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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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Thanks simon8899,


I actually was told by the park representive that september is usually quite , So there is need for the Express Butler and this is why they do not sell it up front.

If the specific day is crowded they will offer it at the park.


As for hiring a car, I'll consider it ,although i'm not sure it worth the hassle for that short trip to the park and back in the same day.

I'll try contact the bus company to see if there are any known changes to the time tables because of that construction you mentioned.

They run the line daily and i'm sure they are aware of the situation.


Thank you.


^^Never used this so far


If not available do Colossos first and before closing. Do Krake in the afternoon as line shortens after 3pm. Depending on weather the park can get well filled - while some states are back to school the last return mid-September. If you can still re-schedule the best time would be the last two weeks of September before Autumn school holidays begin early October.


I'd recommend to hire a car. Heide-Park is located on the Autobahn 7 Hamburg-Hannover - however there is construction at the Autobahnkreuz south of Hamburg until end of September connecting Autobahn 1 and 7, ecpect a detour and traffic jams there. Also if staying in Hamburg try to get a hotel south of the Elbe so you don't have go through the Elbtunnel - which is a known bottleneck.

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Nice to see some action. Is it just me or does that brake run look quite steep for a wingcoaster? Does anyone know why B&M have been making their brake runs steeper than usual lately (since behemoth)?

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A new B&M wing coaster will be awesome, but, PLEASE for the love of all that is sacred don't have white track and jade supports like Limit and Big Loop...


EDIT: AND Schweizer Bobbahn...

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^^ Yes and it's a good one. Every coaster in that themed area has the same colors (Currently 3 and this will make 4). They couldn't just make it special.


See that the station is going up fast. I Already wonder how the theming will end up.

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Hi all,


From your experience, if i come to the park for one day,

do you think it's worth it to pay the extra $$ and stay on site, at the park's hotel, the night before?

It's around 70$ more than staying around town (soltau)...


Also , is there anywhere i can see the time table of the busses running from the soltau station to the park?

How early / late do they work?


Thank you!

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Can somebody explain why a park would want four roller coasters with the same exact color scheme? Unless they've got some homeowners' association breathing down their neck like my neighborhood does, I can't see a reason.


That's what I was thinking, Those colors might be the most visibly pleasing to residents outside of the park? I just kind of think it's hilarious to have them all the same colors. They just need to repaint Colossos like that too!

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I just found some interesting news. In about 9 days (August 18th) Heide Park has a little party thanks to the parks 35 years of existence. Off-coarse they plan a party with DJ's and shows. They also have lots of children entertainment and even a pole-sitting contest. There will be some special merchandise for the day. And on 3:00 PM there will be donuts and coffee.

But yeah that aside. What I wanted to post about has more interest to the coaster enthusiasts. It's Big, It's fast and it comes closer and closer. Heide park plans to announce the secrets of the new wing coaster of 2014 on their birthday party next sunday.


Source, Heide Park's website.

So August 18th I'll be looking forward to it.

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The track is extremely close to the ground in the prelift. Very strange.

It's strange, but it means that they don't have to have a catwalk from the bottom of the lift to the station platform. The Gardaland Raptor is the same way, and Alpengeist doesn't have a catwalk on its brake run.

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