.


* You cannot experience it in "Hollywood Dream The Ride-Backdrop"


New entertainment with great excitement for a real getaway!


Lupine and others appear with the work away as it is!


Lupine's first street live entertainment


“Lupin III The Live” by Realcast is here!


Get involved in the world of “Lupin the Third” that appeared in front of you!


Step into a new dimension of hunting


The world of the popular hunting action game "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" is an attraction with the overwhelming quality of the park! Experience unprecedented realistic hunting with next-generation entertainment using the first VR in the history of the title!


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I apologize for the Google Translate, but it looks like Universal Studios Japan is celebrating the 6th annual Cool Japan event in 2020. There will be 4 themed attractions.


If I'm reading the translated page correctly, it looks like VR is being placed on Hollywood Dream and replacing the Backdrop train. I imagine one of the attractions is also the annual overlay of Space Fantasy.




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Based on what I'm reading the four attractions would be:


  • “Detective Conan × “Hollywood Dream The Ride”
  • Real Detective Experience “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge”
  • “Food x Mystery” Experience “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant”
  • "Attack on Titan"


I'm thinking Attack on Titan is Space Fantasy... Such a bummer, considering they just finished restoring the original attraction and the VR cuts the coaster's capacity in half.

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Is the bad translation perhaps that the Backdrop train is staying and just doing it's normal backdrop train thing and that you can't do the VR on that one, only normal Hollywood Dream?


Honestly, that's the way I read it too, I'd assume the movie only works well facing in a certain direction, isn't that also why Space Fantasy gets its capacity cut in half?

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I thought VR on Galactica was bad during the Gs during the fly to lie element. I shudder to think how nauseating and difficult it would be to keep the headset in place on a ride far more intense like Flying Dinosaur.


They'll lock it onto your head.


Just a guess.

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