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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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Here some pictures of a Dive-loop or Immelmann. Hard to tell which way you go through it this early. (Although I think Immelmann is more likely.)





Also some new footers will come under the lift hill.






It's looking good. I'm looking forward to Sunday.

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The park is celebrating its 35th birthday today... and have now officially announced a Wing Coaster for 2014:


40 m tall

772 m long (2533 ft) (roughly the same as Raptor and Swarm)

100 kph (62 mph)

• 5 inversions

• 6 near-misses

• 3 minutes ride time


Oh, and you'll have to be over 10 years old and 1.40 m tall to ride. (4 ft 7)


More details on the website tomorrow:






© Heide Park

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I expected they announced the name too today. But I think they do that tonight and place it tomorrow on the site. (Just guessing here.)

It sounds like a interesting ride.


Found this one on coasterfriends.

This seems like a odd section of track when you look at the supports near it. I have 0 clues on how it continuous.

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I really like the look of this ride. The way they are fitting it within the existing structures makes it looks like the ride will weave through some building with some close clearances. Hopefully, this ride will create that illusion of near-misses better than other wingriders. Looking forward to seeing how this ride will end up!

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There's definitely some unique elements on this one! II know it is smaller, but I think it looks way cooler than Gatekeeper. Going through the gift shop, that airtime hill, and that funky dive loop thing have me interested. Looking at the theming of Krake, I'm sure this one will be pretty awesome. I'm interested to follow this construction!

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That is an exceptionally well thought out layout. Most of the other wing coasters are essentially standard looping coasters that happen to have wing coaster trains, but this one actually takes advantage of the train design and should provide a unique, thrilling ride. I wish the wing coasters in the states had been designed like this.


I love the dive under the gift shop, and the near misses with the track itself look good. Also like that it doesn't have a MCBR. That seems to be a modern thing now though.

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At 40 meters tall, and 100km/h it is certainly bigger than expected.


with all the near misses, Transylvanian vampire themening, an airtime hill that looks like it will have ejector and a kick ass looking layout, this will probably be the best wing coaster of them all. I dare to get my hopes up.


I really love the layout.

Krake was my favorite ride at Heide, in terms of the overall feeling. The theming was purely awesome, and extremely well done, so I think this well be just as awesomely themed.

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Wow...just wow.


If it really goes directly from the inverting drop into a tunnel/cave...then over the airtime hill...then INTO the souvenirshop...then into the immelmann...oh yesss...could probably be one of the best opening sequences of any coaster

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